Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bondage Wrestling Trickery! With VeVe and Orlandoe

Well, I was just looking back through the list of posts, trying to get back on track chronologically.  I've skipped around a bit in the timeline, jumping from historical to current in my postings.  But in that jumping I think I left out one very important member of our Bondage Wrestling collection....

Orlandoe's Bondage Wrestling Trickery!

We filmed this video back in January 2012 in response to a special request.  And it turned out to be one of our most popular bondage wrestling videos to date.  After all, people do seem to like VeVe furious and struggling... go figure!

We originally filmed this video in a location that didn't have the greatest lighting and not much fight-space.  So, a few days after the original filming, we filmed again in our Manhattan studio.  Plenty of space, plenty of light, and the ladies were fired up.  The result was great!  And that is the video we have available now.

I will paste the official write-up and information below, so I won;t go too much into the storyline of the piece itself.  But I will mention that this video served to heighten the rivalry tension between VeVe and Orlandoe... especially since Orlandoe gave VeVe quite a scarring rope burn, all while laughing in a rather sadistic manner.

We get a great opportunity here to see VeVe's fury and Orlandoe's wiliness.  A bound VeVe is not a happy VeVe, especially when someone is chiding and laughing at her struggles.  Oh yes, wet hornet.  Orlandoe was pleased to have the ropes in place...

This video is a descendant of the 2-on-1 bondage wrestling video of VeVe vs Athena and Orlandoe.  And it also further fueled the spark of interest in seeing VeVe tied up and fighting against her bounds.  It's a theme we use a bit later in the year with solo escape attempt videos, and a theme we will pursue further into the future.

In the meanwhile, below is the original video announcement, plus a small trailer.

Bondage Wrestling Trickery
Orlandoe vs VeVe Lane
Available at clips4sale: http://www.clips4sale.com/47489/5572703

VeVe and Orlandoe set up for a friendly bondage wrestling match. But Orlandoe has a plan for a guaranteed victory...

Orlandoe tricks VeVe into wearing cuffs on each hand and ties VeVe's hands together behind her back, forcing VeVe to start the match with an enormous handicap.

The ladies start out friendly and cordial, but tension grows as the rope bites, as VeVe thrashes to escape, and as Orlandoe becomes irritated at her opponent's willfulness. 

In a vicious struggle, Orlandoe manages to fully secure VeVe's arms to her body with ropes across the chest and eventually gain a full hogtie. It's not easy, and VeVe is a skilled (and now furious!) wrestler, even when bound. But Orlandoe has the edge, thanks to her little trick.

Once the hogtie is achived, Orlandoe demands that VeVe admit defeat. When VeVe refuses, Orlandoe tortures her with intense choke holds. 

In the end, Orlandoe wins her opponent's submission and strikes a triumphant victory pose.

An impressive display of dexterity from both ladies, intense struggle, viciousness and menace, and rope-work in action. ... and bad blood in the making.

Full video running time: 35 minutes.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Escape and Attack! Mixed Bondage Wrestling Challenge

We give thanks to a fan for challenging us with this new bondage wrestling challenge idea: Escape and Attack!

This was a match we filmed in August 2012, and it is competitive in nature.  Our contestants were VeVe Lane and Jason.  As it is described in the official video description:

"Both participants start tied up in exactly the same tie. In this case, a full hogtie. Once they hear the start signal, both competitors must struggle to get free of their ropes. Whoever gets completely free first will use his/her ropes to attack the other competitor, wrestle for control, and re-tie him/her back into complete immobilization."

Hmm... VeVe vs Jason in Escape and Attack?  Well, needless to say, Jason had an uphill battle.  Well, it was such a steep incline uphill, I think was perhaps more like attempting to walk up a vertical wall.  But anyway.

The lovely 4-way image for this piece:

I included a spoiler alert in the official video announcement, but I am just too tempted to lay out the outcome here in this little blog.  You might be able to guess at it from the 4-way image.  Here was the spoiler I published with the video release:

"VeVe escapes first and attacks Jason while he struggles to free his feet. VeVe catches him with his ankles still bond and wrestles him into a controlling position. She binds his knees together and binds each of his arms into a "chicken wing" style in front of him. She then painfully binds him into a tight and helpless ball (elbows to knees), using neat and efficient ties."

Needless to say, Jason was a bit stunned at the deftness and speed with which he was overcome and bound.  But then again, he was paired against a bondage wrestling veteran.

Perhaps a version of this challenge between VeVe and Orlandoe is in order?  Not a bad idea, I must say...

If you are looking for a copy of "Escape & Attack! VeVze vs Jason," you can find it at our Mixed Wrestling NYC clips4sale store.  Here's a direct link:  http://clips4sale.com/47489/6837399