Saturday, October 19, 2013

Villainess Bondage Escapades: VeVe, Venom, Indra

I'm overstaying my welcome here in this cafe, so I hope I can make this brief and to-the-point.  I really need to get this blog entry out.  Here's to trying!

So, on the Monday following our early October weekend of massive wrestling filming, VeVe, Venom, and Indra all got together to film a special request bondage video.

For this video, the ladies needed to get themselves kitted out in some snazzy attire.

Venom, in particular, was requested to get a very specific sort of top, which, I am pleased to say, she was able to find by chance in Manhattan.  She also found a pair of great slashy-vented type leggings.

Indra wore her studded leather boots with a black spandex body suit.  And VeVe revived the outfit she created for FetCon: tall leather boots, black leggings, and black leotard with deeply plunging V neckline.  And a black sash, for flair.

When the ladies arrived and put on their outfits, I knew we'd be in for an interesting evening.

And then I left them alone together as they went over their script and assignment (I had limited knowledge of the actual script).

When I returned, with camera ready to roll, what unfolded before me was very interesting, indeed...

Now, I hesitate to use the word "mayhem," because that implies a lack of coordination and control.  But, nonetheless, "mayhem" really sounds like a good word here.  Bondage mayhem, booted mayhem.  Villainesses - rolling on the floor - ropes galore - binding and gagging - and arguing and double-crossing - and trickery - and British vs American - mayhem.  But controlled.  Of course.

The ladies were really quite brilliant as they played out this multi-scene villainess bondage scenario.  There I was, framing it and watching the story unfold.

The Brits double-crossed VeVe on a trade deal.  They jump her, wrestle her down, tie her up.  They foil escape attempts, offer her for ransom, tie her up again.  And again.  Indra gets tricked... twice.  VeVe turns the tables.  The Brits wind up bound themselves and then offered for ransom.

Stiletto boots, down on the mats, wrestling and rolling in several classic-style bouts of villainess struggling.  Someone gets tied up, in one way or another.  Villainess in-fighting, ropes, gags, great improvised dialogue and characterizations.

When we finished up, we wondered just how long this video would be.  Maybe 30 minutes?  Maybe 25?  After a round of easy editing, we found it to be a respectable 41 minutes long!

I think the ladies had a lot of fun filming this piece, and it was really great getting them all together for it.  Lots of fun, lots of bondage, and a classic story of villainess one-upmanship!

Now, if only we could have gotten the 3 of them outside and into a Charlie's Angels pose. Next time ;)

Anyway, here's the official word on the matter....


Villainess Bondage: Ransom!
VeVe, Venom, Indra

VeVe, Venom, and Indra star as villainesses in this complex, fantasy scenario-based bondage video. Tall boots, tight leggings, rope, gags, crazy wrestling, treachery, and a variety of ties!

The scene opens as VeVe and Indra strike a deal between their separate organizations. But Indra's cohort Venom enters secretly and jumps VeVe from behind. A double cross! And thus the villainess madness begins as VeVe finds herself wrestled down and bound several times before turning the tables in her favor...

The bondage ties involved: The British team of Venom and Indra subdue and bind VeVe in a variety of ways as they hold her for ransom: Damsel-in-distress style (wrists, feet, chest rope) with wadded cloth gag; tied to a chair; tied like a "Y" to the bed posts (with duct tape gag).

But with some trickery - and Indra is especially susceptible to that! - VeVe is able to escape and turn the tables. VeVe binds Indra face down on the bed, gagged with arms behind her back. She later wrestles Venom into a quick-tie arms-behind-back harness, gagging her with duct tape.

The final scene finds Venom and Indra bound back-to-back in chairs, with their respective gags, as VeVe makes a phone call.. now *she's* the one demanding the ransom!

Details: Domestic setting. The ladies wear their boots through entire video (except when VeVe bound on bed: then she wears bikini only).

The wrestling is fantasy style to allow for the stiletto heels of VeVe and Indra. Holds include scissors, facesitting, sleeper holds, chokeholds, pinning, even a camel clutch! 2 vs 1 and 1 vs 1. Continuous villainess-inspired dialogue, including taunting and gloating. A non-stop bondage-filled scenario!

Full video running time: 41 minutes

Preview pictures:

Available at clips4sale:

Friday, October 11, 2013

Mistress Kara's Mixed Bondage Wrestling!

We were pleased to welcome visitor from California, Mistress Kara, for our big October filming event.  Experienced in rope-work from traditional domination bondage, as well as competitive wrestling, Kara was excited to give bondage wrestling a try.

Here's the official word on the matter:

Mistress Kara shows her stuff at the NYC October filming event...

Mistress Kara vs Conrad
Mixed Bondage Wrestling

Inline image 1

Witness the raw physical power of Mistress Kara as she visits us in NYC for a competitive mixed bondage wrestling match. Young buck Conrad steps up to face off against Kara, but little does he know he faces a hard road ahead...

Not only is Kara a wrestling powerhouse, but she is also a dominatrix skilled in rope work. Within minutes, she wrestles Conrad to the ground, forces her way into a mounted pin, and begins to sink in her ropes. Conrad bucks and thrashes, but Kara is tenaciously strong, forcing him into a painful double elbow tie. Conrad fights on as best he can, but Kara maintains dominance while working him into a hogtie. ...and Kara won't hesitate to cause pain to get her way: she delivers repeated, hard spanking when he resists her completing the tie.

Once Conrad is fully hogtied, Kara dominates him even further. She sits on his face, scissors him, slaps him, and forces him to call her "Mistress." Kara truly delights in tormenting her prey, especially when he futilely resist. She harasses Conrad further, physically abusing him with chokeholds, spinning him around, smothering him, seductively belittling him, and thoroughly humiliating this once-cocky little prick until he has no choice but to submit.

A fantastic display of female dominance - both physical and psychological!

Total running time: 16 minutes

Preview pictures at DoomMaidens:

Available for download at clips4sale:

Inline image 2 Inline image 3 Inline image 4 Inline image 5

Preview Pictures: Mistress Kara vs Conrad: Bondage Wrestling

Preview pictures from Mistress Kara's bondage wrestling match with Conrad from our big filming event.