Thursday, September 18, 2014

Interview: VeVe Talks Tying Twiggy, Rachel, Sircee, Frankie

I was lucky enough to get VeVe to sit down for a new interview regarding her recent bondage wrestling goings-on.  Notably, we talked about the 4 recent competitive video matches she had all within one week's time, following her return to NYC.

She talked about her 4 recent opponents - Twiggy, Rachel DD, Sircee, and Frankie - who covered a range in sizes and skill levels.  Following that, she also gave some general bondage wrestling thoughts, which were inspired by these matches.

So, below I present the transcript of the interview.  Titles and my comments are in bold.  VeVe's comments are in plain text.  Here you go:

Twiggy. Male, 5'6" and 135 lbs. Match date Aug 29, 2014 (Released!)

For my match with Twiggy, it was a match where I knew I didn't want to go easy on him at all, because I have wrestled Twiggy before a while back.  He was quite challenging then.  He is somebody who knows some jiujitsu and has a solid wrestling foundation, so he's not somebody I can expect to easily push around.  Though I know I have an advantage, bondage wrestling adds whole 'nother challenging element, so somebody with a little bit of knowledge can make it really, really hard to tie them up.

Furthermore, I had just watched his match against Howl, where he definitely had the advantage in that match, even being a novice to bondage.  His wrestling expoerience was able to really present a problem to Howl, so I was impressed watching that and knew that I was going to be serious about this match and not be too nice.

What brought you to that end tie?

I knew I would need to take whatever opening I got.  Twiggy was one of those opponents who's not intimidated by the rope bite; he'll not back off, he'll let you do your worst and still keep fighting.  So, I had to take any opportunity I did have and ended up getting the elbows attached to the knees by good chance, and that happened to be open, and it was the best way to immobilize that particular person.

Once I did have him immobilized, at least partially, and had the advantage, then I wanted to really cinch it in, make it count.  And I think it was lucky that Twiggy was more impressed than upset by the whole experience.  But he kept fighting me even by kicking his feet when that was the only thing he had left, which kind of egged me on to make it even worse  So I think he got the full experience of a really nasty bondage finish.  And I got the satisfaction of taking down somebody really good.  The tie just kept getting more creative and a little bit nasty, just based on the way we were escalating there.

Any closing words about this one?

One that I'm proud of.  I thought that it ended up with some good artistry, but not the sort of artistry that happens when you intend to go out and do something fancy.  [It was] the sort of artistry that happens when you meet up with somebody who makes you push your normal boundaries and makes you be creative out of necessity.  That was pretty cool.

Rachel DD.  Female, 5'4" and 120 lbs.  Match date Aug 24, 2014 (Released!)

In the match with Rachel, you did some innovative things too.  Could you talk about that?

Sure.  Well, bondage wrestling with Rachel is something that we'd been wanting to do for a while.  Kinda totally the opposite of the Twiggy match, where I knew I was gonna have to go for broke and be brutal.  I knew I had a really strong wrestling advantage over Rachel, so I didn't see it being a problem to ultimately overpower her and tie her up, but when I do have a match like that where I have a strong advantage, I want to do something more with it and more creative, so I'll try to give myself the challenge of getting a different sort of tie or something kind of interesting.  [...]

With this match, I just kind of got started and saw what was there and what would present itself.  And immediately, almost, I found I had a rope around Rachel's waist, which is something I almost never work with.  I always go for the limbs, and having this rope around her waist, I was like, oh, well, it's there, so let me use it.

So that was how we ended up getting the crotch rope, and then once that was there, I was like, oh, I want to try to tie things down, make attachments to this waist and crotch rope, and that will be a whole different thing than what I usually do.  And it ended up both being really effective as immobilizing bondage and looking really good, so I was very proud of that.  And it fulfilled that goal I had of: let me do something a little bit extra creative, since I've got an opponent where I can kind of take some risks.

Then Rachel further impressed and delighted me by being super flexible.  Having elbows that'll touch in back and making the tie look fantastic in the end.  So, that was cool.  Kind of punched my little sadism button, I was like: now I have to tie her tighter 'cause I know that she's bendy.  Really fun.  Rachel is just a wonderful canvas for bondage.

Sircee.  Female, 5'8" and 180 lbs.  Match date Aug 30, 2014 (Released!)

You had a match with Sircee recently, which was just released, and this featured you having a handicap to start.  So, can you talk a little bit about that?

In the match with Sircee, this was a situation where, kind of like with Rachel, I knew that I had a strong wrestling advantage.  I had had a bondage wrestling match with Sircee before, where I did win.  And, not just for viewers, but for me too, I like to keep making making challenges and different circumstances, so that it's always a little bit new, which is why I decided I wanted to try the handicap with my feet tied together.

That also came from sessions and other videos I've done with different types of handicaps in the wrestling, where I have done matches with my feet tied together or my hands tied toegther.  Bondage wrestling would not work very well at all with your hands tied together, so that definitely decided which way I would go with the handicap.

And then with the Sircee match too, there was a particular tie that a fan had mentioned he'd really like to see done.  I didn't promise that I would do it, but I thought that I would try, if I could, to get this particular arms-over-the-head sort of hogtie.  So it was sort of a double set of conditions for the match.

The real trouble with the plan is that Sircee is definitely bigger than me and also very powerful, into fighting in that explosive sort of will-throw-her-weight-around way, and will almost go harder the more danger she's in.  So as I was trying to get an advantage here and get ties secured, rather than wearing Sircee down, I think it got her moving even faster.  So, my handicap proved to definitely be a really big handicap.  I was able to defend, but not able to really secure an advantage as long as my feet were tied together.

But the conditions of the match were not that my feet needed to stay tied together, just that I wasn't allowed to untie them and they had to start tied.  And it was such a really active and all-over-the-place match that they eventually came untied on their own just through all the crazy thrashing about.  At that point then, then I had a strong advantage, and I was able to get not just a tie, but the goal tie that had been requested with the arms over the head.  Not a classic hogtie at all, by any means, but I thought pretty cool for the fact that Sircee's back is pretty flexible and we got to see that really strong arch.  I admit that I did cinch that extra tight because she'd pissed me off just a little bit by being so difficult, even after it was really clear that I had the tie and it was secure and the match was definitely going to go one way.  She kept making it so difficult that I did indeed yank that final tie extra hard, to great cosmetic effect, I thought.

So that another one where the struggle was hard enough that at the end I thought, wow, that was pretty neat and a pretty good accomplishment.  I was happy and satisfied.

Anything else you'd like to say about this match?

Sircee might be the opponent that tied the most actual ropes on me, but since they were sort of in the form of a grass skirt, they didn't end up inhibiting me.  Actually, though, in the middle of the match, she was getting some different things that did inhibit me, but the match was really active, so knots were untying themselves, so nothing really stayed til the end of the match.  But a lot of people focus more on defense then offense, but a good offense is really effective as defense in bondage wrestling, so kudos to Sircee for that.

Frankie.  Male, 5'4" and 145 lbs.  Match date Sept 6, 2014 (Released!)

And your Frankie match, which I don't really have many pictures from, hasn't been released yet [edited: released on 9/20/14].  Also very active and lovely.  Can you say anything about this one?

The funny and distinct thing about the Frankie match was that he stood up more than any other person, in bondage wrestling.  He would get on his feet, he would jump away.  He was kind of acrobatic.  I would get one rope on him, and he was jumping away from me, it kind of felt like having a fish on a line.  It even made me laugh, in the midst of the match!

But as difficult as he was to catch, once he was reeled in, Frankie wasn't one who had particularly good stamina - as active and athletic as he was early on, he did kind of tire himself out and was a little more susceptible to the rope burn pain than some of the more "crazy" opponents are.  He did know when it hurt, which did slow him down.  So once I got a good starter tie on him, it was pretty quick to get the finishing tie.  He slowed right down once he felt the ropes wrapping and biting.  I was able to get a pretty nice, tight package out of Frankie in the end.


How would you compare these 4 matches to each other?

All were matches where I was really satisfied with the end result, I was proud of the ties.  It might be a little sacrilegious of me to say, but I kind of liked that the Twiggy one wasn't a hogtie.

Why's that?

I just feel that I do more hogties than not.

But isn't a hogtie harder to get than a ball tie?

Oh, no, absolutely not.  A hogtie, because it does bring the arms behind the back, is definitely easier.  That cuts down on the person's ability to untie themselves.  It's often really tempting to go for tying someone's wrists in front of them 'cause it's easier initially to get, but it's much harder to keep it there.  If their wrists are in front of them, their hands and fingers are in front of them, they can look at the tie and they can much more easily untie it.  So to find a way, ultimately, to tie the hands in front and not enable them to untie it is actually harder.  And so, in non-hogtie variations, when you manage to actually get someone stuck in them, there's been a lot of work that went into it, I'll just say!

So, for that reason I'm kind of the most proud of the Twiggy one [of the recent 4] because there's a pretty good formula for hogtying somebody.  The Sircee one didn't follow that, since I was going for a variation, but I feel like I do know how to hogtie somebody against resistance.  I've got a system that works, but I try not to use it too often.  The Twiggy match might have been the biggest departure from that system [compared to the other 3 matches].

Isn't the Twiggy tie the same one you used against M Li?

It happened in a different order, actually.  With M, I think I got the ankle-to-thigh tie first, and then the wrist-to-should tie, and then the elbow-to-knee tie.  But with Twiggy, I got the elbow-to-knee tie first and then built the rest of it from there.  It's true, it looked very similar in the end, but it came from a different place.

Is there any kind of new tie you wanted to try?

Some of the ties that are out there as variations I think would need other equipment.  I've wanted sometimes to bring in spreader bars to get people in completely different positions, but that's just not something I really see happening in bondage wrestling!  I have kind of wanted to do a quadraped tie that would be a variation on the wrists-to-shoulders, ankles-to-thighs.  I've always wanted to tie somebody up and prod them around.

Indra did that with Hanz in a non-competitive situation, is that right?  She made him walk on his elbows and knees.

I've always liked that idea, but Indra did indeed beat me to it, it's true.

You'd like to try getting it in a competitive situation against a resisting opponent?

That would be a bit of an accomplishment because you can get pretty close to that tie, but the problem with a competitive situation is that you've usually already made it so tight and brutal on them that they're probably not going to walk around for you, like a nice little sheep.

And you of course say the harder they fight and resist, the tighter it's going to get...

That's something I always try to warn people about.  I do bondage wrestle with all types of people, from extremely competitive to, in some cases, extremely masochistic, to, in some cases, models who aren't really wrestlers at all.  Not that bondage wrestling will especially hurt somebody, but it's not going to be as comfortable as other things.  It's funny, even when you tell somebody that if they go lighter, the bondage won't have to be as tight, there's something about the whole experience of being competitively tied up that sparks people's primal survival instinct - it's something they feel like they can't let happen.  And almost everybody will end up fighting enormously hard, even if they said they want to do something easy, lighter, beforehand.  They'll feel that sort of insinct.  You can't let and not let someone tie you up; it immediately becomes really real.  So for almost everybody, the harder you fight, the tighter the ropes will be.  And they will be really tight, for that reason.

Any final comments?

Step right up and try you're luck!