Friday, February 14, 2014

2-on-1 Female Bondage Wrestling: Indra and Ginary vs VeVe

As for the exam for Indra?  How about an exercise in team leadership and tenacity!

Last spring, VeVe faced off against Candy Pain and Sircee in a competitive 2-on-1 bondage wrestling match.  Now, both Sircee and Candy were novices at bondage at the time, but each of those two wrestling ladies outweighed VeVe by at least 50 lbs, and they worked well together to pin VeVe down and while roping her up.

But recently, we received a request for VeVe to try a new female bondage wrestling 2-on-1, but this time against opponents much closer to her size - or even a tad smaller.  This sounded like a great combination of elements, and it had the potential for some interesting action...

Indra was a quick go-to for this new 2-woman team.  She's 5'3", 125 lbs, and not as experienced a wrestler as VeVe.  As for the second half of the team: welcome Ginary!  Ginary is a fetish model from Florida who came up for a visit last week.  She's 5'4", 115 lbs, and had no wrestling experience at all.  And so, Indra and Ginary joined forces to create the light-weight team.

Despite being outnumbered, VeVe truly believed she had a good fighting chance.  However, I'd like to point out that she was also thought she could defeat the double team of Candy and Sircee.  Really, a bondage wrestling 2-on-1 is a very hard situation.  Even against smaller opponents, with one of them being quite inexperienced, a double team with rope is still a difficult hill to climb.

Now, before getting to the meat of the matter, I just want to take a moment to say that Indra and Ginary together were hilariously amusing.  Indra naturally took over the role of team leader, but in addition to giving orders to Ginary, she also provided quirky, colorful commentary.  Ginary had her hands full, quite literally, and did her best to obey her "boss" while at the same time being both overwhelmed and amazed by VeVe's tenacity.  Ginary had a lot of multi-tasking to do in a brand new environment, all with Indra giving orders like "Grabs her arm!  No, not that arm, I have that arm!  Grab the other arm!  No, that's my arm!"

But in addition to be highly amusing, Indra and Ginary did make a great team.  Despite Ginary's newness to the sport, Indra's leadership ability proved to be a real asset to their team.  Indra coordinated her team so well, and Ginary responded quickly, all to give VeVe immense frustration.

And now, onward into the fray.  Here is the official match write-up:

Indra and Ginary vs VeVe Lane
2-on-1 Female Bondage Wrestling

VeVe steps up to take on Indra and visiting fetish model Ginary in this incredible, grueling, and fully competitive 2-on-1 bondage wrestling match. There's no time limit here: the match goes on until one side is completely hogtied. With both sides hungry for victory, full immobilization is no easy feat! Whatever happens, happens... but no rest until the hogtie!

The double team of Indra and Ginary provide an infuriating challenge, with Indra taking the lead to coordinate the attacks. VeVe fights on tirelessly, shrugging off her opponent's ties, working her way out of pins, and attempting countless ties of her own. VeVe keeps her focus and just keeps working, though she is constantly foiled by Indra's (often hilarious) coordination with Ginary. Near ties, close calls, frustration, and tenacity. Neither side wants to give in, and so all 3 ladies fight on for the elusive hogtie!

Finally, after the interminable struggle, VeVe manages to make history by amazingly pulling off the win! Through utter determination, she catches Indra and then Ginary, wrangling them and finishing them off each with tight, neat hogties. VeVe works for several minutes to get her struggling opponents nicely arranged before dragging them next to each other and tying them together belly-to-belly while still hogtied! She concludes with a VERY well deserved victory pose and leaves Ginary and the indignant Indra stuck together to struggle helplessly.

VeVe: 5'4" and 120 lbs. Indra: 5'3" and 125 lbs. Ginary: 5'4" and 115 lbs.

Running time: 39 minutes

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Bondage Practice Pictures #3

Now presenting some camera phone snap shots from bondage wrestling practice with VeVe, Indra, Candy Pain, and Thrash.  A great turn-out for this training session, which took place last Thursday.  Everyone is doing very well: