Saturday, January 25, 2014

Back in the Mixed: VeVe vs Jason Bondage Wrestling

It's been some time now since VeVe's last competitive mixed bondage wrestling match.  We had my match with Indra in December, where Indra got a little trussed up.  We saw Kara lay the smack down on Conrad in October.  Amazon Annie even roped up Julian in July.  But VeVe hasn't had a mixed bondage match since June last year; she's gone about 6 months without a new, filmed mixed match for us in this arena.

But as we turned over into 2014, a familiar face reemerged.  Welcome back, Jason!

Jason last filmed with VeVe in the summer of 2012, when he faced off against her in an Escape and Attack Challenge.  He also wrestled her as part of a mixed wrestling double team in Feb 2012, where he was joined by Thrash.

But Jason never had the chance to wrestle VeVe one-on-one, or even to try a regular bondage wrestling match with her... a match where they didn't start already tied up.  And so dear readers, do welcome back Jason!

Jason joined us at the big studio on a cold and very snowy evening this past week.  Despite the weather, he was pumped and ready to go.  But like so many new bondage wrestling challengers, he had no experience in this style whatsoever.  That fact, however, didn't worry him one bit; he was mostly interested in trying it out and seeing how well he could do.  What he didn't count on, though, was that his opponent had crafted a number of techniques for efficient fast ties.

But we must give Jason his due.  He's someone who has never ever done this before, but he did make an attempt to learn as he went.  He did try to work the lark's head knot after seeing VeVe throw lark's heads onto him, and he did display good, controlling natural wrestling talent.

However, these glimmers of potential only made things worse for him; VeVe immediately sensed him to be a potentially difficult opponent, so she cranked up her game into "no-nonsense" mode.  And so, Jason's just-learning efforts were smashed aside by VeVe's well-practiced rope work.

I know that for VeVe's bondage wrestling match with Mahea, I commented that that match resulted in "one of VeVe's fastest competitive hogties to date."  This match with Jason resulted in another.  As a matter of fact, I'd venture that this was the fastest competitive mixed hogtie to date.  I do notice that, lately, the faster ties are coming when VeVe senses danger from her opponent.  You see, she "fondly" remembers her 40 minute match with Hanz and her long struggle with Kim from the 4-Way female bout (both these from May/June 2013).

Is it fair that newcomer opponents must suffer for the "troubles" caused by more experienced opponents from the past?  Hmm... yes!!

But anyway, Jason got his trial by fire and got to experience the joys of the hogtie.  I look forward to giving him some more bondage wrestling opportunities this season.  But in the meanwhile, here is the official video description for this match:

VeVe vs Jason
Competitive Mixed Bondage Wrestling
January 2014

VeVe takes on Jason in a fully competitive mixed bondage wrestling match! VeVe and Jason last tangled in an Escape and Attack Challenge in 2012, and Jason's been eager to try his hand at a regular bondage wrestling match.

Jason comes on strong with great natural wrestling instinct, so VeVe takes no chances and works as quickly as she can. She fights her way up from the bottom, climbing over her opponent, lassoing him unconventionally, and cinching in the double-elbow tie and lotus lock.

Jason puts up a commendable resistance and tries to learn on the fly, but VeVe's expertise shines through. As rope-bite pain keeps Jason in control, VeVe works him into a strong, tight, and tidy hogtie.

With her opponent stunned and immobilized, VeVe toys with him by adding even more rope to roll him playfully on the mats. Jason is absolutely stuck and must admit defeat, while VeVe taunts, gloats, and strikes a victory pose.

Total running time:  12 minutes

Available via clips4sale:

More Candid Bondage Practice: Candy and VeVe

Before I write about the recent bondage wrestling match between VeVe and Jason that took place this past Tuesday, I wanted to share some camera phone pictures I snapped on Thursday.

Candy Pain and VeVe got together in the small studio for a one-on-one training session.  VeVe advised Candy in some of the finer points of bondage wrestling ties and strategy, and the ladies practiced some additional ties.

So, here are some of the candid little phone pictures.  Now we just need to get Candy and Indra together at the same time so they can try out their new lessons in action...

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mixed Bondage Wrestling Pictures: VeVe vs Jason 2014

It's late here in NYC, but I wanted to put some pictures up before turning in for the evening.  I'll write more later, but last night we braved the snow storm and had a lovely evening of mixed wrestling.  This, of course, included Jason's first try at a regular competitive bondage wrestling match!

The video was released this evening ( and clips4sale: ) and here are some screen captures to enjoy before a more formal write-up on the experience!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Candid Bondage Wrestling Practice - VeVe and Indra

VeVe and Indra were over at the small studio today to practice and refine their bondage wrestling techniques.  Of course, the ladies invited me to snap a few candid camera-phone photos of their practice session.  So, here you go:

Indra and VeVe bondage wrestling practice in progress.