Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bondage Wrestling Planned for FetishCon Tampa visit

What's new for bondage wrestling lately?

Well, for one, VeVe keeps saying she wants to write a blog post.  But she's been incredibly busy lately.  I'll keep nagging her, but she actually really does wish she had time to compose the entry.  See, she was recently raving about a new style of tie that she is perfecting.  She is quite keen to share.

But speaking of busy...

We've only a week left here in town before we head off on a road trip that will take us down to FetishCon in Tampa, Florida.

And during our FetishCon stay, we are indeed set up to do some filming - particularly bondage wrestling.

VeVe is set to face off in a competitive female bondage wrestling match against fetish model / stunt fighter Orias Bastet.  Here's Orias on Model Mayhem:

The ladies are both super excited to have this match.  This will take place in mid-August.  Stay tuned!  And in the meanwhile, about the blog entry of VeVe's..... stay tuned!!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Behind the Pantyhose Bondage Attack

And finally, the release announcement!

But first, a few words on the background behind this piece.

Rachel Aurora is a model who originally responded to VeVe's shout out to find a 4th lady for the 4-Way Female Bondage escapades video from May.  However, she responded after we had already gotten Kim of Italy as the 4th.  So, Rachel didn't get in on that one, but she was still interested in getting involved.

A few weeks later, Rachel and VeVe were in contact again.  Rachel is a glamour/fetish/bondage model, so VeVe felt this would be a great opportunity to try out an idea that was suggested to us in February:

Other than rope, use pantyhose or stockings.  So, with about 10 pairs of pantyhose and stockings involved, plus a garter belt, "baby doll," corset, panties, and etc lingerie, VeVe and Rachel met on the mats.

This video was story-driven, and it has a catfight-like quality, especially because of the bitchy attitudes displayed by the ladies (VeVe in particular) and, of course, the lingerie.  VeVe and Rachel even discussed slapping and hairpulling ahead of time, but when they got down to business, it was all about the bondage wrestling.

Rachel did a great job, but she was just absolutely overwhelmed by VeVe.  As I was filming this, I definitely knew I wanted to call it "Pantyhose Bondage," but such a generic name would certainly not fly.  However, given the absolute one-sidedness of the takedown and barrage, the name later became clear:  Pantyhose Bondage Attack!

In any case, all things considered, Rachel did great.  She was game, she was brave, and she was feisty.  She handled the physicality, tried to mount an attack (easily turned aside, but no matter), even managed to stand up and hop away while she was bound at the ankles and knees, with arms tied behind her back.  Whoa, I wouldn't try that.  But anyway, that just wound up with her getting hoisted over the shoulder by VeVe, but I digress.
And she took the wadded up pantyhose gag like a trooper!  VeVe was very thorough in her pantyhose binding, topping it off with a bunch of hose in the mouth, locked into place with pantyhose "strapping."

There we go, I was looking for a place to use that picture!

One more thing: Let me also say that pantyhose bondage can get tight.  Sure, rope can get tight too, especially when it's cinched with force.  But with the elasticity of the nylons, a tight tie can get even tighter.  The knots get especially tight.  An escape attempt would be a bit difficult, I think.

But anyway, enough from me, onward from here.  Below you can find the official release announcement.  Enjoy!


Pantyhose Bondage Attack
VeVe Lane and Rachel Aurora
July 2013

VeVe and newcomer Rachel portray lingerie showgirls getting dressed to go on stage, but VeVe discovers that her thigh-high stockings are missing. She realizes that Rachel is wearing a pair of stockings that look just like her missing pair, but when Rachel denies taking them, all hell breaks loose...

VeVe rushes Rachel, wrapping a pair of pantyhose around her chest and throwing her to the ground. The girls scramble on the ground, arguing and bitching at each other. But VeVe easily out-wrestles and overpowers Rachel, grabbing more pairs of pantyhose and using them to bind Rachel's legs. Rachel attempts to fight back and bind VeVe, but she is utterly outclassed.

In a diva fit, VeVe declares she will give Rachel all of her pantyhose and stockings, continuing to wrestle Rachel down and bind her further. VeVe cinches Rachel's elbows together behind her back, binding her ankles, knees, and wrists. She then lifts Rachel up and briefly carries her around the room. To finish off, VeVe binds Rachel into a hogtie and then stuffs a pantyhose gag into her mouth.

VeVe gloats and taunts the helpless Rachel, strutting, sitting on her, and finally victory posing over her... and then leaving her alone, bound and gagged. All with nylons!

Running time: 20 minutes.

Available at clips4sale:


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

More Preview Images from Pantyhose Attack with VeVe and Rachel

A few more preview pictures before the actual video release announcement.  These were quite nice, so I wanted to share them as being a little larger than the announcement thumbnails:

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Did someone say Bondage WITH Pantyhose...?

You asked for it, you got it!  VeVe Lane and newcomer Rachel Aurora went at it this morning for bondage wrestling IN pantyhose USING pantyhose as their ropes.  Well, actually, VeVe attacked Rachel for stealing her pantyhose (allegedly).  It was a great bitchy moment!  And the video looked beautiful!

Here are some preview stills.  Pantyhose is the name of the game.  Pantyhose rope and even a pantyhose gag!  Stay tuned and enjoy these small preview grabbed-what-I-landed-on screen captures:

Sunday, July 7, 2013

VeVe vs Conrad, aka VeVe WILL have her way.

And the official release announcement for VeVe vs Conrad: Bondage Wrestling...

A tough guy gets roughed up...

VeVe Lane vs Conrad
Competitive Mixed Bondage Wrestling

VeVe brings in newcomer Conrad for a facesitting and scissoring video. But as soon as they start filming, Conrad decides that facesitting is just too uncomfortable and humiliating. But VeVe is determined to get her facesitting video no matter what... She tosses her bondage ropes onto the mats and sets out to put Conrad in his place, by force!

Thus begins their competitive mixed bondage wrestling match! Conrad is a confident young buck who wrestled a bit in school, but he has never tried bondage wrestling before. He enters the match with an over-inflated opinion of himself, coming on hard and rough and relying on brute force. But brutishness is no match for VeVe's rope skill and finesse.

It's a tough and difficult fight for Conrad, much to his surprise, as VeVe works the rope deftly over his arms and shoulders to build painful, rope-biting harness variations that lead into a double-elbow behind-the-back tie. Using a very tight cinch, VeVe even gets Conrad's elbows to touch. With Conrad rendered helpless by the rope pain, VeVe takes her time to finish, taunting and torturing him as she works him into a hogtie.

And once Conrad is hogtied, VeVe resumes her facesitting and scissoring (for about 4 min). As Conrad's arms start turning blue, VeVe concludes with a proud and smiling victory pose.

VeVe: 5'4" and 120 lbs.
Conrad: 5'8" and 170 lbs

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Preview Images from VeVe vs Conrad

A few screen captures I pulled out for your viewing pleasure, from Bondage Wrestling: VeVe vs Conrad.

Release Announcement: 4-Way Female Bondage. VeVe, Indra, Kim, Shauna

This evening as I was preparing to release VeVe's bondage wrestling match against Conrad, it struck me that I never posted the official release announcement for the ladies' 4-Way Female Bondage Wrestling epic adventure.  Oh no!

But I'd like to remedy that right now, just as our new VeVe vs Conrad match is hitting the virtual shelves tonight.

Now, with no further ado, here is the official original write-up for the 4-Way Female Bondage Wrestling match with VeVe, Kim, Indra, and Shauna:

4-Way Female Bondage Wrestling
VeVe Lane, Shauna Ryanne, Indra, Kim of Italy
May 2013


In this epic bondage event, VeVe Lane, Shauna Ryanne, Indra, and Kim of Italy face off in a 4-way, every-girl-for-herself bondage wrestling match! No double teaming or team work of any sort is allowed. The end result is to be 3 hogtied ladies and 1 final victor.

The ladies, all dressed in tight jeans and bikini tops, randomly determine their first opponent, and then hit the mats simultaneously. VeVe faces Shauna and Kim faces Indra. After about 10 minutes of struggle, VeVe and Kim emerge as the winners, leaving Indra and Shauna hogtied to watch the final face off.

VeVe and Kim are intense, long-time opponents, having last wrestled each other 3 years ago. Kim, though, has never bondage wrestled before, putting the odds strongly in VeVe's favor. But Kim is smart, fiery, and stubborn, and she was quite determined to win...

About 12 minutes into their match, VeVe binds Kim's ankles and very nearly catches her in a double-elbow finish, but Kim's remarkable determination and flexibility allow her to escape. This infuriates VeVe, pushing an already exhausting match into another level. With only 3 pieces of rope left, the struggle that follows is long, sweaty, highly competitive, and vicious. And all the while, Indra and Shauna are bound separately in the background, watching, cheering, and heckling the remaining competitors.

After a very long struggle, VeVe fights Kim into a hogtie and emerges as the final victor. As a penalty for the hogtied losers, VeVe tickles their exposed feet. She later ball gags them and tickles their feet even more. And after the gagged tickling, VeVe concludes with a victory pose over the 3 hogtied ladies.

Total running time: 54 minutes

Also available at clips4sale: