Monday, March 25, 2013

Indra Overwhelms ShortFuse Mark

Hats off to Indra for this beautifully self-indulgent display of dominance!

Bondage Wrestling: Indra Abuses Mark
March 2013

Super cheeky Indra hits the mats again for a new mixed bondage wrestling match. Her opponent is the hapless ShortFuse Mark, who gets his very first taste of every ounce of cruelty and sass that Indra has to offer...

Indra works Mark into various wrestling holds in order to get her ropes around him, including a high school girl pin to catch his arms, head scissors to bind his wrists, and leg spreader to catch his ankles. She uses the ropes to control him like a puppet, making fun of him and stretching him into uncomfortable positions. To seal the deal, she binds him in a ball tie variation: wrists to ankles, knees to elbows, and neck to knees/elbows.

Throughout the video, Indra endlessly torments Mark with vicious glee. She ties the ropes extra tight, laughing at his agony; she forces him to do painful splits; scratches her name into his body; pulls out his leg hair; forces him to kiss her feet; and finally puts him out with a mean head scissors before hitting a victory pose.

Indra is fantastically mean and abusive, sassy, and totally enjoying herself. All at Mark's humiliating expense.

Running time: 22 minutes.

Available the Mixed Wrestling NYC studio: