Sunday, January 25, 2015

Multi-Way M/F Couples Bondage Battle is Coming!

The subject line says it all!  Yes, our first multi-way couples team bondage wrestling battle royale is on its way!

I've thought about this for some time and just yesterday had a planning meeting with VeVe on the matter.  This particular sort of multi-person match has similar roots to our multi-way female bondage wrestling tournies, except that we will now be introducing the element of team work and allowing double-teaming.

Earlier this week, I watched one of the "Hunger Games" films, and I found that quite inspirational for this couples challenge.  Not only would multiple male/female couples be sent into the rope-tie arena to battle it out, but in the end, only one participant can emerge as the final winner.  Will partners end up fighting each other in the end?  Will one partner have to fight on to win after his/her teammate falls?  Will there be treachery and betrayal?  Alliances and sacrifice?  Ah, but I'm getting a head of myself.  Back to specifics...

At first, I wanted to use 4 couples.  Though this makes for nice symmetry and a simulated square-dance setup, I realized that it would also require 8 people.  That's not so tough, but for a first-time go-around, we decided instead that a 3-couple ordeal would be easier to set up for a start.

In reality, given that there can be only 1 winner, this seems like it would be an every-wrestler-for-him/herself type of royal rumble.  Why partner people at all?  The reason is this: each pairing of wrestlers will be allowed time to conference and strategize before the match begins.

Participants will not be allowed to speak with any other participant, aside from their teammates.  I'd considered allowing couples to attempt making alliances with other couples, but I think the starter 3-couple battle is too small for that.  I also think the inter-couple alliances would really make more sense if there could be a winning couple, as opposed to just a single winning wrestler.  If only one can win, why ally with anyone at all?  Right?  Because here, in this starter 3-couple challenge, the planning/strategy phase should help the couples cement their loyalty via communication and shared knowledge.

What - they're not loyal to each other because they just are?  Am I cynical or what?!

Anyway, invitations to potential participants have been sent out!

Names or participants will be released once the teams have been made!

We are attempting to make pairings based on skill, putting weaker and stronger teammates together to balance each other out.

But I just keep thinking... why on earth would the strong partner protect the weak partner?  Why bother, when there can be only one winner?  Should couples be given a bonus if they end up being the last 2 standing?  But what sort of bonus?  Should there just be a winning couple instead of a winning single?  But if people are so concerned with protecting their partner, will it just result in a huge mess and tangle?

So many questions!!!

Unless I get some magical epiphany on the matter, I think trial and error will be our guide.  Unless scheduling magically drops a bunch of people all into the studio at the same time, I'm going to go with the 3-couple format as described above.  I'm going to go with the "only one can win" method, also allowing couples to converse only with each other beforehand.  But is there a bonus if 2 members of the same couple are the last ones standing??

Gah, still another question.  Grrr... would there be a bonus?  What sort of bonus?  Does it even matter?

Or, hmmm, if the couples are made of weak/strong, wouldn't the strong one want his/her weak partner to be the one left for the final match?  Making for an easy final match?  Right?  So is that why a strong partner would want his/her weaker partner to make it all the way through til the end?

Grrr!  Well, we've a little while to figure that out before everyone replies, all invites are accepted, and the event kicks off!

As always, you're comments and suggestions are welcome, especially if you'd like to take a crack at answering any of these questions.  Thanks guys!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

First Match for 2015: Crazy Azy vs Hanz

Hey guys, we're back - Happy New Year and welcome to the first post of 2015.  Welcome to our 5th year of bondage wrestling mayhem, and the 4th year of the Bondage Wrestling Blog.

With the coming of this new year, we hope to see more new faces and trainees taking their places in the rope-tie arena.  VeVe has set a fine example in this multi-tasking art form, and she's working to encourage her local wrestling colleagues to follow in her foot steps when it comes to combining wrestling and rope-work.  So, in addition to bondage wrestling by VeVe, this year we also hope to bring you matches featuring her trainees and colleagues while we also follow their development in the bondage wrestling art.

For today's post, I'll be talking about just such a match.

I'm pleased to say that we've accomplished the first "goal" on my list from the previous post regarding "To-Do's" for 2015: the competitive mixed bondage wrestling match of Crazy Azy vs Hanz!

Both Azy and Hanz were eager and raring to go with this one, both pumped from their respective wins in October and now ready to rumble for 2015.

Hanz seemed particularly eager for the opportunity, and I read him as being especially confident coming into this fight.  I knew that Hanz had managed to tie-up Mahea much faster than Azy had done.  I knew that Hanz had out-lasted Azy when each of them had bondage wrestled VeVe.  And I'm sure Hanz knew these things as well!  So, you could see why Hanz would be feeling both eager and confident...

Azy, meanwhile, though being a relatively fresh face when it comes to bondage wrestling, did pull out a victory in her first match ever... with the absolute bare minimum of rope-wrestling instruction.  Hanz only scored his first win after several previous loses (granted, they were against VeVe).  Furthermore, in addition to her good instincts, Azy has also got a never-say-die type of spitfire personality and she's not shy about getting furious in a physically challenging situation...

So the elements in play here were an interesting set.  How would this play out on the mats?  Here's the official write-up on the matter!  Behold:
Crazy Azy vs Hanz
Mixed Bondage Wrestling
January 2015

Crazy Azy and Hanz deliver a fierce, competitive, rough-and-tumble bondage wrestling fight! Under the watchful eyes of their mentor (and mutual former opponent) VeVe Lane, Azy and Hanz battle to tie each other up and show their stuff in the rope-tie arena.

Back in October, Azy and Hanz earned their first bondage wrestling victories, each defeating Mahea in separate matches. Now they set their sights on each other, both eager for another taste of glory. Hanz comes into this new match with a lot in his favor: not only does he outweigh Azy by 40 lbs, but he also has twice as much bondage wrestling experience. But Azy is no push-over: she's a tenacious little spitfire, a scrappy fighter, and only more ferocious under pressure!

After an opening interview, the combattants jump right into action. Both Azy and Hanz scrap and scramble for position, racing furiously for anchoring ties as VeVe calls in tips and encouragement from the sidelines. With his size and experience edge, Hanz begins to pull ahead, much to Azy's frustration. As he pins her down and attacks relentlessly with foot, leg, and arm tie attempts, Azy bucks, squirms, and hurls foul-mouthed insults at him. Provoked by the painful rope-bite of Hanz's attacks, Azy thrashes, growls, complains...and escapes repeatedly! And, even fending off the constant assault, Azy still tries to fight her way to the top and lasso ties of her own.

Finally, Hanz's perseverance pays off as he soldiers through Azy's kicking, screaming, cursing, and occasional strikes at him (!). With much effort, he manages to bind her ankles, knees, and upper arms, pulling her into a modified hogtie. Azy, though, refuses to give in, still trying to untie the knots and insulting Hanz til the very end... or until he can gag her. He quiets her down with an over-the-mouth gag, savors a victory pose, and then delivers a brief tickle torture punishment round - which Azy absolutely hates! Thrashing and infuriated, Azy escapes the gag and is forced to submit... while also vowing revenge!

Total running time: 41 minutes

Includes opening comments and candid post-match remarks.

Final Tie: hogtie variation: ankles bound, knees bound, elbows bound (NOT touching), feet bound to elbow rope (wrists not bound). Functional but not tidy. Over-the-Mouth bandana gag.

Available via Doom Maidens: