Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Impromptu bondage wrestling tonight

Well, the ladies were very game tonight and up for some fun, so we had an impromptu competitive bondage wrestling match between VeVe and newcomer Candy Pain.

I've got the video processing now, and I have to say that candy did pretty well!  For fun, here are two random screen captures that I pulled out (yes, selected totally at random from the raw footage!).  I originally tweeted them on our Twitter (@DoomMaidens), so here they are:

This resulted in a lot of rope entanglement, but ultimately a nice, neat, very immobilizing final tie.  Fans of competitive female bondage wrestling, stay tuned for this one.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Competitive Mixed Bondage Wrestling coming in May

Many of you female domination fans have already feasted your eyes on VeVe's Lethal Leotards "Bondage Takedown," but for those of you who crave competitive, egalitarian rope-tie battles, we've got something coming soon for you too.

The next installment in this spring's Bondage Wrestling goings-on will be a fully competitive rematch between VeVe and long-time rival Hanz Vanderkill.  VeVe and Hanz faced off in their first competitive bondage wrestling challenge in May 2012 - one year ago (VeVe vs Hanz: Bondage Wrestling May 2012).

There were no rounds, no time limit, no preconceptions, no pre-determinations.  The camera was just going to keep rolling until someone ended up fully bound.

I will admit, as the camera operator, I was a little worried that this video might go on forever.  However, after a long, continuous struggle, we finally reached a conclusion after about 30 minutes.

This match is notable because it demonstrates the development and effectiveness of VeVe's "elbows behind the back" tie.  VeVe's deft cinching of Hanz's elbows behind his back is what finally brought him down in this match.

And a year before that, in May 2011, VeVe used the exact same technique on Indra to score a victory there as well (VeVe vs Indra: Bondage Wrestling May 2011).

And though it lacks the chronological unity of the previous two example, in December 2012, VeVe also used the exact same technique to finish off Keri in their competitive bondage rematch  (VeVe vs Keri: Bondage REMATCH. Dec 2012).

For his own good, Mr. Hanz should be reading this blog entry.  We do see a trend here.  First the binding of the ankles.  Then, if she's lucky, the knees come next.  But bound knees or not, the next step is to tie the elbows behind the back.  Why?  Aside from it being a hopeless immobilizer, it also prevents the opponent from continually untying the ropes binding his/her feet.

Take a glance at those images.  I think it's safe to say that VeVe's got something going there with the elbow binding.

I also look forward to filming this rematch with the High Definition camera that we have been using since June 2012.  VeVe's original bondage match with Hanz was filmed on the Standard Definition camera, and though that camera performed admirably, I would like to get this one in HD.  What more, with the HD camera, I can produce files that are of a bigger display size and higher bit rate at around a similar file size.

So, what will come of this new showdown?  VeVe has had a LOT of bondage experience over the past year.  I warned Hanz of this, but I don't know if he truly understands just how much she has been doing.  Confident in his general fitness and grappling game, he said: "Me from a year ago ain't like me from today!"

Well, ok!  We shall see what the future holds!  So, coming up for May 2013, the competitive bondage rematch of VeVe vs Hanz.  I wonder how long this one will last.  Place your bets...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Black Bodysuit Bondage Wrestling on the Horizon

It's been a little while since I last posted to the Bondage Wrestling Blog, so I'd like to take this moment to talk about projects on the horizon.

First off, in my opinion, the most pressing matter is doing a re-shoot of what I dubbed the "Black Bodysuit Bondage Wrestling."  Some of you may remember the post I made back in Feb 2012 regarding a shoot I did with VeVe in a black body suit, roping me up ("Rope Skills on a Thursday Night Shoot").  A fan recently e-mailed me regarding that blog entry, asking if the video was ever released.

That video, in fact, was not released.  That video, filmed last February, was shot with the old Standard Definition camera in a room with strong fluorescent lighting.  The camera didn't have an easy time adjusting for the lighting, and I was ultimately displeased with the look of the piece.  Also, I think that the black bodysuit deserved something more flattering than the fluorescent glow.

So, as we discussed a re-shoot at the time, we ended up getting caught up with a variety of other projects.  Sadly, since that particular black bodysuit bondage wrestling was a rough idea we were trying out, it ended up stuck on the back burner.  Until now, one year later, when a reader brought it back to our attention.

But the black bodysuit - VeVe's trademark spy-assassin attire - seems to somehow demand more of a storyline than "we meet for a bondage wrestling match in a mat room."  So now I am left to decide if the bodysuit bondage wrestling should be part of the Lethal Leotards Syndicate universe: does VeVe allow her prisoner to fight for his chance to escape?  Does she have a run-in with a rival agent and the scuffle erupts from there?  Is it an Escape and Attack challenge, where VeVe pits herself against a prisoner, in order to show off for and entertain the other ladies of her organization?

Add black bodysuit, and suddenly the imagination demands to wander...

Other variables to consider: should I be in the video again?  Already, since Feb 2012, I have done quite a number of videos alongside VeVe, including the Bondage Grudge Match from just last fall.  I'm inclined to think someone else should get back into the mix.  I've been considering Hanz, since he hasn't bondage wrestled VeVe in quite a while, and he is a very competitive opponent in this style.  But how would he fair in a storyline situation?

Regardless of the scenario and opponent, I know that I definitely want to shoot in a different room.  And I know exactly which studio I want.  It would be the one where we filmed VeVe's bondage wrestling with Blazin' Ben.

At left is an image from that one, from the Standard Def camera.  That's also the room where we filmed Interrogation Torture, Hostile Takeover, and the original Lethal Leotards.  There's a theme in effect here...

Of course, there is also a studio we use which I think is just lovely for displaying the textures of fabrics.  It's the same type of lighting as in the studio pictured above, but the white walls are closer to the mats, throwing more ambient light into the mix.  For a visual example, see the image at right, showing Athena and Ben at play in that studio (High Def camera).

Decisions, decisions.  But really, with the High Def camera, the difference between these two great studios is actually minimal.  But Studio 1 is more like a warehouse, where Studio 2 is more like a blank room.

But anyway, this digression is not too necessary.

Hopefully we can get this one on camera soon.  It's about time for VeVe to present another mixed bondage wrestling match.

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