Monday, April 27, 2015

Early Gagging Bondage Match Tomorrow!

EDIT: Due to a scheduling snafu for our talent, this match has been rescheduled for next week.  But everything else below still applies!

Yes, that's right; after months of trying to make it happen, we finally have an opportunity to try an "early gagging" female bondage wrestling match!  Tomorrow!

We've got Rachel DD and VeVe on the schedule for filming tomorrow, and one of the planned matches is a competitive bondage wrestling rematch.  At last!  Fans loved the original bondage wrestling match of VeVe vs Rachel, which featured an innovative crotch rope and a very tight hogtying of Rachel.

Now VeVe and Rachel will square off with the ropes once again.  And this time, we'll finally get to try the "early gagging" concept, which viewers have been curious to see.  Here, both wrestlers would start gagged, and they would fight the entire fight while gagged (we plan to use cleave gags).

This would be a first for us, and it has definitely been on the To-Do list.  I think VeVe and Rachel will be great to give this a whirl, especially since they are both so facially expressive.

And further, even though this will be a fully competitive match, VeVe would like to frame it by a small scenario to explain the reason they are gagged for the bout.  She says she is vaguely inspired by the "Saw" movies, which, VeVe says, "featured captives needing to pass some sort of 'twisted' test in order to go free."

She goes on, explaining her idea for this match: "The two captives have to fight in order to be the one to 'finish' capturing the other, at which point the winner earns her freedom, and the loser.... is doomed to never escape."  The battling captives are "not allowed to remove their gags for the fight so that they cannot fully communicate with each other" or call out for help.

Sounds good!

Well, all righty.  I'm looking forward to how this plays out and what the "early gagging" aspect will look like.  If the shoot schedule goes as planned, I should have some imagery to share soon enough.


..... Oh, and I will also say that we filmed 2 other female 1-on-1 bondage wrestling matches that I've yet to release or even mention!  One was a match against visitor Ashley Wildcat, and the other was a match with local NYC resident Domme Vera.  More on that to come!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Spider Queen, Cinematic Style Fantasy Development

In this entry, I'm taking a moment to discuss a recent release we created called "Hunt for the Spider Queen," which features VeVe Lane and Howl in a "cinematic" type, bondage-wrestling-esque fantasy villainess rope-virtuosity fight scene.  Whew!

Some of you may have already seen the official release for the Spider Queen, and hopefully most of you have been following our Twitter-ings on the process (which included a lot of pictures!).  By the way, our Twitter is here: @DoomMaidens.  In any case, I won't go too much into explaining what happens in the piece itself, leaving that instead to the official write-up to be pasted below.  Instead, I'll talk a little bit about the process and development.

Although VeVe and I had been wanting to do a more virtuosic villainess video for some time, the real kick-start for the Spider Queen came from a February filming day with Howl.  As we talked a bit about bondage ties, Howl expressed that he was curious to try more with bondage, and he then demonstrated a bit of his upper body flexibility.  I thought immediately that it would be great to have a video featuring Howl being tied up in a variety of ways, ideally if he were to be held captive by some wicked woman.  And that wicked woman would be someone who would be called the "Spider Queen."  Who else would so enjoy binding up a male captive?

Both Howl and VeVe were excited for the idea, both especially interested in doing more "super natural" type character and story styles.  So, great!  The idea was strong, the players were on board.... but now, how to execute it exactly?

After a month of anticipation from the players, we just went ahead and scheduled a shoot date to see what we could get.  A few days before hand, I story-boarded out my concept for the intro scene, which was influenced by factors such as classic 1960s female assassin/spy depictions, the "Pris vs Deckard" Bladerunner scene recreation we did last year, and the fact that the studio space had a nicely-placed stripper pole.

A First Attempt

The intro scene concept was really solid, and I felt very good about it right from the start.  However, I still wasn't exactly sure what to do with the main body of the piece.  In the original concept rough-out, VeVe and I planned 3 scenes to follow the intro to represent the Spider Queen defeating Howl first physically, then mentally, and then spiritually (in soul).  The first would be a brief bondage fight with him partially tied and gagged to start, the next would feature Howl bound to a wall/fence and being seduced, and the third would feature his willing surrender and a reverse prayer tie.  Then a final scene would feature him in a rope cocoon, now mesmerized and totally lost.

When we got together to shoot, I was lucky enough to discover that the studio environment cooperated very well with giving me the light and starkness that I'd envision.  However, we didn't have much time to futz around and needed to start shooting right away.  We pushed through with the proto-concept as best we could, all of us needing to adjust on the fly for unexpectedness relating to the studio environment and partner reactions.  But although this shoot produced some lovely images, the multi-part concept ended up being too difficult to reach (I'll spare you the details for the sake of brevity).  And so, I scrapped the footage and decided that that shoot was just a workshop.

And workshopping is SO important for complex pieces!  I actually learned a lot from that first attempt.  And so, I went back to the drawing board, this time was a MUCH firmer concept.  Now I knew EXACTLY what I wanted from the piece.

The Final Draft

VeVe and I conferenced again, cutting out 90% of the dialogue that had been in the original trial run.  We also cut out various scenes, leaving only the Intro, the Body, and the Finale.  Furthermore, I decided to turn the main action into an actual fight, which clarifies intent quite a lot!  I wanted to see the Spider Queen in actual action - toying with her prey, dashing in, whipping quick tie binds onto him, and then dashing out, all while her prey continues to try fighting her off.  He keeps trying to fight her, but she darts in like lightning, lashing an arm to a leg and leaving him floundering.  She does this over and over as the fight progresses, humiliating him with her deft rope-work / web-work, and wearing him down by making him fight with these various changing impediments.

And that was another big thing: the swift changing of the ties in real-time.  That was a very important aspect of this fight for me, and it would be the definition of the Spider Queen's preternatural abilities: this incredible speed and deftness with the ropes.

VeVe knew exactly what I was talking about, and she felt really great about being able to execute.

We would keep the intro basically the same (with some tighten-ups thanks to experience), we'd make the Body of the piece much more physical and combattive, and we'd bring the finale scene around to mirror the intro scene.  And so, we quickly scheduled again with Howl, and together we all set out to film the Final Draft, now all with experience on our side.

And the end result was very satisfying!  The space set-up went super smoothly, the filming rolled like clockwork, the physical action from both VeVe and Howl were spot on, and the shots looked fantastic!  Below is the official release write-up with a small selection of images (I hope to post more images at a later time).

Detective Howl was no match for the insanely skilled Spider Queen.  But would a savvy female protagonist fair better against this villainess?  Somehow I don't think so... but we'd love to see her try!  Oh yes, we'll definitely need to have the Spider Queen match skills against other would-be heroes and heroines in the future!

Hunt for the Spider Queen
VeVe Lane and Howl
April 2015

Men have been mysteriously disappearing around the town. All leads point to an old, abandoned warehouse, so Detective Howl breaks in to investigate. But unfortunately for Howl, the Spider Queen, a cunning and perilous female predator, is expecting him...

The Spider Queen (VeVe Lane) lies in wait as Howl explores her lair, choosing her moment to ambush and incapacitate him. Howl recovers to find himself stripped to his briefs, with individual ropes bound to each wrist and ankle. The sadistically smiling Spider Queen appears, stepping out to join Howl in her own little private arena. Let the games begin!

Howl rushes his foe, but the Spider Queen is an expert fighter and rope-web-spinner. She has no doubt which of them will triumph in this combat, and she plans to enjoy her victory. As the two clash in the arena, she wrestles Howl down and lashes his limbs into handicapping binds which quickly turn his attacks into futile and humiliating struggling. The Queen is amused. 

Throughout the battle, she changes Howl's bindings with lightening quick skill - releasing an arm here, hobbling a leg there - all while trapping him in painful wrestling holds, toppling and toying with him, and mocking his desperate efforts both to fight and escape. She finally pins him face down and begins weaving him into a torturous reverse prayer hogtie, bending his wrists and shoulders unnaturally and inflicting agonizing pain. She completes his humiliation with a rope blindfold and then takes his breath away.

The defeated Howl recovers to find himself tightly wrapped in a cocoon of rope, even over-the-mouth gagged with rope. He's now totally at the Spider Queen's mercy. She admires his lovely new look, a beautifully helpless addition to her collection... 

A lot of physical action and struggle; physical domination against resistance; impressive combat-action rope-work. Includes chicken wing ties, frog leg ties in combat, and finale of strict reverse prayer hogtie and rope cocoon.

Preview thumbnails and full details:

Friday, April 17, 2015

Yeah! A Glimpse at Superheroine 4-Way Battle

The superheroine 4-way bondage wrestling battle went down yesterday!  Working on the footage now.  But in the mean time, enjoy these pre-match camera phone pictures!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

4-Way Female Bout is on for April 2015! and Thoughts!

Yes, 4-Way Female Bondage Wrestling is back, finally, for 2015!  And not a moment too soon: spring has finally sprung!

Our first female 4-way match of 2015 had a little bit of a slow start due to weather, illness, and travel, but we were able to capture many 1-on-1 matches and the crazy 2-on-2 Battle of the Sexes in the meantime.  But now, finally, the moment has arrived to bring in the ladies for springtime mayhem..... tomorrow!

And the competitors?  Ashley Wildcat, Rachel DD, Jade Indica, and ringleader VeVe Lane!

The theme?  Superheroine bondage battle!

How will these super-ladies handle the impending peril that is multi-way bondage wrestling?!?!


How exciting!

VeVe and I were chatting today about the format for the multi-way on this go-around.  Previously, we have done these multi-way matches in a "Tournament" style, allowing for 2 simultaneous 1-on-1 matches to go on at the same time, on the same mats.  Once the two winners are determined (and the two losers end up hogtied), the remaining winners then face off against each other, leaving the bound losers to watch, jeer, and squiggle out of the way if need be.

This style is very good for keeping the mat space fairly open and clear, believe it or not.  As each pairing stays fairly contained, we can get a pretty good look at both groups working simultaneously, seeing almost everyone without too much obstruction.  It also makes for interesting video framing, such as having one group in the foreground and one in the background.

But we have considered the potential of a "free for all."  This would mean that anyone can attack anyone, and possibly 3 participants can attack 1... There's also the idea of 2-on-2. and once 2 people are tied, the remaining 2 will fight.  There are both upsides and downsides to these varied arrangements.

Free For All

It's neat in theory, but is it too chaotic?  More importantly, is it too chaotic for competitors who don't have previous experience in a multi-way bondage match?  For instance, tomorrow we will have both VeVe and Jade who have multi-way experience.  But Rachel and Ashley do not.  Would a free for all be too overwhelming for them?

Would it be too chaotic for the viewers?  Would it result in a pile-up that makes things hard to see?  I must admit, I am very curious to try shooting a free for all and see what I can see (the camera and I can usually work our way into seeing MANY things even in a chaotic setting).  But is it something to try for tomorrow?

Furthermore, would a Free For All result in an unexpected 3-on-1?  While that might be interesting in some cases, it again might result in too much chaos to try with first-timers.  Or would it?  Hmm... But, again, that is IF the Free For All actually organically goes that way.

Ok, and then there's the...

2-on-2 Teamwork

A fun concept which we saw earlier this year in the Battle of the Sexes bout, which pitted VeVe and Keri against Frankie and Danger Dude.  How great to have a teammate!  However, 2-on-2 does slow things down a good bit, as we've experienced.  Or does it?  Or, even, is that a good thing?  Or, actually, is it just the same thing as the regular 4-Way tourney style, but with the option for teamwork to come into play?

And going on...

I'm at the risk of making this entry suddenly much longer than it was intended to be.  And, for time's sake, I'm not being as articulate as I'd like to be.  But it really is fun to consider the different possible options, and I'd like you to think about the similarities and differences as well:

1. 4-Way Tournament style
2. Free For All style
3. 2-on-2 Teams

I should actually make a Venn diagram...

I'd love to eventually try all of these types of arrangements and see what they all yield, especially with all different sorts of participants involved, both veteran and newcomer.  But the real question that remains for now is this:

What style should we use for tomorrow's superheroine bondage battle?

I'm leaning toward usual 4-Way Tourney, largely because I don't know Ashley at all, and Rachel hasn't yet experienced the chaos of the multi-way (by the way, ladies and gentlemen, just wait until we get to the 8-way and 10-way versions, but I digress).

But I'd like to allow elements from the Free For All concept, such as allowing individuals to reach across from their pairing to interfere with another pairing, should they feel so inclined.  But, I mean, hey, even in the Tourney style, they might just do that anyway.  Furthermore, why would someone want to interfere with another group if there is no team concept, and if she is already fighting to save herself as it is...?  So, should there be a teamwork concept...?  And that spins us back to thinking about 2-on-2 style.

Ok, anyway, enough of that.  I'll chat more with VeVe about it!

But, as always, gentle readers, your opinions are welcome as well!  If you have thoughts on or preferences for any special arrangement of the 4 competitors, feel free to let us know in the comments section below or by e-mail (

(FYI, persuasive arguments are lovely and wholeheartedly welcome!)