Tuesday, March 4, 2014

4-Way Lingerie Bondage Wrestling Mayhem!

Our second ever 4-way female bondage wrestling match.  Last time the ladies sported tight jeans, but for this one, they come prepared for battle in their favorite lingerie.

4-Way Lingerie Bondage Wrestling
Keri, Ginary, VeVe, Darling
February 2014

VeVe Lane is joined by guest wrestlers Keri Spectrum, Ginary, and Darling to kick off our second 4-way competitive female bondage wrestling challenge! It's every-girl-for-herself, with no double-teaming or team work of any sort allowed. The end result is to be 3 hogtied, gagged ladies and 1 final victor.

All 4 ladies are dressed in red or black lingerie, and initial match-ups were randomly determined based on who chose what color to wear. To start, Keri faced off with Ginary, VeVe with Darling. Both pairs grabbed their ropes and hit the mats simultaneously. Keri quickly pins and hogties Ginary, as VeVe struggles to control the fiery Darling. But after about 6 minutes of battle, VeVe finally lotus locks, double-elbows, and hogties Darling. Now, with Ginary and Darling securely hogtied, Keri and VeVe turn their sights on each other...

The two long-time bondage wrestling opponents fly at each other for the final showdown, as bound Ginary and Darling watch and comment (and occasionally roll out of the way!) from their corners of the mat. After a furious scramble, VeVe again uses the lotus lock, trapping Keri helplessly, binding her elbows, and then working her into a full hogtie. 

VeVe takes a look around and sees she is now surrounded by three hogtied ladies!

Now, first things first - VeVe punishes Keri's rude and mouthy attitude by briefly facesitting her. She then drags all of the ladies into a neat row, taunting them as she cleave gags each one. VeVe then tickles each of them - especially Keri! - while still taunting them and laughing at their gag-talking complaints. 

Finally, she hits a brief victory pose, challenges them to try to escape, and leaves them to it.

Using team work and their teeth, plus squirming and struggling, Darling and Keri eventually free themselves. Ginary, however, likes the hogtie and refuses to escape!

Total running time: 27 minutes

Available via clips4sale:  http://www.clips4sale.com/47489/10485765