Friday, March 21, 2014

Duct Tape Bondage Wrestling Debut! VeVe and Minxy

At last, we finally got a chance to try duct tape bondage wrestling!  Here's how that went down...

Actually, there are a number of facets linked to how this particular first go-round of duct tape bondage wrestling came to be.  Let me see if I can organize this for sharing.

Earlier this season, VeVe and I had discussed a multi-person guest wrestler shoot to kick off the duct tape wrestling idea.  This was along the lines of the 4-way female bondage wrestling matches, but it was to have a more specific scenario.  Basically, a ballet class gets a little out of hand and soon little leotard-and-tights ladies start to get taped up.  After all, the duct taped ballerina look just had such a nice aesthetic.

Unfortunately, though, we didn't have time to execute that idea, and it got pushed to the back burner.

However, with the arrival of adventurous visiting wrestler Minxy Li, the duct tape bondage idea climbed its way back on to the table.  Minxy was especially interested to try out new and different wrestling variations, so when we floated the duct tape idea by her, she jumped at the opportunity.

And so, VeVe and Minxy geared up to try out our very first competitive female duct tape bondage wrestling match.  We stuck with the ballerina theme - minus the ballet shoes - and gave the ladies a scenario to play with: two dancers are spiking the stage for an upcoming performance when they accidentally bump into each other and fall into bickering.  Their little argument gets physical and, since they both do have rolls of tape... well, you know, taping someone up is a good way to keep her out of your way!

One thing that I found amusing was that the ladies were very bitchy talky right before they hit the mats, but once they started to wrestle and work the tape, they both fell pretty silent.  Even Minxy!!  But once someone was pretty well secured, the bickering came right back.  Well, until the tape gag went on.  But anyway, that's just a further instance of competitive action taking a lot of concentration and cutting down on chatter.

So, that was a lot of fun, and it did actually go pretty swiftly.  But, of course, the "penalty" for the loser was not as swift as she'd have liked it to be!

Surprisingly, the ladies' pantyhose stayed impressively intact.  VeVe's hose seem to have been unscathed, and Minxy's only sprung a wide series of straight runs down one leg.

But anyway, with no further ado, here's the official video write-up:

Duct Tape Bondage Wrestling
VeVe Lane vs Minxy Li

At last, chance for some competitive duct tape bondage wrestling! And to give it a shot: VeVe Lane and Minxy Li.

VeVe and Minxy are ballerinas getting ready for a show by taping out the stage floor. But when the two dancers get into each other's way, tempers flare and the tape gets put to more practical use! The ladies engage immediately, wrestling and struggling to fully immobilize each other using the duct tape.

Both ladies start off mounting an equally strong offensive, but VeVe soars into the lead once she binds Minxy's knees and then chest. Minxy continues to struggle and complain, but VeVe wraps her up tightly, using lots of tape to bind Minxy's arms to her chest. Tired of Minxy's complaints, VeVe tape gags her and then goes on to use the rest of the tape roll to further bind Minxy's legs and chest.

Even though she's gagged, Minxy keeps moaning. So, VeVe facesits her and then head scissors her until she shuts up and fades... Satisfied, VeVe rolls Minxy aside and admires her work. Poor Minxy's not going anywhere!

Running time: 13 minutes

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

4-Way Lingerie Bondage Wrestling Mayhem!

Our second ever 4-way female bondage wrestling match.  Last time the ladies sported tight jeans, but for this one, they come prepared for battle in their favorite lingerie.

4-Way Lingerie Bondage Wrestling
Keri, Ginary, VeVe, Darling
February 2014

VeVe Lane is joined by guest wrestlers Keri Spectrum, Ginary, and Darling to kick off our second 4-way competitive female bondage wrestling challenge! It's every-girl-for-herself, with no double-teaming or team work of any sort allowed. The end result is to be 3 hogtied, gagged ladies and 1 final victor.

All 4 ladies are dressed in red or black lingerie, and initial match-ups were randomly determined based on who chose what color to wear. To start, Keri faced off with Ginary, VeVe with Darling. Both pairs grabbed their ropes and hit the mats simultaneously. Keri quickly pins and hogties Ginary, as VeVe struggles to control the fiery Darling. But after about 6 minutes of battle, VeVe finally lotus locks, double-elbows, and hogties Darling. Now, with Ginary and Darling securely hogtied, Keri and VeVe turn their sights on each other...

The two long-time bondage wrestling opponents fly at each other for the final showdown, as bound Ginary and Darling watch and comment (and occasionally roll out of the way!) from their corners of the mat. After a furious scramble, VeVe again uses the lotus lock, trapping Keri helplessly, binding her elbows, and then working her into a full hogtie. 

VeVe takes a look around and sees she is now surrounded by three hogtied ladies!

Now, first things first - VeVe punishes Keri's rude and mouthy attitude by briefly facesitting her. She then drags all of the ladies into a neat row, taunting them as she cleave gags each one. VeVe then tickles each of them - especially Keri! - while still taunting them and laughing at their gag-talking complaints. 

Finally, she hits a brief victory pose, challenges them to try to escape, and leaves them to it.

Using team work and their teeth, plus squirming and struggling, Darling and Keri eventually free themselves. Ginary, however, likes the hogtie and refuses to escape!

Total running time: 27 minutes

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