Sunday, July 17, 2016

8-Way Bondage Wrestling? VeVe chats plans, scheduling, upcoming!

8-way bondage wrestling in the works!  Maybe even multiple multi-ways?!

This morning, VeVe sat down at the cafe to record an audio journal entry of the work she's been doing to coordinate participants for an upcoming 8-way bondage wrestling tourney, and possibly even more than one of these big events.  Below is the full transcript from her 10-minute long audio chat entry, where she discusses participating wrestlers & models, New York and FetCon filming, and more!


Hey this is VeVe Lane, and I am just going to try to explain here all the wild and ridiculous behind the scenes scheduling that's been going on to try to create an 8 way bondage wrestling tournament.  

This is something we've been trying to do for a while.  Always making a bigger and better next bondage wrestling tournament.  Going from 4, to now we've done 6 to, in February we were going to try 8.  But we just have discovered that 6 seems to be the number that you can kind of easily get people's schedules to all come together.  We tried to do 8 in February; it became 6.  And we're like, ok, this does have to happen.  It's going to happen as soon as we can make it happen.  

So, what became really exciting, around the spring and beginning of summer is that we had some new local wrestlers kind of join the roster, with Aralia and Kinzie coming on board, and Orlandoe let us know that she was going to be returning to New York City permanently after finishing up school out of state.  So, we suddenly had more local people on the scene than in a long time.  Plus Keri [Spectrum] also let me know that she'd had a whole change of work situation and was much more available to come into New York from New Jersey to shoot more often.

So, this looked really great, and I started in trying to bring people together to do this some time in July.  I thought we'd have myself, Keri, Orlandoe, also Crazy Azy, who's never been in one of our big bondage wrestling multi-ways before, Indra, Kinzie, Aralia, Rachel DD, Michi. So all of these people.  And I sent out the word, we have enough people to do this.  But of course, not everyone's available at the same time.

Immediately, a lot of people said Sunday is a great day, but Indra said "No, Sundays are never a good day for me."  And Azy said, "Oh, I can only do late at night on Sundays."  But most people still agreed that Sunday is the best day.  So, we were down a few people.  And then, a couple people because it's summer, traveling as well.  So, Orlandoe and Aralia will be out of town on the day that almost everyone said was the best day.  So, what we came down to was: me, Keri, Kinzie, Rachel, and Michi all saying that July, the 31st of July, would be the best day.  But now we've got 5.  And Keri was able to call on one of the ladies that wrestles with her in New Jersey, Alexis Valerie, which brought us up to 6.  Like I said before, 6 is the number that seems to be what you can easily get.  There's still a call out for 2 people.

And while all of this was going on, we realized that FetCon was coming up, where there are actually maybe a couple hundred models all in one place.  Well, should we just try to do the 8-way there, since we're so close here in New York, but still looking for 2 people.  And then we said, well, it's gonna be in a hotel room if it's at FetCon, and can we possibly fit 8 people wrestling all at the same time on the travel mats in the hotel room?  And on the one hand, we said, no, that's impossible.  And on the other hand, we said, but it would be like a wrestling mosh pit, and it would be madness, and it would be so exciting.  And maybe we should just try it, even though it's going to be ridiculous.  So that's another idea that's going on.

I'm contacting all of these ladies.  Hopefully a lot of new faces that haven't been seen before and tried to do this with us, as well as, hopefully, a couple of favorite ladies that I have worked with before: Sarah Brooke and Bella Ink, who have both been so awesome bondage wrestling with me before.  To turn this into the FetCon multi-way version, which will not be so much a tournament as a mad wild house rumble of bondage wrestling all over the hotel room.  So that's also going on.

And while I've been trying to bring together both of these things, a third option cropped up, which all came around because another model, Constance, had written to me saying "I'll be visiting in September."  At first I thought: September's a long way off, I have all this stuff that's all on my plate right now, trying to work on July and August, can't talk about September.  But then Constance wrote back to me and mentioned another date that she would be here in New York in September, and that day tickled my memory, and I was like: Oh, that's actually the same day that both Mahea and Sara Lips will be visiting in New York.  And that's a lot of great guest wrestlers.  And Constance said "And my friend Tara Tied will be available with me that same day."  I said: Wow, we're already now up to maybe 5 people, counting myself.  This could be another good chance to have the 8-way.  Plus, some of the people that are going to be traveling at the end of July -- Orlandoe and Aralia -- will be back by then.  So, those would be some people, if we really wanted to do this in a crazy fashion.  That if we do make the 8-way happen at the end of the month [July], we could it with practically all completely different people again in September.  

So that would be kind of amazing, because that's one of the things that I worry about trying to make these things happen: do we repeat some of the same people too often?  That's one of the things that's holding us up a little bit making the July 8-way.  Because I would love to have back ShaSha to do this, but she, and Rachel, and Michi, were all together in the last multi-way.  So, I'm trying to make different combinations.  Perhaps we'll have ShaSha come back as one of the people in the September one.  Just so some different people combine.

So, for that to all get confirmed [September], that looks like it might be the very easiest day to get an entire 8 people together.  Keri has said she could come back for that one too.  The one thing that's a little uncertain [is whether Sara Lips could do it].  Mahea has already said she could do it.  Orlandoe and Keri have already said they could do it.  Constance and Tara Tied have said they could do it.  But Sara Lips has said she's interested and still checking on how her schedule will be, because when ladies are traveling on tour, their schedules can be very tight.  So, really hoping that that will pan out.  I've never gotten to shoot with Sara Lips before, so I'd really like to meet her.  She looks like she'd be amazing and really fun, and it'd be great to have her join in too.  

And so far, in my experience, people have really enjoyed these multi-way crazy crazy things as a really fun way to meet other wrestlers too.  So I think that if we can get that to happen, everyone will really like the chance to connect.  A lot of local New York ladies and a lot of visitors all together for that September thing, if that can happen.

All right, that is everything I've been working on.  Well, in regards to multi-way bondage wrestling.  Not to mention all the other custom things and little solo shoots that you put together for some of the ladies so that they will have more than one video to do that day.  Plus all of the things that are happening not on those days.  For example, the shoot that will be just later today, with me and Kaysha Brazil and Howl and Hanz.  So, other little things always going on, which means that trying to get these three big projects to happen has been just that much more ridiculous.  But things are going on, for sure, both on and off stage and in planning.

First order of business, hoping to round out the 6 people that are on board for the July thing to 8.  There are a few more casting sites and modeling boards that I've gotten tips on to post and recruit, so hopefully we'll find 2 more people and that will happen.  Even if it doesn't, we will still have a ton of ladies coming for other custom videos and maybe for a 6-way, but I'm really hoping it will be an 8-way.  Plus FetCon, plus the September thing.  So, stay tuned!  And hope that I make it through all of this ridiculous madness and scheduling challenge!

All right, have a great day, have a great summer, and I will see you around online and maybe in person, if you're anywhere that I'm coming on my August tour.  All right, signing out, VeVe Lane, bye!