Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Diablo's Hogtie for Stubborn Lela Beryl!

A reader had asked about this match in a comment on a previous post (by the way, it's great when you guys comment on the posts!), and I realized that I hadn't written about it here in the blog.  And so, here we go now!

At a filming day in March, in the small studio, with visitors Lela Beryl and Rachel DD, I found myself matched up against Lela for a competitive bondage wrestling bout.  VeVe bought a school girl mini-skirt for Lela to wear, particularly with this match in mind; VeVe had ideas about giving the video a "school girl vs school principle" theme.  However, since we didn't have much time for costuming, the only part of that theme idea that survived was the mini-skirt.

It was an intriguing idea, and maybe we'll revisit it later.  Instead, for this time around, we just went for a competitive Diablo vs Lela rope-tie match, saying "Let's see what happens!"

As I mention in the formal video description, Lela had no experience in bondage wrestling what-so-ever.  However, she is quite experienced in being stubborn and recalcitrant.  VeVe is inclined to describe her as a "brat," but I wouldn't specifically say that Lela was "bratty" toward me in this match... when I think "bratty," I feel like that involves a lot of verbal goings-on.  But if you can consider a non-verbal, all-physical brattiness, then sure, the term can work in this context.

But moving on...

I'm an experienced wrestler, practiced in rope-tying, respectably strong, and pretty good at moving people about, so the deck was kind of stacked against Lela.  She was slightly intimidated at first, but once we got rolling, her physical brattiness really kicked in.  Suddenly, I felt a little like I was wrangling at a rodeo...  Needless to say, Lela wasn't going to go down easy!

And this makes me think: perhaps I should try some more wrangling of resistant lady models in the future...

But after all Lela's squirming and fuss, I finally managed to get her into a fairly clean, fairly discomfort-free hogtie.  Of course, while I was nice enough to make sure the rope didn't burn or bite too much, I did pay Lela back for her stubbornness in other ways: tickling of bound feet always makes for a nice torture option!  And luckily enough, Lela passionately hates being tickled.  Mmm... tough times for Lela.

I'd love to write a separate post on wrangling and bondage wrestling the ladies, in general, and some plans for the future.  But for now, enjoy the full video description from my hogtie wrangling of Lela Beryl:

Diablo vs Lela Beryl
Mixed Bondage Wrestling

Our top male wrestler Diablo faces off against visiting fetish model Lela Beryl in this competitive bondage wrestling match. Lela has absolutely no experience in bondage wrestling, and Diablo has the definite edge in wrestling skill, strength, and rope wrangling ability. This looks to be tough for Lela... but she is determined to be as difficult as she can be!

Diablo is on the offensive throughout the entire match, working with skill and grace to control Lela on the mats. Lela tries her best to avoid being tied - squirming away, struggling, and kicking her legs - but Diablo stays with her, deftly working her into holds so he can get his ropes on her.

Despite Lela's squirming and struggles, Diablo eventually works her toward a hogtie. However, Lela continues to resist and be generally difficult. And so, once he has her secured the tie, Diablo repays Lela's stubbornness with foot tickling... which Lela absolutely hates! She despises it so much that she doesn't laugh - she moans, groans, and growls! Desperate to get away, Lela thrashes and rolls on the mats, but Diablo follows her and tortures her even more. Lela is not pleased! Finally he gags her with a duct tape gag, neatens up the knots she's untied, shows her off, and victory poses.

Running time: 21 minutes

Available via clips4sale:  http://clips4sale.com/47489/10802777


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