Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bondage Action Satisfaction: VeVe vs Keri REMATCH

Thanks to a suggestion and sponsorship from a patron, we were able to conclude some unfinished bondage wrestling business.

Back in February 2011, we filmed our first female vs female competitive bondage wrestling match between VeVe Lane and Keri Spectrum.  After 20 minutes of fighting and rope-looping, time expired without a clear winner -- neither lady had managed to fully bind the other.

Happily, after almost 2 years, we were able to set up a rematch that would set speculators to rest (for the moment!) and tie up loose ends....  Behold the official statement, as I penned it just hours following the match:


VeVe Lane vs Keri Spectrum
Competitive Bondage Wrestling
December 2012
clips4sale: http://www.clips4sale.com/47489/7520685

VeVe and Keri meet again for a Bondage Wrestling Rematch! And this time, both ladies are determined to bring the game to a definitive conclusion...

In this fully competitive bondage wrestling challenge, both ladies fight ferociously and work the ropes with urgency, knowing that the match will not end until someone is completely immobilized.

VeVe and Keri first bondage wrestled each other 2 years ago, and VeVe has advanced in her quick-tie skills in the meantime. Keri, however, will not go down without a fight and puts up a tremendous resistance to the binding attempts.

Frustrated by Keri's resistance, VeVe cranks up the power, cinching ropes tighter and faster, and clamping down with rough wrestling holds to force her opponent into the ties. This is no-nonsense bondage wrestling, and after a tumultuous battle, the winner emerges with a well-earned hogtie, a victory pose, and bragging rights!

Total running time: 22 min, 30 sec

Available as a download and on DVD: http://www.doommaidens.com/store/vevekeriroperematch/
Directly available at MixedWrestlingNYC clips4sale: http://www.clips4sale.com/47489/7520685

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sneak Peek: VeVe vs Keri: REMATCH! Coming Soon.

Thanks to our patron who suggested and sponsored this match, we were able to bring VeVe Lane and Keri Spectrum back together, 2 years after their first Bondage Wrestling match, for a rematch!  Here's a brief screen capture...

Bondage Wrestling.  It's a rough sport.

VeVe vs Keri: REMATCH.
Coming soon from Doom Maidens.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ballet Shoe Bondage: VeVe, Indra, Leotards, Tights, and Rope

Back in September of this year, we were pleased to have Indra visiting us again from London.  And we were also pleased to get Indra, along with VeVe, into some snazzy dancewear (ballerina attire, to be specific), complete with ballet shoes... and rope!

This bondage wrestling video scenario was filmed by special request, with both ladies portraying ballet dancers.  It also marks our first bondage wrestling video specially featuring ballet shoes.  Not only do the ladies wear ballet shoes, but the shoes - especially as they appear on the bound dancer, complete with rope-lashed ankles - are of special interest to the camera and the audience.

We filmed this video in a blackbox theatre, which was just perfect for a dancer-themed piece.  Funny thing is that we usually have a ballet bar in our usual filming studios, but there wasn't one in the blackbox theatre.  So, clearly, this was more about the stage and less about the dance practice room!  Well, ladies, it's show time.

I particularly found this piece to be aesthetically pleasing, with the pink dance attire, black dance attire, red mats, black background, and stage lights.  The usual studios would have been swell, but the blackbox was just great for this theme.

This piece is in the Mixed Wrestling NYC clips4sale store here:  Ballet Shoe Bondage: VeVe vs Indra
And below is the full original write-up.  Enjoy!

Ballet Shoe Bondage: VeVe vs Indra.
Filmed Sept 2012.

VeVe and Indra portray ballet dancers who agree to wrestle to settle a spat. Whoever taps out first loses! And then winner gets to surprise the loser with a consequence of her choice.

The scene opens with the ladies preparing for the match. During the short wrestling bout, VeVe gains the upper hand and forces Indra to submit. As a consequence, VeVe chooses to hogtie Indra!

VeVe binds Indra into a tight, neat hogtie and then proceeds to taunt and tease her bound opponent for losing the match. Indra protests and struggles to get free, but all to no avail; she cannot escape the hogtie. VeVe laughs and enjoys Indra's struggles... until she decides that "losers should be seen and not heard." VeVe tricks Indra into opening her mouth and then stuffs a wad of white cloth in, binding another cloth around Indra's head to gag her.

Satisfied with her binding work, VeVe taunts Indra some more, coaxing her to try screaming through the gag. She then leaves Indra alone, bound and gagged, to struggle and regret ever agreeing to this!

Filmed in Full HD. Display size: 1280 x 720.

Most video time is given to the bondage aspect. The camera pays special attention to the ladies' ballet shoes and the hogtied Indra.

Available as a WMV:  http://clips4sale.com/47489/6932543
or as an MP4:  http://clips4sale.com/47489/6948751

Bondage Grudge Match: VeVe and Diablo and Ropes!

It was a busy October.  First VeVe's Vengeance, and then a grudge to settle...  And that grudge was mine!  Sadly, or, rather, frustratingly, this only perpetuated more grudging, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

I first bondage wrestled VeVe in November of 2010.  So, finally, 2 years later, we took to the mats again for a rematch of sorts.  I gave that little VeVe a hell of a time and posed a much greater threat than I did in our 2010 match video.

Of course, for all the hell I gave her, she gave it back ten-fold once she snagged me with her infernal hogtie.  This led to us in the studio informally calling the video "Hogtie Abuse."  Whatever, she'll get her comeuppance.  Hmph!

With no further ado, here is the official write-up for our Bondage Wrestling Grudge Match!  This match is available at the Mixed Wrestling NYC studio at clips4sale: http://clips4sale.com/47489/7069581

Bondage Grudge Match: VeVe vs Diablo.
Filmed Oct 2012

Since their last bondage wrestling match was back in 2010, Diablo thinks it is high time that he challenge VeVe to a rematch!

These two very game opponents hit the mats with some bad blood between them as Diablo works to make up for his previous match. It's a competitive and athletic battle, as both of these skilled wrestlers work to bind each other's limbs.

Diablo is amused whenever he is able to sweep or over-turn little VeVe, but when VeVe spins him into a double hammer lock with the ropes, Diablo's arrogant amusement begins to fade... VeVe binds both of Diablo's arms tightly behind his back, but he continues to fight and struggle. VeVe manages to bind his feet together, but Diablo still continues to fight on!

VeVe taunts her struggling opponent, laughing at his inability to attack while bound, before finally diving in to finish him off with a full hogtie. Furious, Diablo concedes defeat and demands to be let go. VeVe teasingly says that he must beg to be released. Diablo vehemently refuses, but once VeVe threatens to leave him bound and alone, he gives in and begs.... only to wind up with VeVe shoving a ball gag into his mouth!

Delighted with her victory, VeVe taunts and mocks her struggling, humiliated, gagged opponent, and leaves him alone to wallow in his defeat.

At Mixed Wrestling NYC as a WMV:   http://clips4sale.com/47489/7062273
or MP4:  http://clips4sale.com/47489/7069581

Thursday, October 4, 2012

VeVe's Vengeance! Bondage Escape and Attack with Orlandoe

Well, what good timing for that previous blog entry!  Orlandoe's Bondage Trickery?  Well, that one did certainly leave some unspoken demand for a reply.

But putting that latent demand aside... After all, that was several months ago...

You may recall the Escape & Attack match between VeVe and Jason.  Since Jason wasn't the most skilled bondage escapist in the world, we decided VeVe needed a more worthy opponent on this one.  We needed someone fit and athletic - and for an extra bonus, someone who had a really good motivation to win an Escape & Attack challenge scenario against VeVe.

Spotlight on Orlandoe.

Now here's someone with a really good motivation to escape before VeVe can!  Because, well, you know, if she doesn't get out in time, she'll have to deal with an unhappy debt left over from her "Bondage Trickery" video.  Great!

However, unfortunately for Orlandoe, this competitive Escape & Attack ended up winning itself the super-title of "VeVe's Vengeance!"  Here's the full story:


Bondage Wrestling: VeVe's Vengeance!
Escape & Attack: VeVe vs Orlandoe
Filmed Sept 2012
At clips4sale: http://clips4sale.com/47489/7008567

VeVe and Orlandoe face off for this fully competitive Escape & Attack bondage wrestling challenge! Both ladies start off on the ground, tightly hogtied. Then they must race to escape the tie. Whoever gets free first must then use her own ropes to capture and retie her struggling opponent even more tightly, into a fully immobilized state.

Being the more experienced escape artist, VeVe manages to struggle free first and gleefully attacks Orlandoe, who is completely unable to remove her own bonds. VeVe not-so-fondly remembers the rough treatment she suffered during Orlandoe's "Bondage Trickery" shoot, and she is very pleased to exact her revenge!

As Orlandoe thrashes and protests, still fighting with the hogtie, VeVe wrestles her down and uses all of the remaining rope to tie Orlandoe into a very tight, neat, immobilized ball (combo hogtie + ball tie). VeVe taunts Orlandoe for losing so horribly and then strikes a flexing victory pose. Needless to say, Orlandoe is not amused!

Video running time (as long as it naturally takes! which was...) 14 minutes.

Available as a download at MixedWrestlingNYC:  http://clips4sale.com/47489/7008567

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bondage Wrestling Trickery! With VeVe and Orlandoe

Well, I was just looking back through the list of posts, trying to get back on track chronologically.  I've skipped around a bit in the timeline, jumping from historical to current in my postings.  But in that jumping I think I left out one very important member of our Bondage Wrestling collection....

Orlandoe's Bondage Wrestling Trickery!

We filmed this video back in January 2012 in response to a special request.  And it turned out to be one of our most popular bondage wrestling videos to date.  After all, people do seem to like VeVe furious and struggling... go figure!

We originally filmed this video in a location that didn't have the greatest lighting and not much fight-space.  So, a few days after the original filming, we filmed again in our Manhattan studio.  Plenty of space, plenty of light, and the ladies were fired up.  The result was great!  And that is the video we have available now.

I will paste the official write-up and information below, so I won;t go too much into the storyline of the piece itself.  But I will mention that this video served to heighten the rivalry tension between VeVe and Orlandoe... especially since Orlandoe gave VeVe quite a scarring rope burn, all while laughing in a rather sadistic manner.

We get a great opportunity here to see VeVe's fury and Orlandoe's wiliness.  A bound VeVe is not a happy VeVe, especially when someone is chiding and laughing at her struggles.  Oh yes, wet hornet.  Orlandoe was pleased to have the ropes in place...

This video is a descendant of the 2-on-1 bondage wrestling video of VeVe vs Athena and Orlandoe.  And it also further fueled the spark of interest in seeing VeVe tied up and fighting against her bounds.  It's a theme we use a bit later in the year with solo escape attempt videos, and a theme we will pursue further into the future.

In the meanwhile, below is the original video announcement, plus a small trailer.

Bondage Wrestling Trickery
Orlandoe vs VeVe Lane
Available at clips4sale: http://www.clips4sale.com/47489/5572703

VeVe and Orlandoe set up for a friendly bondage wrestling match. But Orlandoe has a plan for a guaranteed victory...

Orlandoe tricks VeVe into wearing cuffs on each hand and ties VeVe's hands together behind her back, forcing VeVe to start the match with an enormous handicap.

The ladies start out friendly and cordial, but tension grows as the rope bites, as VeVe thrashes to escape, and as Orlandoe becomes irritated at her opponent's willfulness. 

In a vicious struggle, Orlandoe manages to fully secure VeVe's arms to her body with ropes across the chest and eventually gain a full hogtie. It's not easy, and VeVe is a skilled (and now furious!) wrestler, even when bound. But Orlandoe has the edge, thanks to her little trick.

Once the hogtie is achived, Orlandoe demands that VeVe admit defeat. When VeVe refuses, Orlandoe tortures her with intense choke holds. 

In the end, Orlandoe wins her opponent's submission and strikes a triumphant victory pose.

An impressive display of dexterity from both ladies, intense struggle, viciousness and menace, and rope-work in action. ... and bad blood in the making.

Full video running time: 35 minutes.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Escape and Attack! Mixed Bondage Wrestling Challenge

We give thanks to a fan for challenging us with this new bondage wrestling challenge idea: Escape and Attack!

This was a match we filmed in August 2012, and it is competitive in nature.  Our contestants were VeVe Lane and Jason.  As it is described in the official video description:

"Both participants start tied up in exactly the same tie. In this case, a full hogtie. Once they hear the start signal, both competitors must struggle to get free of their ropes. Whoever gets completely free first will use his/her ropes to attack the other competitor, wrestle for control, and re-tie him/her back into complete immobilization."

Hmm... VeVe vs Jason in Escape and Attack?  Well, needless to say, Jason had an uphill battle.  Well, it was such a steep incline uphill, I think was perhaps more like attempting to walk up a vertical wall.  But anyway.

The lovely 4-way image for this piece:

I included a spoiler alert in the official video announcement, but I am just too tempted to lay out the outcome here in this little blog.  You might be able to guess at it from the 4-way image.  Here was the spoiler I published with the video release:

"VeVe escapes first and attacks Jason while he struggles to free his feet. VeVe catches him with his ankles still bond and wrestles him into a controlling position. She binds his knees together and binds each of his arms into a "chicken wing" style in front of him. She then painfully binds him into a tight and helpless ball (elbows to knees), using neat and efficient ties."

Needless to say, Jason was a bit stunned at the deftness and speed with which he was overcome and bound.  But then again, he was paired against a bondage wrestling veteran.

Perhaps a version of this challenge between VeVe and Orlandoe is in order?  Not a bad idea, I must say...

If you are looking for a copy of "Escape & Attack! VeVze vs Jason," you can find it at our Mixed Wrestling NYC clips4sale store.  Here's a direct link:  http://clips4sale.com/47489/6837399


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Athena Gives Bondage Wrestling a Try in 2011

In September of 2011, we were lining Athena up for a mixed wrestling match.  We had realized that she hadn't had a mixed wrestling video match with us at all, and so we aimed to do something about that.

While VeVe was chatting with Athena about match possibilities, the topic of bondage wrestling came up.  Athena admitted that at the time she hadn't had much rope-work experience aside from the double team bondage match she had with VeVe and Orlandoe.  And in that video, Athena was the one who succumbed to the rope-work skills of VeVe before Orlandoe came around to turn the tables.

But here we offered Athena a chance to give aggressive rope-typing a shot, for her very first time.  Twiggy was in town, and it had been a while since we filmed with him.  So, we called him in to meet Athena and to get a taste of some rope burn and rough-handling.

This video is in domination style, with Athena working her way through pinning her smaller opponent / victim, muscling him down, and binding him up in a raw and aggressive style.

Here's the original information we published on that video:

Athena vs Twiggy
Mixed Bondage Wrestling

Athena tries her hand at mixed bondage wrestling. And her opponent Twiggy is in for a rough time!
Using a very forceful and physical style, Athena sets out to snare, control, and immobilize Twiggy, who meanwhile struggles in attempts to escape. 

With Athena pinning him, though, Twiggy doesn't make much progress at evading Athena's ropes. It's a demoralizing struggle for him. Athena's physicality and size advantage serve her well in capturing and binding her opponent.

Twiggy eventually finds himself exhausted, crushed, and bound hand-and-foot. 

Athena: 5'9" and 160 lbs
Twiggy: 5'6" and 125 lbs

This video is 12 minutes long, continuous.

This video has since made its way to our Mixed Wrestling NYC clips4sale store here:  http://www.clips4sale.com/47489/4854722 


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Competitive Bondage Wrestling with VeVe vs Hanz! May 2012

We filmed an epic battle last night.  Longest and most challenging mixed bondage wrestling match we've filmed to date.  I'll just put this official info right out there!

VeVe Lane vs Hanz
Mixed Bondage Wrestling
Available through our clips store at: http://clips4sale.com/47489/6235823

In an absolutely amazing display of rope work and wrestling skill, VeVe takes on experienced wrestler Hanz in a fully competitive bondage wrestling challenge... 

The objective is to gain a full and complete tie on the opponent. Full immobilization. No rounds. No time limit. Just rope, a single-wrist cuff each, and wrestling until someone is fully bound and captured.

VeVe fights an incredible fight, handling the rope with skill and patience, while at the same time deflecting, sweeping, and reversing her struggling opponent who is also trying to tie her up. But after a long back-and-forth battle, VeVe manages to bind Hanz's elbows together behind his back.

With his elbows painfully pinched, Hanz is trapped face-down on the mat, his strength finally sapped and unable to save him as VeVe moves in quickly to secure a tight and biting hogtie.

It's an entirely real rope-tie challenge. Every tie is earned. Every position is earned. It's VeVe's hardest fought bondage wrestling match yet. And she is definitely deserving of her victory pose.

VeVe: 5'4" and 120 lbs
Hanz: 6'1" and 185 lbs

Total running time: 30 minutes

Available as a download or on DVD:  http://www.doommaidens.com/store/vevehanzrope/

Also on clips4sale: http://www.clips4sale.com/47489/6235823

Friday, May 11, 2012

Tighter Ties for Mixed Bondage Wrestling: VeVe vs Thrash

In August of 2011, following the excellent response we received from "Indra vs Diablo: Bondage Wrestling," VeVe took up the ropes once again and zeroed in a the perfect male victim - I mean opponent - for a new mixed bondage wrestling match: Thrash.

By this time, VeVe had been gaining a good degree of expertise with her quick-tie bondage wrestling style.  She'd had a lot of practice off-camera, and now was the time to test herself at making tight, neat ties all while competitively grappling a male opponent.

And thus we had a new great piece:

VeVe Lane vs Thrash
Competitive Mixed Bondage Wrestling
Original page on DoomMaidens: http://www.doommaidens.com/store/vevethrashbondage/
Available on clips4sale: http://www.clips4sale.com/studio/47489/4854895

In a fantastic display of grappling and rope-work skill, VeVe takes on Thrash in a competitive bondage wrestling match.

Both VeVe and Thrash work to immobilize each other with the rope. However, this is Thrash's first bondage wrestling experience, and VeVe shows him no mercy. Using wrestling holds to secure her opponent, VeVe skillfully works the rope to bind his limbs.

After vying for control, VeVe establishes tight, clean, immobilizing ties on her struggling opponent, rendering him useless and indeed quite helpless.

VeVe Lane: 5'4" and 120 lbs
Thrash: 5'6" and 145 lbs

This match is 20 minutes long, made up of two 10-minutes rounds.
Victory is achieved when all of the opponent's limbs are fully tied. And a victory pose is given by the winner at the end of each round.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Female Bondage Wrestling: VeVe and Pandora in Stockings and Garter Belts

We filmed this fun video back in March, and we only now, in late April, had a chance to get it processed and ready to go.  This particular bondage wrestling production was entirely conceived by VeVe.  As we mention in the below description, VeVe had been looking for an opportunity to do some rope-work while wearing stockings or pantyhose.  And behold, here we have her and Pandora in garter belts and stockings.

It's got a very classic bondage look here, given the attire.  And then, there's the wrestling aspect.  Earn that tie-down!

VeVe vs Pandora:
Female Bondage Wrestling
in Garters and Stockings

VeVe welcomes visitor Miss Pandora to New York City with VeVe's favorite style of wrestling: Bondage Wrestling! And since VeVe had been wanting to do a bondage match in garters and stockings for some time, garters, stockings, and bras were the attire of choice.

Pandora has been a bondage model before, but this is her first time at competitive bondage wrestling. As a result, VeVe's rope-work wrestling expertise shines through. Despite Pandora's struggling and squirming, VeVe skillfully handles both the rope and her opponent, earning a tight and tidy hogtie finish.

VeVe concludes with rope-work embellishment on Pandora's bound arms and finally a triumphant victory pose.

Running time: 18 minutes

Available through our Mixed Wrestling NYC clips store: http://www.clips4sale.com/47489/6011419

Monday, March 26, 2012

Female Bondage Wrestling with VeVe and Indra

Following Indra's mixed bondage wrestling domination bout with me (Diablo), the little lady accepted a challenge from another little lady: VeVe Lane.

So, on the same evening in May 2011, just as I was drying off the sweat from my video with Indra, VeVe was resetting the ropes on the mats and preparing for the next rope-tie showdown.  VeVe had been very excited to hear that Indra had rope skills, and she was doubly excited when Indra agreed to try her first female competitive bondage wrestling match.

The ladies put their single leather cuff on and took to the field.  Below is the original product page for the match!
VeVe Lane vs Indra
Competitive Female Bondage Wrestling

Two rival bondage wrestlers meet on the mats for the first time. The objective: completely immobilize the opponent and make her submit!

The ladies wear single wrist cuffs with a pre-attached rope, with spare ropes pre-set on the mat. They battle for two rounds, binding each other, escaping, taunting, and deftly manipulating the rope. It's fast paced, exhausting, and competitive!

But once exhaustion sets in, escape becomes much harder... The final winner emerges as she completely ties her opponent. And a verbal submission is gained due to rope bite pain. The winner strikes a victory pose over her bound, irritated opponent.

VeVe Lane: 5'4" and 120 lbs
Indra: 5'3" and 127 lbs 

This match is 20 minutes long, made up of two 10-minutes rounds.
Victory is achieved when all of the opponent's limbs are fully tied. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Bondage Beatdown for Hire (VeVe Lane + Mark)

Exciting news!  We were very fortunate to grab a great sadistic video with VeVe and Mark at the very end of February 2012.  A treat for fans of bondage, belly punching, and mixed domination.

Filmed on our visit to Mobile, AL, to visit Mark of Brutal Beauties (aka "ShortFuse Mark")....


Bondage Beatdown for Hire
with VeVe and Mark

VeVe has been hired by Mark's vengeful Ex-wife to ambush him, torture him, humiliate him... and catch it all on video.

Mark, preparing for a routine shoot, arrives in what appears an empty studio. But as he settles in, he is jumped by VeVe, takendown, lotus locked, and painfully bound. Mark is thoroughly shocked, but as she binds him, VeVe explains his dire situation...

As the torture commences, VeVe strips Mark of his shirt and proceeds to punish him with bare-knuckle punches to the ribs and belly, intense face slapping, verbal abuse, kicks, stomps, feet in his face, choking, and facesitting.

VeVe makes sure Mark savors his pain, untying him and rebinding him several times into different positions, concluding with a hogtie. While Mark is tightly and helplessly bound, VeVe rains down the blows in a sadistic and calculated fashion, laughing and thoroughly enjoying herself the entire time.

As Mark begins to lose consciousness from his pain, VeVe strikes a powerful victory pose over him and leaves him, bound, alone, and utterly humiliated.

A powerful piece with tight, skillful bondage and brutal striking.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Rope Skills on a Thursday Night Shoot

(Since it's about first-hand bondage wrestling experience, I've reposted this from my Wrestling Media Production Blog)

Once we'd wrapped up the 2-on-1 match, VeVe jumped into her black thong leotard and tights, whipped out the ropes, and briefly fixed herself up for the next shoot.  I handed off the camera to Thrash, got out the old jock strap and bike short, and started to warm up.

Granted, I've been out of commission for a little while.  VeVe, on the other hand, has been getting a ton of bondage wrestling experience in the past year's time.  I'm pretty clever and still pretty fit, but I will honestly admit that she is quick with those ties.

And she had an idea in her head regarding what end tie she wanted.  I was very skeptical that she'd be able to make her goal tie happen, especially since I was revved up to try muscling out of the ties.

I was set on turning the tables for this one.  My objective was to pin her down and hold her in a controlling position, no matter what.  Her objective, which she made clear to me, was to get me into this "secret" bondage position that she had in mind.  So, we set out the ropes, and off we went.

Oh yeah, no wrist cuffs on this one; it was all rope work to be done.

Now, I will admit, VeVe is really quite good at getting the ankle ties.  And those, I believe, was my big Achilles heel in this.

VeVe is also very good at attacking from the bottom of a bad position, using her legs.  A word on that for a moment: even though I was able to get  on top of her with a cross-side pinning position, she threw her legs up and grabbed my head and arm in a reverse triangle from underneath.  Normally that's not a huge problem, but it is somewhat pesky and momentarily immobilizing; it was more of a head grabbing than a choke.  But it was all the time VeVe needed to start work on my free arm.

So, she put her head-grabbing annoyingness to good use, particularly when it came to causing enough distraction to get my ankles together.  While the head scissoring was bad enough, it was actually this technique she has where she scissors your legs with her legs that allowed her to get the ankles.  I have seen her do this in quite a few videos lately, and I will admit, unbelievable as it may seem, that it is very difficult to escape.  And I tried all kinds of hipping out and pulling to get my feet away from her.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I was really surprised about how she was able to somehow managed to tie me into a sitting-type position, despite my hard resistance.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again: these ropes really do hurt if you pull hard against them!  It's like some sort of Wonder Woman lasso.

Once my ankles were bound, my attack options became very limited.  However, I still tried to get on top and pull off some pinning positions.  However, once she got my wrists joined to my ankles (how's that happen?!), my options all pretty much went out the window.  It's actually quite something - there really is nothing you can do once you're caught in this position.

And, of course, since VeVe was all decked out in her black leotard and tights, she went into mean and nasty black leotard and tights mode.  So, there was some choking to be had.  Actually, a lot of it.  Facesitting on the poor bound victim as well.  I'm not a huge fan of being choked or face-sat, but that clearly doesn't matter!  Some verbal abuse, some taunting, some humiliating type positions - I blame the leotard and tights!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Enter Indra: Trash Talking Bondage Wrestling Stifles Diablo

In May of 2011, we had the absolute pleasure of meeting a cheeky wrestling lady from London named Indra.  She originally hails from the London Wrestling Studio, and she mentioned to us that she also had domme and rope-work experience.  Well, splendid!

Since we hadn't filmed a one-on-one mixed bondage wrestling video in several months, and since Diablo (your humble narrator) was fresh and feeling fit, we figured we'd have at it.  And so, Indra vs Diablo was produced, and it has since gone on to become one of our most popular, most loved bondage wrestling videos to date (its rival in popularity is VeVe vs Thrash).

Indra has intense flare as a performer, and her mean n' nasty British trash talking is tops.  I mean, just take a look at the cover photo below.  It looks like a posed photo, but in reality, it is a screen still from the video.  Indra just strikes great natural poses, and she has a real knack for domination mixed wrestling.

Following this video, Indra also took on VeVe in a bondage match and was requested for several bondage wrestling custom videos.  So, with no further ado, here's the original information regarding Indra's bondage wrestling video with Diablo from May 2011:


Indra vs Diablo
Mixed Bondage Wrestling

Indra, visiting from London, puts her nasty domination wrestling skills to work in a Bondage Wrestling match against Diablo.

Diablo is decked out in wrist and ankle cuffs, with one rope pre-attached. Other ropes have been placed around the mat. Indra works to capture, subdue, and immobilize Diablo using wrestling holds, pins, and her rope tying skills.

Indra dominates the match, ending each of the two rounds with the struggling Diablo held in a complete tie. Indra taunts her opponent and flaunts victory poses in each round.

Indra: 5'3" and 127 lbs
Diablo: 5'6" and 155 lbs

This match is 20 minutes long, made up of two 10-minutes rounds.
Victory is achieved when all of the opponent's limbs are fully tied and loser is forced to verbally submit.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Hogties and Taunting with VeVe and Ben

This is a little out of sequence with respect to the chronicling I've been doing of our bondage wrestling history.  However, since we just filmed this fewer than 7 days ago, I'd like to get it up here, for the real-time factor:

The latest from VeVe's rope work wrestling...

VeVe vs Ben: 
Mixed Bondage Match
(Bondage Wrestling + Hogtie Finish)

Part 1: Bondage Wrestling
Blazin' Ben challenges VeVe to a bondage wrestling match. He's a strong wrestler, but he's never faced VeVe with rope involved. And the ropes VeVe brings along for this match are thin and pack a harsh, painful bite...

VeVe and Ben begin the match with an athletic display of competitive mixed wrestling. But as soon as VeVe gets her hands on the rope and secures it around Ben's limbs, his explosiveness starts to diminish. The bite from the rope helps immobilize her opponent as VeVe works for a hogtie.

The round ends once VeVe successfully gets Ben face down and binds his ankles and wrists in an "open" hogtie (she holds the ends of the wrist & ankle ties in her hand). As VeVe plants her foot on his back, Ben argues for a second chance. After teasing him for losing, she agrees and begins to untie him.

Part 2: Hogtied & Taunting
At the conclusion of Part 1, Ben, laying on his belly and tied at the wrists and ankles, argues that VeVe should give him a second chance at the match. VeVe agrees, releases him, and lets him up for another go.

This clip starts with VeVe finishing up a tight hogtie on Ben following his second wrestling chance. As he's belly-down, she snuggly binds his wrists to his ankles for the classic hogtie. And there the fun only begins.

While he's hogtied, she taunts him badly, pushing him around, sitting on top of him and belittling him, pushing him into a kneeling position, tickling the soles of his feet, twisting his nipples, squeezing his head with scissors and triangles, and laughing all the while.

She finally tortures him into saying "please" to her. However, she declares that she doesn't want to hear any more from him, and so gags him with a classic ball gag and, after striking a victory pose, she leaves him there, hogtied and gagged.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Stills from Bondage Wrestling with VeVe and Ben

As I'm just now editing a special request bondage wrestling video with VeVe and Ben from last night, I was able to pull out some nice screen stills.  This was a 2-part video, and most of these screen captures are from Part 1.  I wanted to share them now because they have a nice look to them.

The main theme of this video was for VeVe to specifically go for hogties.  And for Part 2, she was to bind the feet first, before any other body parts.  Ben has never attempted bondage wrestling before, and he was given no specific direction regarding body parts to aim for.

VeVe introduced her new long, red ropes for this match.  These ropes were fairly thin and so were very painful once binding a limb.  On many occasions, Ben was held immobile simply from the pain of the ropes biting into his wrists or ankles, particularly in part 2 of the video, wherein VeVe gained an extremely tight tie on his wrists.

So, from the filming on February 16, 2012 with VeVe and Ben: