Thursday, June 28, 2012

Athena Gives Bondage Wrestling a Try in 2011

In September of 2011, we were lining Athena up for a mixed wrestling match.  We had realized that she hadn't had a mixed wrestling video match with us at all, and so we aimed to do something about that.

While VeVe was chatting with Athena about match possibilities, the topic of bondage wrestling came up.  Athena admitted that at the time she hadn't had much rope-work experience aside from the double team bondage match she had with VeVe and Orlandoe.  And in that video, Athena was the one who succumbed to the rope-work skills of VeVe before Orlandoe came around to turn the tables.

But here we offered Athena a chance to give aggressive rope-typing a shot, for her very first time.  Twiggy was in town, and it had been a while since we filmed with him.  So, we called him in to meet Athena and to get a taste of some rope burn and rough-handling.

This video is in domination style, with Athena working her way through pinning her smaller opponent / victim, muscling him down, and binding him up in a raw and aggressive style.

Here's the original information we published on that video:

Athena vs Twiggy
Mixed Bondage Wrestling

Athena tries her hand at mixed bondage wrestling. And her opponent Twiggy is in for a rough time!
Using a very forceful and physical style, Athena sets out to snare, control, and immobilize Twiggy, who meanwhile struggles in attempts to escape. 

With Athena pinning him, though, Twiggy doesn't make much progress at evading Athena's ropes. It's a demoralizing struggle for him. Athena's physicality and size advantage serve her well in capturing and binding her opponent.

Twiggy eventually finds himself exhausted, crushed, and bound hand-and-foot. 

Athena: 5'9" and 160 lbs
Twiggy: 5'6" and 125 lbs

This video is 12 minutes long, continuous.

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