Sunday, March 29, 2015

3-Month Updates. 2015 Bondage Status So Far!

Hello all!  It's been 3 months since I wrote my Upcoming Bondage Thoughts into 2015 post, and quite a bit has happened between then and now, so I thought I'd post a follow-up and ideas on further developments (plus, updates to my To-Do Wish List).

First, the check list: How have we dealt with the initial Wish List so far?

1. Crazy Azy vs Hanz.  That was the easiest goal to accomplish!  We kicked off January with this little mixed match-up.  I was prepared for the match to go either way, but I did have a strong suspicion that Hanz would win; he's just got a much greater experience level when it comes to bondage wrestling.  He also tied up Mahea much more easily then Azy did, so... He came away with a modified hogtie win on this one, much to Azy's frustration!

2. How about Rachel DD?  Rachel had some out-of-town matters to tend to in the past few months, so we were't yet able to get her in for more bondage wrestling.  Yet!

Happily, Rachel has returned to New York and is ready for action!  Of course, as it figures, I'm out of town right now until April.  So, let's look forward to Rachel DD and bondage wrestling in April.

3. Zentai vs Non-zentai - still on the To-Do list!

4. Multi-person Matches - So, we did accomplish one of these so far this year, though it wasn't what we'd initially set out to do!

In response to a fan comment on the initial "Thoughts" post, we set out to do a mixed teams bondage wrestling battle, which would feature male/female vs male/female.  However, we were foiled by weather and Valentine's Day troubles... but a feat of rapid rescheduling also ended up with the teams being rearranged.  So, instead of mixed teams, we now had F/F vs M/M teams and thus a Bondage Wrestling Battle of the Sexes!

This was VeVe and Keri vs Frankie and Danger Dude.  It was an epic battle.  Late in the evening.  On a cold February.  With two teams who'd never say die!  It was nerve wrecking!!

But even with that awesome mixed battle under our belts, we still wanted to get in a 4-Way female bondage wrestling bout as well.  And we were very close to that in March.

We hosted Lia Labowe here in town in March and so were hoping to get her in on a new 4-way match (this would also have featured Rachel DD as well).  We had our participants set up, we'd selected a nifty attire theme, and everything we looking to be on track.  But, as usual for this year, inclement weather prevented one of our participants from arriving.  When we couldn't find a replacement in time, the rest of it all fell apart.  Oh well.  Next time!

And, yes, we are still looking to get Rachel DD into the next 4-way battle! (in addition to her 1-on-1 "early gagging" match to come with VeVe).

More February Re-cap

Though we still have Wish List points to hit, we did do a heck of a lot of bondage wrestling in February!  The shortest month, but the most bondage wrestling?!  VeVe was really working overtime last month, and she dove in for the following matches, in chronological order:

1. VeVe vs Jade Indica (in lingerie)


That was just February!  It was a hard fighting month, no doubt about that!

On The Horizon aka Wish List Updates

As we enter soon into April, we have a lot more on the Wish List and still in the works for 2015.

In addition to getting VeVe and Rachel DD together, which should happen sooner rather than later, we are also aiming to set off our next 4-way female match.

The attire and storyline theme for the next 4-Way is slated to be superheroines.  Or heroines & villainesses.  Superheroines, bondage, and fight action always go so well together!  Stay tuned for developments on that one.

We also have a "Spider Queen" themed video in the works, featuring VeVe and the very flexible Howl.  In this scenario, our dashing hero Howl falls into the clutches of the wicked Spider Queen, and he soon finds himself bound and contorted in a variety of ways, all of which please the cruel villainess...

We're also planning for our West Coast video tour, which will take place in May.  We hope to see West Coasters like Mistress Kara, Savannah Fox, Andrea Rosu, Scarlett Devine, Cheyenne Jewel, Rapture, and Candy Pain while we're out there.  Of course, bondage wrestling is in the cards, no matter which of the ladies we end up meeting up with!

Speaking of gatherings, we are also angling to have a live filming event here in NYC in June.  Hopefully the 2nd weekend of June.  This will involve the inclusion of visiting guests!  Though this will likely center around "regular" style wrestling, we do plan to include as much bondage wrestling as we can.  Hopefully, too, a multi-person match featuring guest wrestlers as well.

Also too, hopefully we will get to see Indra make a return at some point this year as well.  She's been so busy with her non-wrestling work lately that she hasn't been able to get her ropes around any opponents (or get roped up herself even!).

Let's keep our fingers crossed that we'll get to see her again sometime this year!

And, lastly, there's the on-going quest to share the lovely art of bondage wrestling with more potential practitioners.  Our gentlemen seem to be finding their way around the ropes, but I'd like the ladies to touch up their skills as well.

It would be nice to see what Amazon Annie's been doing with the ropes lately.  Crazy Azy is coming along, but still needs more polish.  I hear that Venom over in London did some bondage wrestling recently.... but I don't know any details about that at all.  And also, Minxy Li was showing great potential with the rope-work, but I don't know if she's done any more lately.  Must go seek out updates...

All righty.  That will do it for now.  This entry became a little more winding than I had initially intended.  As always, I encourage people to post comments and suggestions, and/or to let me know what you think of the ideas and goings-on discussed here.  The communications are great, and inspiration is always appreciated!

Onward and upward as ever!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Thirst for Victory: Pictures and Background. The 2-hour Match

Whew, I just noticed that I never really posted about or personally mentioned VeVe's ridiculously painful 2-hour long competitive bondage wrestling match against Kevin from last month.  Now, I know that VeVe posted her immediate personal after-thoughts, and I'm always glad to have her guest-blogging here!  But I'd like to take this moment to provide some visuals as well.

... and also, a little more background info from my perspective.

First off, VeVe and Kevin first met in September of 2014, when they had a long, suspenseful, and very sweaty competitive submission wrestling match.  Kevin had been gunning for VeVe, and he was very eager to defeat her on the mats.  However, VeVe overcame a hefty weight disadvantage to squeak out the one and only submission in the match - in Sudden Death overtime, no less - thereby barely snatching the win for herself.  Since then, Kevin had been itching for a rematch; but enough time would need to pass before an exact rematch could be set up.

Fast forward a few months, into the dead of winter.  February, to be specific.  VeVe and Kevin had finally managed to reconnect, meeting up for a competitive bondage wrestling match which they'd been trying to schedule for a little while.  Though it wasn't a submission rematch, it was another chance for Kevin to take a competitive crack at VeVe.  And so, he was eager for the opportunity... and determined to take home the win on this one.

Did it matter to Kevin that he'd never tied someone up before?  I really don't think so.  He didn't seem worried at all about the new medium, and I suspect he figured he'd just find his way through by instinct.  What mattered more than anything was the renewed opportunity.

VeVe, on the other hand, was less single-minded about the whole thing.  On the one hand, she felt confident that she could defeat Kevin in bondage wrestling: this was her arena, her game, and only she had the refined arsenals of quick-tying techniques.  However, she strongly suspected the match would be long and tough (oh, if only she truly knew what was to come...).  Kevin outweighed her by about 60 lbs, a disadvantage that was exacerbated by the fact that he was an experienced wrestler, both in scholastic pin-style and in submission style.

But VeVe had more years of experience in jiujitsu and all of the advantage when it came to rope-work, so she felt confident in this one.

When we arrived at the studio on that cold February day, we discovered the room had been pre-set for a party that was to take place that evening.  The space was split at a diagonal angle by a large, clear plastic backdrop that'd been decorated with red dots.  There were red balloons along the ceiling and occasionally around the room.  And some of the usual props and furniture items where in different places or standing at different angles.

As a result of the partitioning, we decided to use only 3 of our 4 mats, creating a slightly smaller playing space.  With the combination of colors involved - the red and blue mats, and the red and clear backdrop, Kevin and VeVe in respective red and blue - and the way the light interacted with the drop, I felt like the setting looked like a game show.  Frankly, I liked the background and set up so much that I wish we could have used it for more things later.  But, alas, that setting was but fleeting, as these party-decor type things are.


The match turned out to be unlike anything we had expected it to be.  Well, actually, maybe I should more accurately say that it turned out to be an unexpected amplification of anything would could have expected it to be.

I won't go into too much detail about the match itself, since I've written about it in a variety of other places (such as the official description page), but I will give a few general impressions before getting to the pictures.

The thumb injury.  That was a massive handicap.  If you hadn't heard, VeVe suffered a thumb sprain about 27 minutes into the match.  That proved to be a big hindrance when it came to actually finishing a knot tightly enough to hold, to looping the rope, to doing any really fine work with the tying in general.  So, a match that might have lasted 40 minutes ended up lasting 2 hours.  There's no doubt that VeVe's loss of hand dexterity played a huge role in making that battle that much harder.  What would it have been like if that didn't happen?  Also, since it did happen, how fortunate that it was the left hand and not the dominant right hand.

The pain.  Both VeVe and Kevin seemed keen to ignore their pain receptors on this one.  Putting thumb injury aside, we also witnessed some pretty considerable rope bite going on.  Some indeed especially with Kevin on the receiving end.  But while rope burn and rope bite can force an opponent into stillness and can intimidate the struggle out of them, Kevin's will to win was so strong that he just dealt with the pain and kept working.  'Tis but a flesh wound.  VeVe, for her part, demonstrated some interesting vocalizations when dealing with her various pains, but, like Kevin, she refused to let a little thing like pain get in the way of her critical fight for victory.

The fatigue.  This was an immune system test, for sure.  What with time being no object - we had no need to vacate the space any time soon - and with both competitors being much more interested in victory than in anything else at that moment, these two drove themselves on in marathon style.  I remember seeing them sweating at one point, but then, as they climbed toward their second hour, they weren't really sweating any more... It wasn't overly warm in there as it was, given the winter + warehouse factor.  Then, again, there was the drive-yourself-into-the-dirt factor, the desperate-to-win factor, the wrack-your-dehydrated-brain factor.  Yeah, immuno test for sure.

Thirst for Victory, indeed.  Really.  Literally, I mean.

Well!  Anyway, it was a feat!  But enough words from me, enjoy some of the screen still pictures below!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Pictures from VeVe vs Shauna Ryanne Bondage Match!

A picture entry!  For her 3rd Female/Female bondage wrestling match of February, VeVe took on visiting wrestler Shauna Ryanne.  This match is at Doom Maidens here: VeVe vs Shauna Ryanne.  And pictures are below!