Saturday, July 26, 2014

Recap of the 6-Way Bikini Bondage Wrestling Tournament!

Hooray!  If you've read my last 2 blog entries, you may know that we just had a big bondage wrestling event this week, featuring 6 ladies, bikinis, hogties, gags, and lots of sweaty physicality!  And now, I finally have a moment to sit down and tell you a bit more about it.

I'm not exactly sure when we decided to mount this effort, but it actually wasn't too long ago.  I think, in fact, it may just have been earlier this month.  As you may be aware, we have done two 4-way bondage wrestling matches before, but I had been wanting to give an even larger group a try.  All for the sake of excess, but of course!  However, getting large groups of wrestling ladies together for a single shoot is a tough feat.

It was maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago that I'd been talking with VeVe about new possibilities for a new multi-way match.  One thing I had wanted to see was a 4 vs 2 or a 6 vs 2, featuring VeVe and Keri as a team against a large number of opponents.  We'd just been filming with Keri at the start of July, and these two are always at each other's throats on video.  So, I thought it would be neat to have them work together.

Also on the table was the idea of a new, larger bondage wrestling tournament, featuring 6 or 8 competitors (yes, we did consider 8).  Savannah Fox was coming to town, and we got in touch with her about joining us for the big bondage endeavor.  Unfortunately, Savannah's and Keri's schedule didn't coincide with each other's and with everyone else's, so we set the VeVe-Keri team idea aside for another time and instead took up the 6-Way Tournament.

Savannah was on board right away for more bondage wrestling action.  Also making a return to the multi-way was Indra, who appeared in our very first 4-way.  We also enlisted Keri's friend Jade Indica, as well as Athena, who had freshly returned to NYC after time away in her hometown of London.  And as a last-minute entry, we welcomed newcomer ShaSha, who had worked with us before on custom videos but had yet to make her big debut.  What better way to debut than amongst such fantastic veteran ladies?  Or maybe that just means you get tied up faster... ?!

But anyway, this backstory bit is getting a little long winded, so I'll cut to the chase.

As the ladies arrived, I quickly captured their first impressions on camera.  They all knew what kind of shoot they were coming for, but some of them had a better grasp on it than others.  So, before going over the full details, we asked them what they thought they were going to be doing today.  The range of candid impressions was quite amusing - and it is also featured in the final video (as are closing remarks after it was all said and done).

But moving on.  With no further ado (unless you like ado, then just let me know), I present you with the official video write up:


6-Way Bikini Bondage Wrestling
VeVe, Indra, Jade, Savannah, Athena, ShaSha
July 2014

VeVe has proudly gathered her ladies for a big bondage wrestling extravaganza: the much anticipated 6-Way Bikini Bondage Wrestling Tournament! She is joined by local wrestlers Indra and Athena, visiting wrestlers Savannah Fox and Jade Indica, and local newcomer ShaSha. 6 ladies enter this competitive tournament, and 5 are going to end up hogtied!

Here's how it works: The ladies all draw numbers at random, 1 to 6. Wrestlers 1 and 2 match up, Wrestlers 3 and 4 match up. But Wrestlers 5 and 6 get byes and will wait; they will jump in to each take on the winners of the first matches. The first two matches take place simultaneously, but as opponents get hogtied and new opponents join, anything can happen. 

Once a wrestler has been hogtied, she gets dragged off the mat and has to watch the rest of the tourney while bound. It all comes down to a final two wrestlers, who battle it out in front of the 4 hogtied women until a winner emerges to gag them all and put the 5 losers through a punishment round. Got it? Good! Let's do it! ... oh, and by the way, no teamwork or double-teaming is allowed. But jeering, cheering, and heckling is encouraged!

After interviews and introductions, the first pairings are selected: Indra vs ShaSha, Jade vs Athena. VeVe and Savannah will fight the winners (and heckle everyone from the sidelines). After about 10 minutes of bondage battle, Indra and Jade emerge as winners, setting the hogtied Athena and ShaSha to the side. VeVe then takes on Jade, and Savannah takes on Indra.

After an even longer, sweatier struggle, 2 more women end up hogtied on the sidelines, and the final contestants emerge: VeVe and Savannah, the two most tenacious wrestlers of the bunch.

The final round is a grueling test of skill and endurance as these two tough ladies clash before their immobilized, hogtied audience. The hogtied ladies comment on occasion, but they mostly fall silent as they watch the sweaty war between VeVe and Savannah. Both ladies wrestle hard, working their ropes and slipping near-ties. But after a lengthy struggle, VeVe finally traps her slippery opponent. Wasting no time, VeVe moves in, and a hogtied Savannah Fox joins the pile of bound ladies. 

And as the 5 hogtied girls chatter and complain, VeVe goes around and gags them all: 3 get ball gags and 2 get duct tape. She then drags each of them to the center of the mats, lining them up in a neat row, and commences the punishment round of tickle torture. VeVe then concludes with a victory pose and leaves the girls to struggle and moan. What a day!

Total running time: 65 minutes

Includes pre-match and post-match comments from all girls (once they've been untied). 

Ball gags and duct tape gags.

Available via clips4sale:

Friday, July 25, 2014

6-Way is a Success!

Yay!  Our 6-way female bondage wrestling tournament is in the books!  It went off beautifully yesterday, and I've got the video ready already.  After all the mayhem, the final video ended up being 65 minutes long.  Whoa!

More on video details later.  Right now I'm working on paring down a huge collection of screen captures I just took out.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

6-Way Female Bondage Wrestling Match? I think so!

Just dropping in for a quick announcement:

After a brainstorm to increase number of participants in our multi-way bondage wrestling matches, we're now all set to have a new 6-way female bondage wrestling bout tomorrow!

6-Way?!  Yes, it looks like it will happen!

On board we've got Savannah Fox, Jade Indica, Indra, VeVe, Athena, and newcomer ShaSha.  It's rope bondage, and it could potentially be madness.  And there will be gags for our losers.  What type of gag?  I'm not sure yet.  We've only got 3 ball gags, but we'll use those all and then add some other "found" varieties.

Stay tuned and cross your fingers.  I hope that everyone can make it!

... and it's sure to be a hot day.  In more ways than one...

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New Material from our West Coast Tour ..And Pictures!

Well, it's been a while!  But I've been very busy, so I apologize for the delayed update.

One thing I'll talk about in more detail in my Adventures in Wrestling Media Production blog is our West Coast video tour, which took place over the past 2 weeks.  During this tour, we filmed around 20 new videos with a variety of ladies who reside in the American West, and among those videos were some bondage & bondage wrestling videos!

While most of the bondage wrestling videos from the tour have yet to be released, I do have some random screen stills to share, plus some little proto descriptions.  I'll also list off the bondage wrestling videos we filmed, in chronological order!

1. Bondage Wrestling: VeVe vs Scarlett Devine
   - competitive, rope bondage, tough match!

2. Bondage Ambush!  VeVe and Scarlett
   - storyline fun, a response to VeVe and Keri's recent "Bound to Worship" video, Scarlett ambushes VeVe in her hotel room, ties her up, and claims some vengeance for "a certain lady from New Jersey."

3. Gladiatrix Match. VeVe and Sinn Sage
  - a tribute to "The Seven Magnificent Gladiators."  VeVe and Sinn have their fingers interlocked and wrists bound together as they battle in 1960's /70's / 80's female gladiator style.  Not exactly bondage wrestling as we know it in this blog, but wrestling while bound together.

4. Bondage Wrestling Avenger! Sinn Sage and Diablo
  - this one has been released as I write this entry.  Mixed bondage wrestling domination, rope bondage.  Sinn sets out to avenge the ladies I've been tying up and dominating lately.  Oh my!

5. Bondage Wrestling: VeVe vs Savannah Fox
  - competitive, rope bondage, yet another tough match!

6. A Bondage Caper with VeVe and Mistress Kara
  - storyline fun, yet to be officially named!  VeVe is a cop who attempts to bust Kara's ring of jewel thieves, results in various bondage situations.

7. Stockings Bondage Wrestling. VeVe and Andrea Rosu
  - light/sensual bondage wrestling with both ladies wearing thigh-high stockings and lingerie.

Whew, and I think that does it!  So, seven videos featuring bondage, 2 of which were competitive matches, and all of which involve rope!

I have a few more pictures kicking around from these videos, so I'll put them up as well as even more of a sneak peek:

Stay tuned!  Or hit us up if you'd like more information about any of these videos or if you'd like to get a hold of them ahead of release schedule!  You can reach me at

Monday, May 12, 2014

Sinn Sage Meets VeVe in the Bondage Arena

Oh my goodness, where have I been?  My last blog update was the the Duct Tape match between VeVe and Minxy Li, and we've already filmed four new bondage wrestling matches since then.  I'd better remedy this blogging lag!

Following the very fun adventures featuring duct tape battling ballerinas, we returned to rope bondage as VeVe Lane introduced visiting wrestler Sinn Sage to the art of bondage wrestling.

We met Sinn at Keri Spectrum's place for a long evening of filming with the ladies.  Following a fun facesitting match with Sinn and VeVe, VeVe brought out the ropes and offered Sinn a chance for a new challenge.  Sinn had never wrestled with rope-tying before, but she's an adventurous lady and a scrappy wrestler, so she was curious to give it a try.

As a newcomer-courtesy, VeVe moved in slowly on Sinn once the match began, but Sinn was excited and quite competitive, giving VeVe a rough ride to handle.  But in the end, experience won the day, and after a wild scramble, VeVe managed to wrangle the newcomer into a tidy hogtie.

And, oh, poor Sinn.  I don't quite think she liked being bound like that!  But she got caught while she was being very fiery, and you know what they say: the more fiery they are, the harder the rope will bite.  She learned that lesson pretty quickly!  And this phenomenon put her into a more physically compliant state once the double-elbow tie cinched in... but she was certainly not happy to be there.  Unfortunately for Sinn, all of her wincing, suffering, and cursing at VeVe only ended up with her getting ball gagged.

And as I write this, we are preparing for a filming tour to the West Coast, where we'll be filming with Sinn Sage yet again!  Will she do some tying of her own this time?  Will she get her bondage vengeance on VeVe some how?  We shall see!

That's coming up soon, but for now, here's the official write up for this competitive bondage wrestling match with VeVe and Sinn.  Enjoy!

VeVe Lane vs Sinn Sage
Female Bondage Wrestling
March 2014

VeVe is pleased to introduce visitor Sinn Sage to the lovely art of bondage wrestling! Sinn has experience with wrestling, but she's never tried it with rope involved before. She bravely accepts rope-veteran VeVe's challenge and sets out to give it a shot!

As the ladies hit the mats, VeVe works her ropes in slowly to start, sizing up newcomer Sinn. But when given an inch, Sinn takes a mile, proving to be a resistant opponent and determined escapist. The ladies grapple continuously, with VeVe attempting to work in immobilizing limb ties while Sinn races to untie the binding and knock VeVe off of her.

The ladies struggle for about 10 minutes until VeVe lands a shoulder-stretching lotus lock to start a good rope-binding on Sinn's wrists. It's all downhill for Sinn from there. Painfully tight wrist ties keep Sinn still as VeVe binds up Sinn's knees and ankles, working her into a hogtie as she winces from the rope bite. VeVe admires her work, but when Sinn starts cursing at her, VeVe decides to shut her up with a delightful ball gag (Sinn, however, is not delighted by it!). With Sinn hogtied, squirming, suffering, and gagged, VeVe celebrates her triumph with a victory pose.

Running time: 20 minutes

Available via clips4sale:

Thursday, April 10, 2014

VeVe Interview: Knots, Duct Tape, Comments

I stopped in at the coffee shop this morning with VeVe to record some of her bondage wrestling thoughts.  She's been too swamped lately to be able to write a blog entry for us, but she was certainly happy to give a verbal interview.

And so, here is a transcript from a brief general interview with VeVe, discussing bondage wrestling vs "regular" wrestling, duct tape wrestling, knot tying, and more.......

What do you think of the difference between bondage wrestling and "regular" wrestling?

VeVe: Well, the biggest difference between them is that in bondage wrestling it actually gives an unskilled person more of a chance to draw out the match.  Because even if you don't know how to tie the other person up offensively, it's not too hard for somebody to cause a lot of trouble by trying to untie knots or just run away.  So, it can be a really good way to have a good competitive match between two people with a big skill difference.  That's just one basic fun use of bondage wrestling.

But the flip side of that:  bondage wrestling is kind of harder than regular wrestling to get someone to submit.  It also means it's really extra rewarding when you do get somebody fully tied up and immobilized.

So, a big difference is that bondage wrestling will lead up to just one or a couple of ties out of a long bondage wrestling session.  So each one really means a lot.  Whereas in regular wrestling [when you have a big skill difference], you might get a lot of submissions in the same amount of time, and each one is just a little bit of pay-off.

How is it tying the knots and working the rope in such an active situation?

VeVe: Tying the knot can be maybe the hardest part of all.  Getting the rope looped around somebody is all well and good, but actually securing it with a tied off knot is pretty tough when they're wriggling around.  Especially when everything is happening live, you might start out with a piece of rope that you think is perfect, and by the time they've thrashed around and you've wrapped it around, and you get to the end and find out it's actually too short... or maybe too long, because they're hanging on to the end.  The actual finish, with the tying of the knot, can be a huge challenge.

You tried the duct tape wrestling recently.  What did you think of duct tape wrestling?

VeVe: I was really excited to finally get to try that and find out how that did work after I'd been imaging how it would be.  The hardest thing there is making sure the duct tape doesn't twist and stick to itself while you're trying to control the other person and wrap them up.  [Other challenges are] that the tape doesn't tear too soon, that you can get it peeled off the roll and get it started unwrapping, and keep it coming out smooth from the roll without it sticking to itself.

But even if it twists, can't you still use that?

VeVe: You can, but you can't get that to secure.  If you can't stick the tape to itself at the end, it will just unwind.

What do you think about duct tape compared with rope?

VeVe: The good thing about the duct tape is that, unlike the rope where people can wriggle and tighten it up on themselves or where you have to cinch it really tight to keep them from escaping, because the duct tape is sticky, it will secure them without necessarily having to be as tight [as rope].  So, I think it's actually a little bit more comfortable.

When we did the duct tape wrestling, we did it with long sleeved leotards and tights.  Because the sticking to the skin is painful in its own way, we didn't want to make it too nasty.  So, taking those precautions, I think it's more comfortable for the bound person than rope tied in a competitive, struggling environment.

Regarding tight ropes and struggling...

VeVe: In order to make bondage wrestling work live, the rope does have to be really tight.  Or it gets tight... Somebody might start out semi-comfortable, but as they struggle and thrash around, they could end up tightening the ropes on themselves.

And there are a lot of people that don't actually end up liking that sensation as much as they think they will.  Of course there are some people who are extremely hardcore and will just fight through regardless or don't want to be taken down no matter how tight the ropes get.

But I think duct tape can be a good option for binding people in a bit of a more "comfortable" way, provided they have appropriate coverage.

But speaking of coverage, did you want to do Zentai suit bondage wrestling?

VeVe: Oh, yes, I definitely do.  What I would like to do there is get some colored rope that would contrast with the suit.  I think that would be a very neat and artistic look there.  Definitely on the agenda.

Any other thoughts or comments?

VeVe: I think I want to get back to the drawing board to develop a few new sorts of ties to use on people.  I feel like I've almost perfected the hogtie approach using the lotus lock to get the arms.  That's definitely a brilliant trick, but since I like to keep it fresh, I want to look for another high percentage route to get a few creative new ties.  And hopefully that will keep everyone guessing going forward.  There can always be something new for the opponents and the audience!

Thanks very much for your time and comments, VeVe!  More interviews to come... especially since I've thought of even more specific questions now that this one is done!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Duct Tape Match Pictures on VeVe's Tumblr

VeVe just published a post on her Tumblr with screen captures from her duct tape bondage wrestling match with Minxy Li.  Here's the link to that:

VeVe writes:

"Huge oversight that I didn’t put up Tumblr galleries of Minxy’s visit back in March.  Prepare for that to be remedied!  
First, Duct Tape Bondage Wrestling!  I was *very* proud of this as a new innovation in bondage wrestling.  And very proud of Minxy for being the first lady brave enough to try it with me…and I had been hunting!"