Friday, September 12, 2014

VeVe Welcomes Twiggy with Lots of Rope!

Our very last bondage wrestling matches for August featured the return of one of VeVe's original mixed wrestling opponents: Twiggy!

Twiggy is a light-weight guy, and he first had a competitive regular wrestling match against VeVe several years ago.  Since then, he's made a few video appearances here and there as he worked around his school schedule and travelled in from out of town.  He's been pantyhose dominated, assassinated multiple times, and had a belly punching workout with VeVe last summer.  But he had yet to get a really good dose of competitive bondage wrestling...

We just had to remedy that.

Now, Twiggy appeared in a bondage wrestling domination video with Athena a few years ago.  I want to say it was 2011, and I think that's right.  Anyway, this was a more domination-esque type match, and it was more about Twiggy getting steamrolled, rather than a heavily competitive contest (he wasn't to attempt to tie her).  So, I don't take that video into account when I consider Twiggy's competitive bondage wrestling experience.

But anyway, Twiggy finished up with his studies and relocated back to NYC.  And, when we called on him, he also said he was ready and eager to give competitive bondage wrestling a try.

And so, in came Twiggy for a multi-match wrestling day at the large studio.  We had originally planned for a men's bondage wrestling match of Howl vs Sato, but since Howl and Sato's schedules just could not line up in time, Twiggy stepped up as Howl's opponent.  And that was Twiggy's first bondage match of the day.... and it was a long one!

The guys were so into the competitiveness of the bout, that neither one would stop until his opponent just couldn't go on any more.  Of course, since they were both relatively inexperienced with quick-ties, the action tended more toward wrestling with lots of lots of tie attempts that largely just couldn't finish.  The guys fought for nearly 30 minutes before Howl totally succumbed to fatigue and Twiggy bound him up as fast as possible... it wasn't tidy, but it sure was rope-y.  But more on that (and little pictures) here:

But that's not all.

VeVe had been planning on a regular wrestling match with Twiggy following the Howl match, but she was so amused by the men's bondage match that she offered Twiggy a chance to try the ropes with her.

Now, this would change the playing field quite a bit.

Twiggy was intrigued and still going well for energy, so he readily accepted.  Now, instead of facing a rope-tie beginner, he would be stepping up against a bondage wrestling expert.  Needless to say, he was a bit bowled over by his opponent.  Or, rather, he was a bit balled-up!

I'll paste the official write-up of Twiggy's mixed bondage match with VeVe below.  What a lot of rope that day for Twiggy!

VeVe Lane vs Twiggy
Competitive Mixed Bondage Wrestling
August 2014

VeVe faces off against light-weight male wrestler Twiggy in their first competitive bondage wrestling match together! Twiggy is athletic and an experienced grappler, but he has very little experience with rope-work and bondage wrestling. He hasn't competitively wrestled VeVe in some time, and has never before faced her with rope involved. Let's see how he fairs against the rope-tie wrestling expert...

Though Twiggy's rope-handling skills may be limited, VeVe expects that he will be a difficult opponent to tie. And, indeed, Twiggy puts up a strong defense, forcing VeVe to work for every advantage and use all her grappling skill to secure a dominant position. VeVe presses the offensive throughout, working her ropes, until she can finally pin him down and cinch in her first debilitating tie: the unconventional knee-to-elbow. Shrugging off Twiggy's own rope attacks, VeVe keeps him painfully pinned (from rope bite and rough-handling) and works diligently to secure his other knee and elbow.

With his elbows secured to his knees, Twiggy continues to attempt his resistance, but his movement now is severely limited. He winces in pain from the rope-bite but still tries to hold out as VeVe moves in for the finish. But it's useless for Twiggy, and his little struggles are futile. VeVe binds his ankles and his wrists and then pulls him into a tight and painful package. She binds his forearms to his chest, immobilizes his hands, sits on top of him, and finishes him off with a duct tape gag. Pleased with the artistry of her tight and hard-won tie, VeVe displays her work and celebrates with a victory pose.

Running time: 23 minutes
Includes opening and closing comments. Final tie: Ball tie (elbows to knees, ankles bound, knees bound, one hand bound, arms bound over chest, tight and tidy). Duct Tape gag.

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