Saturday, November 22, 2014

Crazy Azy Faces Returning Champ VeVe

As Crazy Azy was celebrating her very first victory in her very first bondage wrestling match, VeVe returned home from her travels...

This past Tuesday, we welcomed VeVe Lane back to the NYC bondage wrestling arena, where she fought in two new competitive bondage wrestling matches: first a female/female rope-tie match against up-and-comer Crazy Azy, and then a mixed duct tape bondage match against her long-time rival Hanz.  In this post, I'll focus on the rope match between VeVe and Azy.

Last month, Azy enjoyed her first rope-tie victory over visiting wrestler Mahea.  With only a tiny bit of rope training under her belt, Azy used her natural deftness and instinct to lasso Mahea into an effective hogtie.  We were all proud of Azy (well, maybe Mahea wasn't!), and VeVe was also quite pleased to hear of these new developments.

So, when VeVe returned after a month away, she threw down the gauntlet.  Cheerfully, of course.

Azy boldly accepted VeVe's challenge, though she had a very distinct feeling that she was biting off more than she could chew.  The challenger stepped into the lion's den, determined to give it her best.

Veteran VeVe was completely unperturbed.  As Azy was off in her corner, psyching herself up for the match, VeVe calmly mused on the specific tie she would like to attempt for this occasion.  And in what could very well have been an instance of casual intimidation tactics, VeVe took her time preparing the ball gag for the match, which she announced would be ready and waiting for the loser.

The official match write-up is below, but I'd like to note that Azy gave it a good go.  She kept her head in the game, kept her eyes on the prize, mounted attacks, scored a nice tie, and worked with legit bondage wrestling technique.  However, VeVe was simply unperturbed.  She was so calm and confident, that she actually just ignored the single-leg tie that Azy had gained on her.  And after a good run, VeVe zigged, zagged, and snapped Azy into a partial Lotus Lock, spelling the beginning of the end for the challenger...

And after all that good fun, I was especially sure to keep the camera rolling once the official match was over, catching Azy's very candid reactions and remarks.  The things the wrestlers say as they are being untied from their very tight bonds are often the best comments.  But anyway, with no further ado, here's the formal write-up:

VeVe Lane vs Crazy Azy
Female Bondage Wrestling
November 2014

VeVe returns from her travels to learn that Crazy Azy has been practicing her rope work and scoring victories on the mats. Quick to defend her rope-wrestling title, VeVe wastes no time issuing "upstart" Azy a challenge!

Though she faces a difficult mismatch, Azy dives in fearlessly and gets right to work with her ropes. The ladies tangle on the mats, matching each other knot-for-knot, binding each other with identical single-leg ties. They push the pace, each with one leg bound, grappling to see who will gain the next tie. As the ladies race for arm ties, VeVe hits her stride and deftly out-maneuvers Azy, locking her up with the dreaded Lotus Lock technique. VeVe binds Azy's elbows, painfully stretching her tight shoulders. Azy helplessly attempts to flop away, but VeVe jumps her, whipping on more ropes. Azy had a good run, but now she's done for!

With Azy painfully subdued, VeVe gets to work on her "rope artistry" to recreate a tie she discovered during her travels. As Azy protests in pain, VeVe manhandles her, binding her wrists behind her back with a shoulder harness, her chest to her knees, and her feet to her thighs - a ball tie with arms behind the back. Azy has never ever been tied so tightly or uncomfortably before... but to make matters even worse, VeVe tops it off with a ball gag! VeVe ties a rope bow in Azy's hair, harassing her further with a little foot-tickling, taunting, and toe-tying. VeVe savors her win with a victory pose before leaving Azy to squirm, whine, and wiggle in an utterly useless attempt to escape!

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  1. It's me again.

    Some bondage wrestling and very, very much fun recently!

    Keep up this awesome work. We notice it ... even some hours later - in europe

    Can't wait to wake up with that!

    P.S.: Was waiting to see you doing bondage wrestling with 'double d'.


    - come on ;)

    1. Thanks very much. Glad you like the recent doings! :)

      Though I was supposed to bondage wrestle Rachel DD in October, a little scheduling issue put those plans on the back burner. However, there have been many requests for VeVe to have another bondage wrestling match against Rachel, so we can look forward to that in the future!

    2. Hi Again!

      To be honest: I like Rachel to be hogtied ...

      ... sorry, my cute Lady! - really adoring You!

      And You will be killing me by that! And surely - I want to be killed soon -

      But -You're just too sexy in this position.

      We shall sheer You up here in Europe, too.

      Doing 100 pushups... drinking ... 100 gallons ... bathing in ice ...
      ... I will suceed. No problem ...

      ... waiting!

      ... ;)