Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall Bondage Wrestling Upcoming: London Ladies and Rope

Whoa, no bondage wrestling yet for September?  Say it ain't so!  Oh, no, but yes, it is so.  So sad.

But have no fear, bondage wrestling IS coming up later this month.

We've got visitors Honey and Sable coming in from the London Wrestling Studio, and there is most certainly rope work waiting to wrap them up here in NYC.


Sable will be jumping in for a mixed bondage wrestling match against an opponent to be determined.  Possible male opponent candidates include Adrian, newcomer Bobby, or even me (Diablo).  Honey will be taking on VeVe in a female bondage wrestling match, which may prove to be rather difficult for Honey.  I will note, though, that Honey has "practiced" being tied up by Indra.  Just saying.

Speaking of ladies from London + Bondage Wrestling, we've got some more British ladies coming in in October who will be trying their hands at bondage wrestling as well.  Independent London wrestler M will try her luck against VeVe.  Fellow London wrestler Venom will feature in a special bondage wrestling video featuring VeVe and Indra.  And speaking of Indra - a London Brit currently relocated to NYC - she will be taking on Savannah Fox in bondage wrestling also in October.