Saturday, August 30, 2014

Heavy Bondage Workload Week!

What a lot of bondage wrestling this week!

I already posted about our VeVe vs Rachel DD bondage wrestling match, which took place last Sunday (only 6 days ago!). 

But then we went on a mini rampage from there...

Just yesterday, we had 2 more bondage matches: VeVe vs Twiggy in a mixed match, and also Twiggy vs Howl in our first ever men's bondage match, inspired by fan requests.  These were long, hard-fought matches, with the men's match being especially raw and rough, and the mixed match being intricate and tight.

Then today we had VeVe vs Sircee in a new Fem/Fem match.  Since VeVe had already bondage wrestled Sircee last year, she added a few new elements to the challenge this time.  For one, VeVe started the match with her ankles bound together.  Secondly, VeVe took a note from a fan's comment and was determined to get a very specific tie on her opponent.  Not an easy road when your opponent is larger and very determined not to get tied up!

Needless to say, that match was also very lengthy and very physical!

So, stay tuned; there's more to come!  I just wanted to mention these in the meanwhile, before I dive into image-capturing mode and bury myself in post-production work.  The above pictures are just some quick screen grabs, but more pictures are to come.

4 bondage wrestling matches in 6 days?  Mixed, men's, women's, and women's special-conditions.  Whew!