Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Dose of "Hogtie" for Rachel DD

When we first set out to film last month's 6-Way Bikini Bondage Tournament, one of our original combattants was wrestler-model Rachel DD (also known as Goddess Rachelle).  However, due to an injury, Rachel was unable to join us for the 6-way rope-tie rumble.  But upon our return from the FetCon road trip, Rachel let us know she was good to go... and so go we went!

Last week, VeVe and Rachel met up for a multi-hour shoot day which featured catball fighting, superheroine-smashing, and, of course, a fully competitive bondage wrestling match.  Rachel herself had only a small amount of previous bondage wrestling experience, but she proved her scrappiness and fearlessness back in March, when she battled VeVe in a submission wrestling match.  So, we knew Rachel would give it her best effort, despite the large difference in rope-handling experience.  And that's just great!

This time around, VeVe wrangled her opponent with a relatively novel start-tie.  As the ladies scuffled, VeVe managed to wrap a rope around Rachel's midsection, intending to perhaps tie Rachel's arm to her own hips.  But instead, VeVe seized a creative opportunity and converted the waist rope into a crotch rope.  She tied the crotch rope off into a rope belt and effectively created a simple hip-harness and controlling point.

While I describe the match further in the official description (below), I will say this now: even though Rachel wasn't able to join in on the "hogtie pile" in July, she got a great dose of "hogtie" in this one-on-one match!  Indeed, she got worked into a full, tight, strict hogtie, complete with elbows touching, wrists bound, chest ropes, crotch rope, and a "classic" knotted bandana cleave gag.  The final tie was quite picturesque and, I'll emphasize again, quite tight... and certainly immobilizing!  

With no further ado, here's the official video write-up.  Enjoy!

VeVe Lane vs Rachel DD
Female Bondage Wrestling
August 2014

VeVe takes on buxom blonde wrestler Rachel DD in a fully competitive bondage wrestling match! These ladies clashed in a regular wrestling match several months ago, where, despite the immensity of the challenge, Rachel proved to be a fierce and scrappy fighter. Now Rachel faces off with VeVe in the rope-tie arena, determined to put up her best resistance against the rope-wrestling expert!

The ladies jump into action with vigor and energy, but while Rachel rope-attacks VeVe's ankles, VeVe sets out to try something new... The two wrestlers scrap and struggle on the mats, each fighting for their ties and grappling for control. After Rachel shrugs off several of VeVe's attacks, VeVe finally lures her into a new bind: a crotch rope! As VeVe works hard to secure the crotch rope belt, Rachel continues her attacks. But once the belt is cinched, VeVe moves to make use of the new attachment point.

Rachel continues to struggle as VeVe ramps up the offense. Rachel grits her teeth and squirms, working to push VeVe off of her, but VeVe eventually secures Rachel's wrist behind her back and to the crotch rope belt. Even with one arm bound, Rachel continues to struggle. But VeVe woman-handles Rachel, binding her other wrist back and then securing her ankles. But Rachel continues to resist! She attempts to untie the knots, wriggling and squirming until VeVe binds her into a very tight hogtie.

To keep Rachel fully under control, VeVe binds Rachel's elbows together very tightly (elbows touching) and then adds two chest ropes. Once Rachel is strictly bound into a tight little hogtied package, VeVe gags her with a knotted cleave gag. VeVe proudly shows off the intricately bound Rachel, giving us a good look at her utterly immobilized opponent. VeVe victory poses and then leaves Rachel to squirm uselessly in her bonds.

Total running time: 23 minutes

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