Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sircee Bondage Wrestling and Flexibility

For those of you who read my previous blog entry, you read that we set up a bondage wrestling shoot with VeVe and newcomer Sircee this past Sunday.  Now I'll tell you how that went.

We set up the shoot in response to a specific request for Sircee to perform a Bondage Escape Challenge from a particular rope bondage position.  The position was: ankles bound, knees bound, wrists bound and elbows bound behind back, chest rope, plus a cloth gag.  Basically, a form of the classic Damsel in Distress.

And since we were getting Sircee and ropes together in the main big studio, we decided it would be great to also add a full bondage wrestling match to the shoot.  So, Sircee bravely took on the very experienced VeVe in a competitive bondage bout.  The end result was that VeVe wound up tying Sircee into the requested position!

Sircee had splendid energy for the match, and even though she was captured relatively quickly, she had a great time and put up a spirited struggle.  Furthermore, she's got some really flexible shoulders.  At one point in the match, VeVe looped a rope around one of Sircee's elbows, took Sircee's back, and pulled the elbow back behind the back.  VeVe then pulled Sircee's other arm behind her back and was astonished to find she was able to pull Sircee's elbows so close together behind her back.  VeVe exclaimed something along the lines of "Wow, I didn't think that rope would be long enough!" as she secured Sircee's elbows together.

Frankly, I don't think even Indra was that flexible in the shoulders when VeVe cinched her arms together behind her back in their bondage wrestling match.

Anyway, even though she was sort of overwhelmed by VeVe's quick-tie skills, Sircee enjoyed the bondage wrestling, and I'm sure she'd like to give it another go.  And by the way, kudos to VeVe for managing to neatly and effectively tie Sircee into just the requested bondage position, all during the course of a competitive struggle.  Victory pose snap shot, add the cloth gag, and let the Escape Challenge begin.

And for your reading and viewing pleasure, here is my official write-up on the match video, which is coupled with the Escape Challenge video:

Bondage Wrestling: VeVe vs Sircee (plus Escape Challenge)
February 2013
At clips4sale:

VeVe welcomes newcomer Sircee to the mats for Sircee's very first bondage wrestling match. VeVe is an experienced pro when it comes to bondage wrestling, so Sircee is going to have a tough time...

VeVe is agile and excellent with the ropes, but Sircee refuses to go down easily. Sircee struggles to throw VeVe off her, continuously moving and fighting as best she can. But once VeVe skillfully secures Sircee's arms behind her back, VeVe's victory is assured. Sircee is a dancer and very flexible, so VeVe is actually able to tie Sircee's elbows quite close together behind her back. Once that's cinched in, Sircee is done for... But she doesn't stop struggling and fighting! VeVe works then to tie Sircee's wrists, knees, and ankles, adding a chest rope as a finishing touch. VeVe strikes a victory pose over her bound opponent, and then gives her a chance to escape.

Then comes Sircee's Bondage Escape Challenge. She must struggle to escape from the final tie position: ankles bound, knees bound, arms bound behind body at wrists and elbows, and chest rope. A cloth gag is also added for the Escape portion. Sircee must wriggle free of all ropes, no matter how long it takes. After an energetic struggle, she finally escapes all bonds!

Bondage Wrestling portion: 10 minutes. Sircee's Bondage Escape Challenge portion: 8 minutes
VeVe: 5'4" and 120 lbs. Sircee: 5'7" and 170 lbs.
Both ladies wear tight jeans and tank tops for this match.
High Definition. Display: 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3 mbps

At Mixed Wrestling NYC clips4sale studio:

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Duct Tape Update, Indra is Back, and Sircee Tomorrow

As fate would have it, I have been having a difficult time finding a opponent for VeVe for the duct tape bondage wrestling match.

I sent a shout-out to 5 of our wrestlers, both men and women, and I got pretty much zero response.  That is to say, aside from the response from Orlandoe saying "Sounds painful!"  and then, after I responded, a later reply from her saying "keep trying to convince me!"

Granted, I was just testing the waters to see who might potentially be up for it.  But I'm not getting the feeling that these kids are in the groove to fend off getting bound up with sticky tape in a rough and unpredictable manner.  Just a guess.

Someone did mention that I should just go in and be the opponent, and it may well come down to that.  I do have a lot of leg hair, so I anticipate this would be unpleasant.  However, I would also warn VeVe that she may have to deal with a little unpleasantness on her own end as well; I'm pretty quick with my hands and don't think I'd do too poorly are tape-wrapping in a jiffy.

Someone also mentioned bondage wrestling with things other than tape, or even rope, for that matter.  Specifically, the binding would be done with pantyhose.  I think the commenter intended this to be for a female vs female match, but I can see it working for a mixed match as well.  In any case, we are indeed entertaining the idea of pantyhose bondage for a female match.  Stay tuned for more on that.

Also, we need more bondage wrestling with participants wearing pantyhose, surely.  I'm thinking rope is better than tape there, but duct tape over pantyhose might work too..... and it might convince more ladies to come out and try a match.

Indra Has Returned to NYC

And by the way, speaking of ladies bondage wrestling in form-fitting attire, the infamous Indra is now back in town with us!  And she will be here for the rest of the year, at least.  Indra looked great getting caught by VeVe in "Ballet Shoe Bondage" back in Sept 2012, and fans definitely agreed.

We look forward to filming more with Indra and ropes in 2013.  And I'm sure she looks forward to getting some ropes around an unfortunate male victims!

Bondage Wrestling with Sircee Tomorrow?

Thanks to a fan's request to see Sircee (pictured on top of Athena, at right) attempt a Bondage Escape Challenge, we are also giving her a shot at competitive bondage wrestling with VeVe.

Sircee is a novice wrestler and has never bondage wrestled before, so...... I think she might need to attempt more than one bondage escape challenge tomorrow.
It's always great to introduce new ladies to the art and sport of bondage wrestling.  Even if it's their first time and they are up against a veteran, they do tend to have a lot of fun regardless.  Sure, there may be some rope burns here or there, and then some bruising the next day, but rope bondage wrestling is so mentally engaging you just don't think about those things while you're doing it.  

I think Sircee should handle all right.  I think she'll certainly get tired up, absolutely, but I think she'll have a good time with the match.  We shall see!


Friday, February 8, 2013

Thoughts on Duct Tape Bondage Wrestling for 2013

Even though it is February already, I still feel like we're still just kicking off the new year for 2013.

December was a big month for bondage wrestling, as VeVe Lane and Keri Spectrum went at it with the ropes for their Rematch and Hogtie Race.  The VeVe vs Keri Rematch was released in December, and it was very well received and definitely much anticipated.  The Hogtie Race was released in January, and this video proved to be quite popular in its own right!

Duct Tape Bondage Wrestling?

VeVe and Keri were so amp'ed up on bondage wrestling, that they entered into discussions to meet for a duct tape bondage wrestling match in January.  However, before the ladies could clash again, Keri discovered that she was pregnant, so rough rolling got set aside for a while for her.

Nonetheless, I am still set on producing a competitive duct tape bondage wrestling match.  And sooner rather than later!

VeVe is definitely up for the idea as well, and we are frequently discussing the possibilities.  Most importantly, we are specifically discussing possible opponents.  VeVe herself started getting into duct tape work with her various "Bondage Breakout Challenges" throughout 2012 (these appeared in VeVe's Petite Powerhouse clips4sale studio).  Speaking of which, and for the sake of visual aids, some of her break out attempts have been from the following positions:

Now, not all of these break out attempts were successful, but the duct tape did prove to be a popular choice.  Furthermore, it is quick, simple, and hard to break.  So tape seems like a great option to try for bondage wrestling.

But with whom?  Again, the question remains...

Should it be a mixed match?
Should it be a female vs female match?

We do have Indra coming back over to visit later this month, and she seems like a natural choice for bondage wrestling.  But duct tape bondage - especially with struggle and wrestling involved - seems pretty punishing.  Can Indra handle it?
Or perhaps Orlandoe is a good opponent?

She and VeVe have quite a bit of bad blood brewing on the bondage wrestling front, and I am sure she'd like to restore her honor following her horrendous defeat in the latest Escape & Attack Challenge.

But then again, Orlandoe and VeVe have fought quite a bit in the bondage arena lately...
Or, to the first question again, should it be a mixed match?
More conferencing necessary.

More thoughts on duct tape bondage wrestling....

Certainly, duct tape wrestling requires a slightly different skill set than does rope-tie wrestling.  For one, there is no need for tying loops and knots, but still a definite need for fast hands for winding the tape.  Surely, in order to tape up a struggling opponent, one must be able to exert good positional control but must also be able to maneuver the tape roll and tear the tape without letting it get too stuck to itself.

You don't need to have vast knot-tying knowledge, but you do need to have gentle hands; if the tape tears and the loose end falls back on to stick to the roll, you could lose a lot of time in trying to get it started again.

Or maybe you don't tear it at all?  Maybe you just keep winding it and winding it.  But surely you would need to tear and restart it again at some point?  Getting the legs bound with continual winding is do-able, but getting the arms bound might require approaching from some different angles.

Leg binding: easy.  Start at the feet, even if they are kicking, lock the legs together, perhaps using a figure-4 with your own legs, and wind the tape to bind the legs together.  Basically the same as with rope, though I think this step would be easier with duct tape.

But what happens from there?  Now it gets a little harder.

A hogtie with tape in this situation would be quite difficult, if not impossible.  So, I predict that the immobilization would be just in binding the limbs to the body, perhaps in quasi-mummy style.  A "ball tie" with the tape would be neat, but surely tough to achieve.

So, once the legs are bound, you would need to get to work on the upper body.  Do you start by binding the arms to the body up around the shoulder / upper arm?  Do you try to bind the wrist together first?  Do you work asymmetrically, binding only one arm to the body before the other?  .... don't forget that the other person is trying to do the same thing to you!

Clearly, this is something that we need to see in action.  We'll get it out there for 2013, absolutely.  But there is the question of the opponent...