Thursday, April 19, 2012

Female Bondage Wrestling: VeVe and Pandora in Stockings and Garter Belts

We filmed this fun video back in March, and we only now, in late April, had a chance to get it processed and ready to go.  This particular bondage wrestling production was entirely conceived by VeVe.  As we mention in the below description, VeVe had been looking for an opportunity to do some rope-work while wearing stockings or pantyhose.  And behold, here we have her and Pandora in garter belts and stockings.

It's got a very classic bondage look here, given the attire.  And then, there's the wrestling aspect.  Earn that tie-down!

VeVe vs Pandora:
Female Bondage Wrestling
in Garters and Stockings

VeVe welcomes visitor Miss Pandora to New York City with VeVe's favorite style of wrestling: Bondage Wrestling! And since VeVe had been wanting to do a bondage match in garters and stockings for some time, garters, stockings, and bras were the attire of choice.

Pandora has been a bondage model before, but this is her first time at competitive bondage wrestling. As a result, VeVe's rope-work wrestling expertise shines through. Despite Pandora's struggling and squirming, VeVe skillfully handles both the rope and her opponent, earning a tight and tidy hogtie finish.

VeVe concludes with rope-work embellishment on Pandora's bound arms and finally a triumphant victory pose.

Running time: 18 minutes

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