Thursday, April 10, 2014

VeVe Interview: Knots, Duct Tape, Comments

I stopped in at the coffee shop this morning with VeVe to record some of her bondage wrestling thoughts.  She's been too swamped lately to be able to write a blog entry for us, but she was certainly happy to give a verbal interview.

And so, here is a transcript from a brief general interview with VeVe, discussing bondage wrestling vs "regular" wrestling, duct tape wrestling, knot tying, and more.......

What do you think of the difference between bondage wrestling and "regular" wrestling?

VeVe: Well, the biggest difference between them is that in bondage wrestling it actually gives an unskilled person more of a chance to draw out the match.  Because even if you don't know how to tie the other person up offensively, it's not too hard for somebody to cause a lot of trouble by trying to untie knots or just run away.  So, it can be a really good way to have a good competitive match between two people with a big skill difference.  That's just one basic fun use of bondage wrestling.

But the flip side of that:  bondage wrestling is kind of harder than regular wrestling to get someone to submit.  It also means it's really extra rewarding when you do get somebody fully tied up and immobilized.

So, a big difference is that bondage wrestling will lead up to just one or a couple of ties out of a long bondage wrestling session.  So each one really means a lot.  Whereas in regular wrestling [when you have a big skill difference], you might get a lot of submissions in the same amount of time, and each one is just a little bit of pay-off.

How is it tying the knots and working the rope in such an active situation?

VeVe: Tying the knot can be maybe the hardest part of all.  Getting the rope looped around somebody is all well and good, but actually securing it with a tied off knot is pretty tough when they're wriggling around.  Especially when everything is happening live, you might start out with a piece of rope that you think is perfect, and by the time they've thrashed around and you've wrapped it around, and you get to the end and find out it's actually too short... or maybe too long, because they're hanging on to the end.  The actual finish, with the tying of the knot, can be a huge challenge.

You tried the duct tape wrestling recently.  What did you think of duct tape wrestling?

VeVe: I was really excited to finally get to try that and find out how that did work after I'd been imaging how it would be.  The hardest thing there is making sure the duct tape doesn't twist and stick to itself while you're trying to control the other person and wrap them up.  [Other challenges are] that the tape doesn't tear too soon, that you can get it peeled off the roll and get it started unwrapping, and keep it coming out smooth from the roll without it sticking to itself.

But even if it twists, can't you still use that?

VeVe: You can, but you can't get that to secure.  If you can't stick the tape to itself at the end, it will just unwind.

What do you think about duct tape compared with rope?

VeVe: The good thing about the duct tape is that, unlike the rope where people can wriggle and tighten it up on themselves or where you have to cinch it really tight to keep them from escaping, because the duct tape is sticky, it will secure them without necessarily having to be as tight [as rope].  So, I think it's actually a little bit more comfortable.

When we did the duct tape wrestling, we did it with long sleeved leotards and tights.  Because the sticking to the skin is painful in its own way, we didn't want to make it too nasty.  So, taking those precautions, I think it's more comfortable for the bound person than rope tied in a competitive, struggling environment.

Regarding tight ropes and struggling...

VeVe: In order to make bondage wrestling work live, the rope does have to be really tight.  Or it gets tight... Somebody might start out semi-comfortable, but as they struggle and thrash around, they could end up tightening the ropes on themselves.

And there are a lot of people that don't actually end up liking that sensation as much as they think they will.  Of course there are some people who are extremely hardcore and will just fight through regardless or don't want to be taken down no matter how tight the ropes get.

But I think duct tape can be a good option for binding people in a bit of a more "comfortable" way, provided they have appropriate coverage.

But speaking of coverage, did you want to do Zentai suit bondage wrestling?

VeVe: Oh, yes, I definitely do.  What I would like to do there is get some colored rope that would contrast with the suit.  I think that would be a very neat and artistic look there.  Definitely on the agenda.

Any other thoughts or comments?

VeVe: I think I want to get back to the drawing board to develop a few new sorts of ties to use on people.  I feel like I've almost perfected the hogtie approach using the lotus lock to get the arms.  That's definitely a brilliant trick, but since I like to keep it fresh, I want to look for another high percentage route to get a few creative new ties.  And hopefully that will keep everyone guessing going forward.  There can always be something new for the opponents and the audience!

Thanks very much for your time and comments, VeVe!  More interviews to come... especially since I've thought of even more specific questions now that this one is done!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Duct Tape Match Pictures on VeVe's Tumblr

VeVe just published a post on her Tumblr with screen captures from her duct tape bondage wrestling match with Minxy Li.  Here's the link to that:

VeVe writes:

"Huge oversight that I didn’t put up Tumblr galleries of Minxy’s visit back in March.  Prepare for that to be remedied!  
First, Duct Tape Bondage Wrestling!  I was *very* proud of this as a new innovation in bondage wrestling.  And very proud of Minxy for being the first lady brave enough to try it with me…and I had been hunting!"

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Diablo's Hogtie for Stubborn Lela Beryl!

A reader had asked about this match in a comment on a previous post (by the way, it's great when you guys comment on the posts!), and I realized that I hadn't written about it here in the blog.  And so, here we go now!

At a filming day in March, in the small studio, with visitors Lela Beryl and Rachel DD, I found myself matched up against Lela for a competitive bondage wrestling bout.  VeVe bought a school girl mini-skirt for Lela to wear, particularly with this match in mind; VeVe had ideas about giving the video a "school girl vs school principle" theme.  However, since we didn't have much time for costuming, the only part of that theme idea that survived was the mini-skirt.

It was an intriguing idea, and maybe we'll revisit it later.  Instead, for this time around, we just went for a competitive Diablo vs Lela rope-tie match, saying "Let's see what happens!"

As I mention in the formal video description, Lela had no experience in bondage wrestling what-so-ever.  However, she is quite experienced in being stubborn and recalcitrant.  VeVe is inclined to describe her as a "brat," but I wouldn't specifically say that Lela was "bratty" toward me in this match... when I think "bratty," I feel like that involves a lot of verbal goings-on.  But if you can consider a non-verbal, all-physical brattiness, then sure, the term can work in this context.

But moving on...

I'm an experienced wrestler, practiced in rope-tying, respectably strong, and pretty good at moving people about, so the deck was kind of stacked against Lela.  She was slightly intimidated at first, but once we got rolling, her physical brattiness really kicked in.  Suddenly, I felt a little like I was wrangling at a rodeo...  Needless to say, Lela wasn't going to go down easy!

And this makes me think: perhaps I should try some more wrangling of resistant lady models in the future...

But after all Lela's squirming and fuss, I finally managed to get her into a fairly clean, fairly discomfort-free hogtie.  Of course, while I was nice enough to make sure the rope didn't burn or bite too much, I did pay Lela back for her stubbornness in other ways: tickling of bound feet always makes for a nice torture option!  And luckily enough, Lela passionately hates being tickled.  Mmm... tough times for Lela.

I'd love to write a separate post on wrangling and bondage wrestling the ladies, in general, and some plans for the future.  But for now, enjoy the full video description from my hogtie wrangling of Lela Beryl:

Diablo vs Lela Beryl
Mixed Bondage Wrestling

Our top male wrestler Diablo faces off against visiting fetish model Lela Beryl in this competitive bondage wrestling match. Lela has absolutely no experience in bondage wrestling, and Diablo has the definite edge in wrestling skill, strength, and rope wrangling ability. This looks to be tough for Lela... but she is determined to be as difficult as she can be!

Diablo is on the offensive throughout the entire match, working with skill and grace to control Lela on the mats. Lela tries her best to avoid being tied - squirming away, struggling, and kicking her legs - but Diablo stays with her, deftly working her into holds so he can get his ropes on her.

Despite Lela's squirming and struggles, Diablo eventually works her toward a hogtie. However, Lela continues to resist and be generally difficult. And so, once he has her secured the tie, Diablo repays Lela's stubbornness with foot tickling... which Lela absolutely hates! She despises it so much that she doesn't laugh - she moans, groans, and growls! Desperate to get away, Lela thrashes and rolls on the mats, but Diablo follows her and tortures her even more. Lela is not pleased! Finally he gags her with a duct tape gag, neatens up the knots she's untied, shows her off, and victory poses.

Running time: 21 minutes

Available via clips4sale:


Friday, March 21, 2014

Duct Tape Bondage Wrestling Debut! VeVe and Minxy

At last, we finally got a chance to try duct tape bondage wrestling!  Here's how that went down...

Actually, there are a number of facets linked to how this particular first go-round of duct tape bondage wrestling came to be.  Let me see if I can organize this for sharing.

Earlier this season, VeVe and I had discussed a multi-person guest wrestler shoot to kick off the duct tape wrestling idea.  This was along the lines of the 4-way female bondage wrestling matches, but it was to have a more specific scenario.  Basically, a ballet class gets a little out of hand and soon little leotard-and-tights ladies start to get taped up.  After all, the duct taped ballerina look just had such a nice aesthetic.

Unfortunately, though, we didn't have time to execute that idea, and it got pushed to the back burner.

However, with the arrival of adventurous visiting wrestler Minxy Li, the duct tape bondage idea climbed its way back on to the table.  Minxy was especially interested to try out new and different wrestling variations, so when we floated the duct tape idea by her, she jumped at the opportunity.

And so, VeVe and Minxy geared up to try out our very first competitive female duct tape bondage wrestling match.  We stuck with the ballerina theme - minus the ballet shoes - and gave the ladies a scenario to play with: two dancers are spiking the stage for an upcoming performance when they accidentally bump into each other and fall into bickering.  Their little argument gets physical and, since they both do have rolls of tape... well, you know, taping someone up is a good way to keep her out of your way!

One thing that I found amusing was that the ladies were very bitchy talky right before they hit the mats, but once they started to wrestle and work the tape, they both fell pretty silent.  Even Minxy!!  But once someone was pretty well secured, the bickering came right back.  Well, until the tape gag went on.  But anyway, that's just a further instance of competitive action taking a lot of concentration and cutting down on chatter.

So, that was a lot of fun, and it did actually go pretty swiftly.  But, of course, the "penalty" for the loser was not as swift as she'd have liked it to be!

Surprisingly, the ladies' pantyhose stayed impressively intact.  VeVe's hose seem to have been unscathed, and Minxy's only sprung a wide series of straight runs down one leg.

But anyway, with no further ado, here's the official video write-up:

Duct Tape Bondage Wrestling
VeVe Lane vs Minxy Li

At last, chance for some competitive duct tape bondage wrestling! And to give it a shot: VeVe Lane and Minxy Li.

VeVe and Minxy are ballerinas getting ready for a show by taping out the stage floor. But when the two dancers get into each other's way, tempers flare and the tape gets put to more practical use! The ladies engage immediately, wrestling and struggling to fully immobilize each other using the duct tape.

Both ladies start off mounting an equally strong offensive, but VeVe soars into the lead once she binds Minxy's knees and then chest. Minxy continues to struggle and complain, but VeVe wraps her up tightly, using lots of tape to bind Minxy's arms to her chest. Tired of Minxy's complaints, VeVe tape gags her and then goes on to use the rest of the tape roll to further bind Minxy's legs and chest.

Even though she's gagged, Minxy keeps moaning. So, VeVe facesits her and then head scissors her until she shuts up and fades... Satisfied, VeVe rolls Minxy aside and admires her work. Poor Minxy's not going anywhere!

Running time: 13 minutes

Preview thumbnails:

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

4-Way Lingerie Bondage Wrestling Mayhem!

Our second ever 4-way female bondage wrestling match.  Last time the ladies sported tight jeans, but for this one, they come prepared for battle in their favorite lingerie.

4-Way Lingerie Bondage Wrestling
Keri, Ginary, VeVe, Darling
February 2014

VeVe Lane is joined by guest wrestlers Keri Spectrum, Ginary, and Darling to kick off our second 4-way competitive female bondage wrestling challenge! It's every-girl-for-herself, with no double-teaming or team work of any sort allowed. The end result is to be 3 hogtied, gagged ladies and 1 final victor.

All 4 ladies are dressed in red or black lingerie, and initial match-ups were randomly determined based on who chose what color to wear. To start, Keri faced off with Ginary, VeVe with Darling. Both pairs grabbed their ropes and hit the mats simultaneously. Keri quickly pins and hogties Ginary, as VeVe struggles to control the fiery Darling. But after about 6 minutes of battle, VeVe finally lotus locks, double-elbows, and hogties Darling. Now, with Ginary and Darling securely hogtied, Keri and VeVe turn their sights on each other...

The two long-time bondage wrestling opponents fly at each other for the final showdown, as bound Ginary and Darling watch and comment (and occasionally roll out of the way!) from their corners of the mat. After a furious scramble, VeVe again uses the lotus lock, trapping Keri helplessly, binding her elbows, and then working her into a full hogtie. 

VeVe takes a look around and sees she is now surrounded by three hogtied ladies!

Now, first things first - VeVe punishes Keri's rude and mouthy attitude by briefly facesitting her. She then drags all of the ladies into a neat row, taunting them as she cleave gags each one. VeVe then tickles each of them - especially Keri! - while still taunting them and laughing at their gag-talking complaints. 

Finally, she hits a brief victory pose, challenges them to try to escape, and leaves them to it.

Using team work and their teeth, plus squirming and struggling, Darling and Keri eventually free themselves. Ginary, however, likes the hogtie and refuses to escape!

Total running time: 27 minutes

Available via clips4sale:

Friday, February 14, 2014

2-on-1 Female Bondage Wrestling: Indra and Ginary vs VeVe

As for the exam for Indra?  How about an exercise in team leadership and tenacity!

Last spring, VeVe faced off against Candy Pain and Sircee in a competitive 2-on-1 bondage wrestling match.  Now, both Sircee and Candy were novices at bondage at the time, but each of those two wrestling ladies outweighed VeVe by at least 50 lbs, and they worked well together to pin VeVe down and while roping her up.

But recently, we received a request for VeVe to try a new female bondage wrestling 2-on-1, but this time against opponents much closer to her size - or even a tad smaller.  This sounded like a great combination of elements, and it had the potential for some interesting action...

Indra was a quick go-to for this new 2-woman team.  She's 5'3", 125 lbs, and not as experienced a wrestler as VeVe.  As for the second half of the team: welcome Ginary!  Ginary is a fetish model from Florida who came up for a visit last week.  She's 5'4", 115 lbs, and had no wrestling experience at all.  And so, Indra and Ginary joined forces to create the light-weight team.

Despite being outnumbered, VeVe truly believed she had a good fighting chance.  However, I'd like to point out that she was also thought she could defeat the double team of Candy and Sircee.  Really, a bondage wrestling 2-on-1 is a very hard situation.  Even against smaller opponents, with one of them being quite inexperienced, a double team with rope is still a difficult hill to climb.

Now, before getting to the meat of the matter, I just want to take a moment to say that Indra and Ginary together were hilariously amusing.  Indra naturally took over the role of team leader, but in addition to giving orders to Ginary, she also provided quirky, colorful commentary.  Ginary had her hands full, quite literally, and did her best to obey her "boss" while at the same time being both overwhelmed and amazed by VeVe's tenacity.  Ginary had a lot of multi-tasking to do in a brand new environment, all with Indra giving orders like "Grabs her arm!  No, not that arm, I have that arm!  Grab the other arm!  No, that's my arm!"

But in addition to be highly amusing, Indra and Ginary did make a great team.  Despite Ginary's newness to the sport, Indra's leadership ability proved to be a real asset to their team.  Indra coordinated her team so well, and Ginary responded quickly, all to give VeVe immense frustration.

And now, onward into the fray.  Here is the official match write-up:

Indra and Ginary vs VeVe Lane
2-on-1 Female Bondage Wrestling

VeVe steps up to take on Indra and visiting fetish model Ginary in this incredible, grueling, and fully competitive 2-on-1 bondage wrestling match. There's no time limit here: the match goes on until one side is completely hogtied. With both sides hungry for victory, full immobilization is no easy feat! Whatever happens, happens... but no rest until the hogtie!

The double team of Indra and Ginary provide an infuriating challenge, with Indra taking the lead to coordinate the attacks. VeVe fights on tirelessly, shrugging off her opponent's ties, working her way out of pins, and attempting countless ties of her own. VeVe keeps her focus and just keeps working, though she is constantly foiled by Indra's (often hilarious) coordination with Ginary. Near ties, close calls, frustration, and tenacity. Neither side wants to give in, and so all 3 ladies fight on for the elusive hogtie!

Finally, after the interminable struggle, VeVe manages to make history by amazingly pulling off the win! Through utter determination, she catches Indra and then Ginary, wrangling them and finishing them off each with tight, neat hogties. VeVe works for several minutes to get her struggling opponents nicely arranged before dragging them next to each other and tying them together belly-to-belly while still hogtied! She concludes with a VERY well deserved victory pose and leaves Ginary and the indignant Indra stuck together to struggle helplessly.

VeVe: 5'4" and 120 lbs. Indra: 5'3" and 125 lbs. Ginary: 5'4" and 115 lbs.

Running time: 39 minutes

Available via clips4sale:

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bondage Trainee Makes Good: Candy Gets a Gold Star

Oh, blast.  Got a lot of catch-up to do now.  This all kind of got away from me a little bit this month.  Lots of filming unfortunately made the blog fall behind a tad.  Here now we remedy.

VeVe's Trainees Take Their Exams

As you may know, Indra, Candy Pain, and Thrash had been working with VeVe to help develop their bondage wrestling skills.  After the last very successful training session, we decided it was time to give them a little quiz of sorts...

Indra was scheduled for a special exam of her own, which took place later and will be talked about in a later post.  But Candy and Thrash greeted February by facing off against each other in the rope-tie arena.

Candy had demonstrated great promise during the training sessions, and she was proving to be the best in the class when it came to combining wrestling control with in-the-moment rope work.  She seemed naturally inclined to the intricacies of rope work and enjoyed the "art" aspect of creating neat ties on the fly.

Thrash had been working on his wrestling aggression during training: working to better control his opponent on the mats and to actively move forward with finding ties.  In practice, he demonstrated improved abilities to maintain the mount, grapevine his legs, and slip on larks head loops when he found the opportunity.

With a previously-scheduled filming day coming up, we decided that that would be a splendid opportunity for Candy and Thrash to test their new abilities.  And so, the competitors took to the mats, ropes in hand...


Candy Pain vs Thrash
Competitive Mixed Bondage Wrestling

This is Candy Pain's very first competitive mixed bondage wrestling match! Last year, in her first female bondage wrestling experience, Candy was cleanly tied up by VeVe, much to Candy's amazement. And so, Candy started training with VeVe to "learn the ropes."

In this match, Candy faces off against Thrash, who has also been studying bondage wrestling skills with VeVe. With this bout, VeVe puts her students to the test. And she will grade them accordingly... 

Thrash comes ready to fight and work the ropes as best he can. But Candy presents an incredible challenge: she has a size advantage, a strength advantage, and a better handle on the knot-work. Thrash tries his best, but suffers through painfully debilitating rope burn and crushing pins as Candy overpowers him with her legs, strength, and faster rope skill. He attempts brave escapes, but Candy wrestles him down and eventually works him into a tight modified hogtie.

With her opponent helplessly immobilized, Candy amuses herself by decorating him with a chest rope, a rope "crown," and a duct tape gag that wraps all the way around his head. Candy's tie is neat and lovely, and she is super pleased with herself. Gagged Thrash suffers silently in a tight little package as Candy celebrates, victory poses, and shows off her work!

Total running time: 12 minutes

Available at clips4sale: