Saturday, February 28, 2015

Roped-Up Valentine with VeVe + Howl

So, by now, you may have heard about the Battle of the Sexes bondage bout that went off last week ... I still can't believe that was only about 10 days ago!  Keri, VeVe, Danger Dude, Frankie, and late night mayhem out there in New Jersey.  Oh, it was wild (more pictures on the Bondage Wrestling tumblr: )

But what I haven't talked about is what happened on Valentine's Day... nor even what happened earlier in the day, mere hours before the Battle of the Sexes (VeVe vs Robin of Les Femmes Fatales!).  Or even what went down this past Monday (VeVe vs Shauna Ryanne!)... or what's on the schedule for today (VeVe vs Kevin!).  But we'll cover those a little later.  For now: Valentine's Day!

When our original multi-couples' Valentine's bout came apart at the seams, VeVe and Howl, who had originally planned to work together as a team, but found themselves turned upon each other instead.

It was a cold, cold day in our big studio (what else is new for this month?), but both Howl and VeVe showed up ready to roll and ready to heat things up.

As I mention in the official match description below, Howl was amp'ed up to take VeVe down.  However, he wasn't only motivated by his 2-on-1 win from the summer.  

He'd just recently appeared with her in a fantasy mixed catball video, where he was tied up by her with many pairs of pantyhose as a conclusion to the piece.

So, while Howl had to be pantyhose hogtied as dictated by this fantasy scenario, he looked forward to this competitive chance to really show his stuff... and to finally do some hogtying of his own.
But, of course, there was that one particular little obstacle in his way: VeVe herself.  Good luck to you, Howl!

And here, dear readers, is the official match description:

VeVe Lane vs Howl
Mixed Bondage Wrestling
February 2015

At last, VeVe and Howl face off, 1-on-1, in a competitive mixed bondage wrestling match! Last summer, Howl teamed up with Sato to defeat VeVe in a 2-on-1 competitive match. But now, VeVe's called Howl out to face her alone. Motivated by his past double-team victory and excited by the idea of ball-gagging VeVe this time, Howl is hungry for the win. But VeVe's got plans to shut him down...

Howl comes on strong, working his ropes right away. VeVe merely smiles at his efforts, keeping expertly calm and checking him with painful rope bites. They both work through several close-calls and exciting exchanges, their legs entangling as they race for ties. But as Howl becomes stressed and frustrated, smiling VeVe lures him in for just the right moment... when she out-maneuvers him and painfully whips his elbows together behind his back!

With his upper arms tightly bound, Howl cries out in pain, immediately immobilized by wicked rope bite. With Howl groaning in agony, VeVe takes her time and binds his wrists, knees, and ankles, finally pulling him into a tidy hogtie. VeVe savors her victory with a prolonged End Game and punishment; she adds accent ropes, taunts him, ball gags him, facesits him (really rubbing her win in his face!), victory poses over him, and leaves him to struggle. Humble pie!

Total running time: 26 minutes

Includes 2-minutes candid post-match comments.

Final tie: Hogtie (elbows close but not quite touching). Ball Gag.

Available via clips4sale:

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