Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Escape and Attack! Mixed Bondage Wrestling Challenge

We give thanks to a fan for challenging us with this new bondage wrestling challenge idea: Escape and Attack!

This was a match we filmed in August 2012, and it is competitive in nature.  Our contestants were VeVe Lane and Jason.  As it is described in the official video description:

"Both participants start tied up in exactly the same tie. In this case, a full hogtie. Once they hear the start signal, both competitors must struggle to get free of their ropes. Whoever gets completely free first will use his/her ropes to attack the other competitor, wrestle for control, and re-tie him/her back into complete immobilization."

Hmm... VeVe vs Jason in Escape and Attack?  Well, needless to say, Jason had an uphill battle.  Well, it was such a steep incline uphill, I think was perhaps more like attempting to walk up a vertical wall.  But anyway.

The lovely 4-way image for this piece:

I included a spoiler alert in the official video announcement, but I am just too tempted to lay out the outcome here in this little blog.  You might be able to guess at it from the 4-way image.  Here was the spoiler I published with the video release:

"VeVe escapes first and attacks Jason while he struggles to free his feet. VeVe catches him with his ankles still bond and wrestles him into a controlling position. She binds his knees together and binds each of his arms into a "chicken wing" style in front of him. She then painfully binds him into a tight and helpless ball (elbows to knees), using neat and efficient ties."

Needless to say, Jason was a bit stunned at the deftness and speed with which he was overcome and bound.  But then again, he was paired against a bondage wrestling veteran.

Perhaps a version of this challenge between VeVe and Orlandoe is in order?  Not a bad idea, I must say...

If you are looking for a copy of "Escape & Attack! VeVze vs Jason," you can find it at our Mixed Wrestling NYC clips4sale store.  Here's a direct link: