Saturday, December 28, 2013

Fun Times Tying Up Indra (aka Bondage Revenge!)

I just posted the following as part of a much larger, more general entry in my Adventures in Wrestling Media Production blog.  Indra gets caught!
Indra had a lot to do this season!  She filmed with us in early December, but then got stuck under a landslide of other work before emerging again to film with us to end the month.

Firstly, I took a moment to exact some revenge on the little trash talker.  December started rough for Indra when I challenged her to a competitive bondage wrestling match.  I'm quite aware that many people like to see Indra tied up, so I decided to provide...

I got dominated in a bondage match by Indra two years ago, so it was time for a little good-natured  vengeance.  I've been filming bondage wrestling - both competitive and story-based - for quite a while now, and I've been writing about bondage wrestling and discussing it a lot as well.  I talk to VeVe often about the most efficient ties for particular circumstances, and I do a lot of tying myself for Bondage Escape Challenges and for scenarios that call for people to be discovered pre-tied.  So, I felt pretty good about facing Indra.

Needless to say, Indra got tied up.  And tickled.  And duct tape gagged.  And victory posed on.

She's a cutie, and she was bratty and talking garbage until I finally had to gag her.  Her fans are now clamoring for retribution...

And here's the official video write-up:

Bondage Revenge: Diablo Catches Indra!
Mixed Bondage Wrestling

After suffering defeat and harassment when he first bondage wrestled Indra, Diablo finally gets his chance for revenge. Indra agrees to meet Diablo for a competitive bondage match - and whatever happens, happens!

Indra's in for some trouble... Diablo's been practicing his knots and studying VeVe's quick-tie techniques, and he puts his skill to good use against Indra. An experienced wrestler, Diablo gracefully controls his opponent on the mat, working the rope around Indra's limbs, and foiling her attempts to bind him. Indra's out-matched here. Diablo handles her gently, bantering with her as he works her into a hogtie. No, Indra, you can't talk you way out of this one!

Once Diablo has Indra tied, he amuses himself by tickling her exposed little feet. Poor ticklish Indra laughs and squirms, totally unable to get away. We enjoy about 7 minutes of Indra hogtied, taunted, and harassed. To conclude, Diablo tape gags Indra with duct tape, admires his work, and strikes a victory pose. Indra gets her comeuppance!

Light-hearted, friendly tone with playful banter. Diablo focuses on quick tying and control, not forceful wrestling.

Running time: 14 minutes

Available at clips4sale:

Friday, December 13, 2013

Bondage Antics with Keri Spectrum and VeVe Lane!

I haven't blogged about this yet?  How delinquent of me.  Truth be told, I have been MIA from the blogging in general.  Shame on me.  But I do have good reason!  Too much time behind the camera and behind the editing thingy.

But anyway, we kicked off December with a pair of awesome, sexy, and somewhat madcap bondage videos with the original bondage wrestling ladies: VeVe Lane and Keri Spectrum.


# 1. Bikini Bondage Caper! 
VeVe Lane and Keri Spectrum

Inline image 1

VeVe Lane and Keri Spectrum each find themselves in a variety of "binds" in this complex, detective-themed bondage video. And since the setting is a "beach resort," the ladies wear micro thong bikinis the whole time!

Detective VeVe is investigating the mysterious disappearance of the wealthy young Mr. Carrington Jr. Her research leads her to the hotel room of Keri, Carrington's ex-girlfriend. When Keri discovers VeVe snooping in her room, all hell breaks loose!

The story takes several twists and turns, resulting in wrestling, scrambling, crazy holds, VeVe rope-bound and cleave gagged, VeVe ball gagged and bound to a bed, Keri facesitting and torturing bound VeVe, both ladies duct tape bound and tape gagged,Keri cleave gagged and bound to the bed, VeVe facesitting the bound Keri, treachery, bound struggling, gag talking, belly punching, lots of skin, and... did I mention bound struggling? Yes, a lot of that. And tiny thong bikinis!

VeVe is the "good girl," and the villainous Keri puts her through her paces, with VeVe in most of the binds. But good triumphs in the end of this tale, and VeVe both solves the case and gets her revenge on Keri with some well-deserved bound facesitting. All in a day's work for Detective Lane!

Running time:  40 minutes

Available through clips4sale:

2. Identity Theft
VeVe and Keri

Inline image 2

In this scenario, VeVe plays a cat burglar in search of hidden diamonds. She is stopped by Officer Keri. But before Keri can make her arrest, VeVe attacks.

The ladies wrestle for control until VeVe gets the upper hand. VeVe forces Keri to strip out of her police uniform and into her bra and panties. But just as VeVe gets some rope to tie up KeriKeri turns the tables. Keri gains the upper hand and then forces VeVe to strip out of her bodystocking and into her bra and panties. After stripping down, VeVe seizes an opportunity and attacks again.

The ladies struggle on the floor with the rope, again wrestling for control. Finally, VeVe binds Keri into a tight hogtie and forces her to reveal to location of the diamonds.

After collecting the diamonds, VeVe gags Keri with a ballgag and then steals her police uniform. VeVe disguises herself inKeri's uniform and sneaks out the door, leaving poor Officer Keri to struggle uselessly, bound and gagged, in just her bra and panties.

Running time: 19 minutes

Inline image 3 Inline image 4 Inline image 5 Inline image 6

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fast Hogtie Under Pressure: VeVe and Mahea

Whew, I'm finally back at the Bondage Wrestling Blog (wish I could say the same for VeVe, but I'll wrangle her back here soon enough).  Today's topic will be the lovely, down-to-business bondage wrestling match that took place between VeVe and Mahea in late October.

Mahea had come into town for a visit, and she and Hanz had set up to film a number of things together.  I was on board to film for Hanz.  We were going to be using a new venue for the first time.  VeVe wanted to get involved with filming at the new venue, so we looked to one thing that VeVe and Mahea had not filmed yet together: a bondage wrestling match.

Now, I talked about this a bit in the Adventures in Wrestling Media Production blog, so I'm risking some redundancy here.  Just so you know.

When VeVe first asked Mahea about the rope-tie match, Mahea said she didn't think she was very good with knots, but that she was curious to give it a try.  People are always curious about bondage wrestling.  It's like a real-life adventure movie scene, or maybe it's like a wild west experience.  People tend to like capture games.

Once Hanz had finished up his filming with Mahea, our space booking time was quickly coming to a close.  We had already extended the booking, and we didn't want to have to extent it again.  We were about to abandon the bondage wrestling idea for time's sake, but everyone was still pretty amp'ed to give it a go.  So we got the camera rolling and set off!

Remembering bondage wrestling matches against Hanz and Kim, which went on for a long time before a tie was achieved, VeVe decided she didn't want to take any chances.  She also suspected that Mahea would be a determined escapee, and she remembered her rope match with escapist Bettie a year ago, where no ties at all were achieved within the time limit.  So, now, facing a time limit and an experienced wrestler, VeVe definitely decided to play hardball.  She knew what tie she wanted, and she wanted it as fast as possible.

Right from the start, VeVe flew at Mahea and got right to work with the rope.  She put all of her developed quick-tie and rope-wrestling techniques to good use, shrugging off Mahea's own binding attempts and handling the rope like a seasoned veteran.

Before she knew what VeVe was up to, Mahea found herself hogtied.  And it was a neat and tidy hogtie - functional, but with some small added embellishment (VeVe can't stand leaving rope unused).  To get this tie, VeVe didn't go straight into it.  As I have been noticing, she will often gain a certain immobilizing tie, which she will keep temporarily as she binds other areas of the body.  Then she will remove or change the temporary tie for the finish.  I think of this as a "paper weight" tie.

So we do believe that this was VeVe's fast real-time hogtie in a bondage wrestling match.  I think being under the gun time-wise really spurred her on - it was late, and we just couldn't stay too much longer.  A great, fast hogtie under pressure!  Now, with no further ado, here's the official write-up:

VeVe Lane vs Mahea
Female Bondage Wrestling

VeVe invites visiting wrestler and MMA fighter Mahea to join her for a competitive bondage wrestling match. Mahea has never tried this rope-tie style before, but she was curious to give it a go.

Rope expert VeVe brought her A-game to this engagement. Suspecting that Mahea might be quick at escaping, VeVe didn't take any chances - she rushes Mahea right from the start and puts her speed-tying skills to good use.

Mahea holds on as best she can, trying to bind VeVe as well, but VeVe's rope-work wrestling is incredible and efficient!

VeVe catches Mahea in an impressive lotus lock to double-elbow tie, putting Mahea into a very vulnerable spot. And though Mahea keeps struggling to escape, VeVe works her into a full, tight, and complete hogtie. The hogtie is neat and tidy, and Mahea is completely baffled by how this happened! One of VeVe's fastest competitive hogties to date! And she proudly displays her work.

Total video running time: 12:27

Preview pictures:

Available via clips4sale:

Inline image 2 Inline image 3  
Inline image 4

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Villainess Bondage Escapades: VeVe, Venom, Indra

I'm overstaying my welcome here in this cafe, so I hope I can make this brief and to-the-point.  I really need to get this blog entry out.  Here's to trying!

So, on the Monday following our early October weekend of massive wrestling filming, VeVe, Venom, and Indra all got together to film a special request bondage video.

For this video, the ladies needed to get themselves kitted out in some snazzy attire.

Venom, in particular, was requested to get a very specific sort of top, which, I am pleased to say, she was able to find by chance in Manhattan.  She also found a pair of great slashy-vented type leggings.

Indra wore her studded leather boots with a black spandex body suit.  And VeVe revived the outfit she created for FetCon: tall leather boots, black leggings, and black leotard with deeply plunging V neckline.  And a black sash, for flair.

When the ladies arrived and put on their outfits, I knew we'd be in for an interesting evening.

And then I left them alone together as they went over their script and assignment (I had limited knowledge of the actual script).

When I returned, with camera ready to roll, what unfolded before me was very interesting, indeed...

Now, I hesitate to use the word "mayhem," because that implies a lack of coordination and control.  But, nonetheless, "mayhem" really sounds like a good word here.  Bondage mayhem, booted mayhem.  Villainesses - rolling on the floor - ropes galore - binding and gagging - and arguing and double-crossing - and trickery - and British vs American - mayhem.  But controlled.  Of course.

The ladies were really quite brilliant as they played out this multi-scene villainess bondage scenario.  There I was, framing it and watching the story unfold.

The Brits double-crossed VeVe on a trade deal.  They jump her, wrestle her down, tie her up.  They foil escape attempts, offer her for ransom, tie her up again.  And again.  Indra gets tricked... twice.  VeVe turns the tables.  The Brits wind up bound themselves and then offered for ransom.

Stiletto boots, down on the mats, wrestling and rolling in several classic-style bouts of villainess struggling.  Someone gets tied up, in one way or another.  Villainess in-fighting, ropes, gags, great improvised dialogue and characterizations.

When we finished up, we wondered just how long this video would be.  Maybe 30 minutes?  Maybe 25?  After a round of easy editing, we found it to be a respectable 41 minutes long!

I think the ladies had a lot of fun filming this piece, and it was really great getting them all together for it.  Lots of fun, lots of bondage, and a classic story of villainess one-upmanship!

Now, if only we could have gotten the 3 of them outside and into a Charlie's Angels pose. Next time ;)

Anyway, here's the official word on the matter....


Villainess Bondage: Ransom!
VeVe, Venom, Indra

VeVe, Venom, and Indra star as villainesses in this complex, fantasy scenario-based bondage video. Tall boots, tight leggings, rope, gags, crazy wrestling, treachery, and a variety of ties!

The scene opens as VeVe and Indra strike a deal between their separate organizations. But Indra's cohort Venom enters secretly and jumps VeVe from behind. A double cross! And thus the villainess madness begins as VeVe finds herself wrestled down and bound several times before turning the tables in her favor...

The bondage ties involved: The British team of Venom and Indra subdue and bind VeVe in a variety of ways as they hold her for ransom: Damsel-in-distress style (wrists, feet, chest rope) with wadded cloth gag; tied to a chair; tied like a "Y" to the bed posts (with duct tape gag).

But with some trickery - and Indra is especially susceptible to that! - VeVe is able to escape and turn the tables. VeVe binds Indra face down on the bed, gagged with arms behind her back. She later wrestles Venom into a quick-tie arms-behind-back harness, gagging her with duct tape.

The final scene finds Venom and Indra bound back-to-back in chairs, with their respective gags, as VeVe makes a phone call.. now *she's* the one demanding the ransom!

Details: Domestic setting. The ladies wear their boots through entire video (except when VeVe bound on bed: then she wears bikini only).

The wrestling is fantasy style to allow for the stiletto heels of VeVe and Indra. Holds include scissors, facesitting, sleeper holds, chokeholds, pinning, even a camel clutch! 2 vs 1 and 1 vs 1. Continuous villainess-inspired dialogue, including taunting and gloating. A non-stop bondage-filled scenario!

Full video running time: 41 minutes

Preview pictures:

Available at clips4sale:

Friday, October 11, 2013

Mistress Kara's Mixed Bondage Wrestling!

We were pleased to welcome visitor from California, Mistress Kara, for our big October filming event.  Experienced in rope-work from traditional domination bondage, as well as competitive wrestling, Kara was excited to give bondage wrestling a try.

Here's the official word on the matter:

Mistress Kara shows her stuff at the NYC October filming event...

Mistress Kara vs Conrad
Mixed Bondage Wrestling

Inline image 1

Witness the raw physical power of Mistress Kara as she visits us in NYC for a competitive mixed bondage wrestling match. Young buck Conrad steps up to face off against Kara, but little does he know he faces a hard road ahead...

Not only is Kara a wrestling powerhouse, but she is also a dominatrix skilled in rope work. Within minutes, she wrestles Conrad to the ground, forces her way into a mounted pin, and begins to sink in her ropes. Conrad bucks and thrashes, but Kara is tenaciously strong, forcing him into a painful double elbow tie. Conrad fights on as best he can, but Kara maintains dominance while working him into a hogtie. ...and Kara won't hesitate to cause pain to get her way: she delivers repeated, hard spanking when he resists her completing the tie.

Once Conrad is fully hogtied, Kara dominates him even further. She sits on his face, scissors him, slaps him, and forces him to call her "Mistress." Kara truly delights in tormenting her prey, especially when he futilely resist. She harasses Conrad further, physically abusing him with chokeholds, spinning him around, smothering him, seductively belittling him, and thoroughly humiliating this once-cocky little prick until he has no choice but to submit.

A fantastic display of female dominance - both physical and psychological!

Total running time: 16 minutes

Preview pictures at DoomMaidens:

Available for download at clips4sale:

Inline image 2 Inline image 3 Inline image 4 Inline image 5

Preview Pictures: Mistress Kara vs Conrad: Bondage Wrestling

Preview pictures from Mistress Kara's bondage wrestling match with Conrad from our big filming event.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Escalating into a Bondage Nightmare

Over in my Adventures in Wrestling Media Production blog, I just made a post talking about my filming experiences with Sable this past weekend.  And in that entry, I referred to a little bondage video that Sable filmed with VeVe and Hanz.  I'll talk a bit about that now...

Earlier this year, VeVe had faced off against two opponents in her bondage wrestling match against the combined power of Sircee and Candy Pain.  Though her opponents worked hard and used good team work, it did give them a bit of trouble to completely tie up little VeVe.  Since Hanz has given VeVe fits in one-on-one bondage wrestling, we were curious to see just how well he'd do in a 2-on-1 bondage match.

So VeVe teamed up with Sable to put Hanz to the test.

Our question was answered fairly quickly, mind you.  How well would Hanz do...?  Well, not too well.

I suppose the deck was a bit stacked.  The odds were not in his favor.  VeVe is already quite experienced as a quick-tie bondage wrestler, and Sable is an experienced and creative wrestler who's worked with rope before.  And Hanz, well, Hanz had no idea what sort of synergy would emerge from these two ladies.  So, he gathered all the ropes in to him and...

...that turned out to be a mistake.  The ladies pinned and bound Hanz so quickly, that I couldn't even really call this bondage wrestling.  It was more like a bondage attack.  Hanz had absolutely no chance to mount any sort of offense as the ladies sat on him and worked the ropes down his limbs, with Sable on the feet and VeVe on the arms.

Sure, the speed of Hanz's loss here was amusing, and I do think Hanz was himself amused with it for a moment.  Until the ladies got wicked.

Peer pressure?  Egging on?  Overzealous celebration?  Needless to say, sportsmanship somehow managed to go out the window.  With VeVe and Sable encouraging each other, Hanz ended up getting more than he actually signed up for.

And thus, this was no bondage match; it was a bondage nightmare.

Such nice ladies.  What came over them?  Hmm....

(Here's the official write-up)
Bondage Nightmare
VeVe and Sable vs Hanz

Hanz agrees to try a 2-on-1 bondage wrestling match against the female team of VeVe and Sable. But against these two ladies, this match quickly turns into a bondage nightmare!

Sure, the ladies are nice enough in their opening interview, but those smiles are deceptive... Using excellent teamwork, VeVe and Sable pin Hanz down, lock up his arms and legs, and start to bind him very quickly. They cinch his wrists, elbows, and ankles so tightly that the rope-bite pain makes it impossible for him to move. He definitely had no chance here. But that's just the start...

The ladies are so thrilled by how easily they overpowered Hanz that they are quickly carried in vicious celebration. They bind him even further, tying him into a ball and gagging him with a rope. VeVe whips him and triangles him while he's bound. Sable harasses him with a crotch rope. The ladies laugh and tease all the while. Where did this sadism come from?!

Gleeful cruelty. And totally unexpected! They sit on him, pull the ropes tight, roll him around, slap his thighs, and torture him for losing so quickly. They gloat and conclude with a victory pose. The moral of the story: bondage wrestling against two skilled ladies will quickly become a humiliating nightmare!

Running time: 13 minutes

Available at MixedWrestlingNYC clips4sale:

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall Bondage Wrestling Upcoming: London Ladies and Rope

Whoa, no bondage wrestling yet for September?  Say it ain't so!  Oh, no, but yes, it is so.  So sad.

But have no fear, bondage wrestling IS coming up later this month.

We've got visitors Honey and Sable coming in from the London Wrestling Studio, and there is most certainly rope work waiting to wrap them up here in NYC.


Sable will be jumping in for a mixed bondage wrestling match against an opponent to be determined.  Possible male opponent candidates include Adrian, newcomer Bobby, or even me (Diablo).  Honey will be taking on VeVe in a female bondage wrestling match, which may prove to be rather difficult for Honey.  I will note, though, that Honey has "practiced" being tied up by Indra.  Just saying.

Speaking of ladies from London + Bondage Wrestling, we've got some more British ladies coming in in October who will be trying their hands at bondage wrestling as well.  Independent London wrestler M will try her luck against VeVe.  Fellow London wrestler Venom will feature in a special bondage wrestling video featuring VeVe and Indra.  And speaking of Indra - a London Brit currently relocated to NYC - she will be taking on Savannah Fox in bondage wrestling also in October.