Thursday, October 4, 2012

VeVe's Vengeance! Bondage Escape and Attack with Orlandoe

Well, what good timing for that previous blog entry!  Orlandoe's Bondage Trickery?  Well, that one did certainly leave some unspoken demand for a reply.

But putting that latent demand aside... After all, that was several months ago...

You may recall the Escape & Attack match between VeVe and Jason.  Since Jason wasn't the most skilled bondage escapist in the world, we decided VeVe needed a more worthy opponent on this one.  We needed someone fit and athletic - and for an extra bonus, someone who had a really good motivation to win an Escape & Attack challenge scenario against VeVe.

Spotlight on Orlandoe.

Now here's someone with a really good motivation to escape before VeVe can!  Because, well, you know, if she doesn't get out in time, she'll have to deal with an unhappy debt left over from her "Bondage Trickery" video.  Great!

However, unfortunately for Orlandoe, this competitive Escape & Attack ended up winning itself the super-title of "VeVe's Vengeance!"  Here's the full story:


Bondage Wrestling: VeVe's Vengeance!
Escape & Attack: VeVe vs Orlandoe
Filmed Sept 2012
At clips4sale:

VeVe and Orlandoe face off for this fully competitive Escape & Attack bondage wrestling challenge! Both ladies start off on the ground, tightly hogtied. Then they must race to escape the tie. Whoever gets free first must then use her own ropes to capture and retie her struggling opponent even more tightly, into a fully immobilized state.

Being the more experienced escape artist, VeVe manages to struggle free first and gleefully attacks Orlandoe, who is completely unable to remove her own bonds. VeVe not-so-fondly remembers the rough treatment she suffered during Orlandoe's "Bondage Trickery" shoot, and she is very pleased to exact her revenge!

As Orlandoe thrashes and protests, still fighting with the hogtie, VeVe wrestles her down and uses all of the remaining rope to tie Orlandoe into a very tight, neat, immobilized ball (combo hogtie + ball tie). VeVe taunts Orlandoe for losing so horribly and then strikes a flexing victory pose. Needless to say, Orlandoe is not amused!

Video running time (as long as it naturally takes! which was...) 14 minutes.

Available as a download at MixedWrestlingNYC:

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