Thursday, September 26, 2013

Escalating into a Bondage Nightmare

Over in my Adventures in Wrestling Media Production blog, I just made a post talking about my filming experiences with Sable this past weekend.  And in that entry, I referred to a little bondage video that Sable filmed with VeVe and Hanz.  I'll talk a bit about that now...

Earlier this year, VeVe had faced off against two opponents in her bondage wrestling match against the combined power of Sircee and Candy Pain.  Though her opponents worked hard and used good team work, it did give them a bit of trouble to completely tie up little VeVe.  Since Hanz has given VeVe fits in one-on-one bondage wrestling, we were curious to see just how well he'd do in a 2-on-1 bondage match.

So VeVe teamed up with Sable to put Hanz to the test.

Our question was answered fairly quickly, mind you.  How well would Hanz do...?  Well, not too well.

I suppose the deck was a bit stacked.  The odds were not in his favor.  VeVe is already quite experienced as a quick-tie bondage wrestler, and Sable is an experienced and creative wrestler who's worked with rope before.  And Hanz, well, Hanz had no idea what sort of synergy would emerge from these two ladies.  So, he gathered all the ropes in to him and...

...that turned out to be a mistake.  The ladies pinned and bound Hanz so quickly, that I couldn't even really call this bondage wrestling.  It was more like a bondage attack.  Hanz had absolutely no chance to mount any sort of offense as the ladies sat on him and worked the ropes down his limbs, with Sable on the feet and VeVe on the arms.

Sure, the speed of Hanz's loss here was amusing, and I do think Hanz was himself amused with it for a moment.  Until the ladies got wicked.

Peer pressure?  Egging on?  Overzealous celebration?  Needless to say, sportsmanship somehow managed to go out the window.  With VeVe and Sable encouraging each other, Hanz ended up getting more than he actually signed up for.

And thus, this was no bondage match; it was a bondage nightmare.

Such nice ladies.  What came over them?  Hmm....

(Here's the official write-up)
Bondage Nightmare
VeVe and Sable vs Hanz

Hanz agrees to try a 2-on-1 bondage wrestling match against the female team of VeVe and Sable. But against these two ladies, this match quickly turns into a bondage nightmare!

Sure, the ladies are nice enough in their opening interview, but those smiles are deceptive... Using excellent teamwork, VeVe and Sable pin Hanz down, lock up his arms and legs, and start to bind him very quickly. They cinch his wrists, elbows, and ankles so tightly that the rope-bite pain makes it impossible for him to move. He definitely had no chance here. But that's just the start...

The ladies are so thrilled by how easily they overpowered Hanz that they are quickly carried in vicious celebration. They bind him even further, tying him into a ball and gagging him with a rope. VeVe whips him and triangles him while he's bound. Sable harasses him with a crotch rope. The ladies laugh and tease all the while. Where did this sadism come from?!

Gleeful cruelty. And totally unexpected! They sit on him, pull the ropes tight, roll him around, slap his thighs, and torture him for losing so quickly. They gloat and conclude with a victory pose. The moral of the story: bondage wrestling against two skilled ladies will quickly become a humiliating nightmare!

Running time: 13 minutes

Available at MixedWrestlingNYC clips4sale:

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall Bondage Wrestling Upcoming: London Ladies and Rope

Whoa, no bondage wrestling yet for September?  Say it ain't so!  Oh, no, but yes, it is so.  So sad.

But have no fear, bondage wrestling IS coming up later this month.

We've got visitors Honey and Sable coming in from the London Wrestling Studio, and there is most certainly rope work waiting to wrap them up here in NYC.


Sable will be jumping in for a mixed bondage wrestling match against an opponent to be determined.  Possible male opponent candidates include Adrian, newcomer Bobby, or even me (Diablo).  Honey will be taking on VeVe in a female bondage wrestling match, which may prove to be rather difficult for Honey.  I will note, though, that Honey has "practiced" being tied up by Indra.  Just saying.

Speaking of ladies from London + Bondage Wrestling, we've got some more British ladies coming in in October who will be trying their hands at bondage wrestling as well.  Independent London wrestler M will try her luck against VeVe.  Fellow London wrestler Venom will feature in a special bondage wrestling video featuring VeVe and Indra.  And speaking of Indra - a London Brit currently relocated to NYC - she will be taking on Savannah Fox in bondage wrestling also in October.