Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Release Announcement: 4-Way Female Bondage. VeVe, Indra, Kim, Shauna

This evening as I was preparing to release VeVe's bondage wrestling match against Conrad, it struck me that I never posted the official release announcement for the ladies' 4-Way Female Bondage Wrestling epic adventure.  Oh no!

But I'd like to remedy that right now, just as our new VeVe vs Conrad match is hitting the virtual shelves tonight.

Now, with no further ado, here is the official original write-up for the 4-Way Female Bondage Wrestling match with VeVe, Kim, Indra, and Shauna:

4-Way Female Bondage Wrestling
VeVe Lane, Shauna Ryanne, Indra, Kim of Italy
May 2013


In this epic bondage event, VeVe Lane, Shauna Ryanne, Indra, and Kim of Italy face off in a 4-way, every-girl-for-herself bondage wrestling match! No double teaming or team work of any sort is allowed. The end result is to be 3 hogtied ladies and 1 final victor.

The ladies, all dressed in tight jeans and bikini tops, randomly determine their first opponent, and then hit the mats simultaneously. VeVe faces Shauna and Kim faces Indra. After about 10 minutes of struggle, VeVe and Kim emerge as the winners, leaving Indra and Shauna hogtied to watch the final face off.

VeVe and Kim are intense, long-time opponents, having last wrestled each other 3 years ago. Kim, though, has never bondage wrestled before, putting the odds strongly in VeVe's favor. But Kim is smart, fiery, and stubborn, and she was quite determined to win...

About 12 minutes into their match, VeVe binds Kim's ankles and very nearly catches her in a double-elbow finish, but Kim's remarkable determination and flexibility allow her to escape. This infuriates VeVe, pushing an already exhausting match into another level. With only 3 pieces of rope left, the struggle that follows is long, sweaty, highly competitive, and vicious. And all the while, Indra and Shauna are bound separately in the background, watching, cheering, and heckling the remaining competitors.

After a very long struggle, VeVe fights Kim into a hogtie and emerges as the final victor. As a penalty for the hogtied losers, VeVe tickles their exposed feet. She later ball gags them and tickles their feet even more. And after the gagged tickling, VeVe concludes with a victory pose over the 3 hogtied ladies.

Total running time: 54 minutes

Also available at clips4sale: http://clips4sale.com/47489/8632147

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