Saturday, August 17, 2013

VeVe ties Angela Sommers at FetCon Superheroine Showdown

At FetishCon today, VeVe enjoyed her time as a supervillainess during the Superheroine Showdown.  The Bad Girls crashed the Good Girls' party on stage, and the superheroines soon found themselves captured and bound!

Here are some quick camera phone pictures I grabbed as VeVe captured and hogtied her victim Angela Sommers.  A little bondage fun this afternoon at FetCon.

(Click individual images for a larger view)

And the full hogtie!

Rock star!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Amazon Annie's First Mixed Bondage Wrestling

Back to the Bondage Wrestling Blog!

I'm here down in Florida now, preparing to head to FetCon.  But before I left NYC, I was able to film a new bondage wrestling video...

We proudly welcome Amazon Annie to the bondage wrestling ranks!

Yes, indeed, Amazon Annie tried her hand at bondage wrestling on camera for the very first time in July.  She'd been mulling over the idea for some time, already pretty skilled with rope tying due to her experience with boats.  Then one day, she came over to the studio for a quick tutorial from VeVe, and following that, Amazon Annie was raring to go with the rope-tie wrestling.

And so, with no further ado, here's the official write-up for Amazon Annie's first mixed bondage wrestling video!
Annie gets her hands on some ropes!

Amazon Annie's Mixed Bondage Wrestling
featuring Julian

Amazon Annie's got a new trick up her sleeve. After getting a lesson in rope work from VeVe, Annie decides to spring a surprise on her next wrestling partner...

Annie gets together with her male friend Julian for a friendly wrestling bout. After they tussle for a bit, Annie works Julian into a pin and declares that she has something "different" in store for him. Annie reaches for her ropes and puts her new skills to good use! 

While keeping him pinned down in various ways, Annie works Julian over, tying his hands behind his back and his feet together. Julian struggles to resist, but Annie controls him easily with facesitting, head-sitting, and her superior size. She finally binds Julian into a hogtie, laughing and playfully teasing him now that he's bound. She plants her foot on his back and strikes a smiling victory pose.

.... but she's not done with him yet! With Julian bound and helpless, Annie amuses herself with a short bout of head scissoring and facesitting as she admires her rope work. And she's definitely pleased with her first bondage wrestling experience!

Total running time: 12 minutes

Available as a download at clips4sale: