Tuesday, November 19, 2013

VeVe vs Minxy Li: Skillful Rope-Work Rematch!

VeVe v Minxy Oct 2013
At our October NYC 2013 Mega Filming event, we got VeVe Lane and Minxy Li together for a bondage wrestling match.  It was Minxy's first competitive bondage wrestling experience, but she didn't come in unprepared.  She had been researching ties and had an idea in mind about creating pre-set loops for wrist cuffs.  However, VeVe blew past the rope-cuffs and tied Minxy in about 12 minutes.

It was a fun match, and Minxy was totally shocked to be caught and bound so tightly.  Another first for her!  However, sadly, due to all the hustle and shuffle of filming, video file transferring between computers, and such, the video footage for that match was lost.  We were all quite sad and frustrated... especially since we discovered this loss after Minxy had returned to London.

However!  VeVe visited London just last week, and while she was there, she was able to reconnect with Minxy for a bondage rematch.  VeVe took my camera with her for the express purpose of capturing this footage.  Honey of LWS ran the camera for me, and so VeVe and Minxy took to the mats again for their rematch!

VeVe returned with the camera this weekend, and I sat down yesterday to watch the footage and prepare the video.  And, my, I must say - Minxy really did her homework, learned from the first time, and brought a very strong offense in this second meeting!  I was certainly impressed.

VeVe v Minxy Nov 2013
VeVe later commented that Minxy was the most attack-oriented female bondage wrestling opponent that she has faced.  VeVe also commented that Minxy was second only to Keri Spectrum as VeVe's generally "toughest" female bondage wrestling opponent.

Indeed, as you can see in the video, Minxy comes to play with some rather innovative and threatening ties.  And she also caught on to the dreaded double-elbow tie...

So, in short, this was a great display of skillful bondage wrestling with two opponents who were both working rope-tie techniques on each other.    ... with some facesit pinning going on as well (Minxy declared later "Her butt is my nemesis!").

The match went on until a final tight, neat, and secure immobilization was achieved.  Behold:

VeVe Lane vs Minxy Li
Female Bondage Wrestling
November 2013

VeVe and Minxy Li first clashed in a bondage match last month, but the video footage was lost. And so, VeVe crossed the Atlantic to visit Minxy in London and challenge her to a brand new bondage wrestling match! 

Minxy is well prepared and has been practicing, but VeVe has some newly-invented tricks in mind...
The ladies get right to work, with Minxy mounting a strong offensive. Both competitors handle the ropes skillfully, catching each other's limbs in various binds while wrestling for control. Minxy has a plan of attack and proves to be a very challenging opponent, working for ties continuously and using VeVe's usual techniques against her. VeVe is forced to multi-task as she struggles free of Minxy's threatening binds while also working toward her own specific goal.

Since Minxy was already prepared for VeVe's basic attacks, VeVe came into the match looking to land a new and complex tie that she'd just devised that morning. After a lengthy struggle of ties, VeVe's plan unfolds: she binds Minxy's wrists to her biceps. She binds Minxy's ankles to her thighs, and then her elbows to her thighs. VeVe then binds poor Minxy's wrists to her neck, pushing Minxy's hands into her own face. The result is a neat, tidy, and completely immobilizing ball tie.

VeVe harasses the helpless Minxy with facesitting, teasing, and victory posing. It was a very nice try, Minxy, but better luck next time!

Total video time: 22:44

Preview pictures:  http://www.doommaidens.com/store/veveminxyrope/

Available via clips4sale:  http://www.clips4sale.com/47489/9833829


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