Tuesday, June 11, 2013

fresh meat for VeVe: bondage wrestling w/Conrad

So the bondage wrestling adventures continue...

On Saturday, I brought a new opponent into the studio to try his hand at bondage wrestling.  Conrad was a bit of a young buck type, a confident 22-year-old who'd done some middle school and high school wrestling.  "I bet I could pin you in a straight match," he said.  I do not agree...but we'll settle that question another day.  Saturday was all about the ropes.

Now Conrad also had a sort of macho-masochistic curiosity to find out "how much he could take," so we came up with a scenario that would give me a great excuse to torment him if I won.  And that is IF I won.  We let the new challengers know that they are absolutely allowed to win, that they should try their hardest, and that it would in fact be GREAT if they won.  I've noticed the guys, in particular, will perk up and be very excited when they hear this...until the match begins and they realize how hard it is to tie up a resisting opponent.

Anyway, this scenario.  Conrad played a model who agrees to come in to do a domination video with me, but changes his mind in the middle of the shoot and refuses to finish the video.  I can't let that happen, so...bondage wrestling to decide if he will escape or get "stuck" finishing the shoot and being punished for his recalcitrance.

Now here is the great secret of this match.  It may appear to have nothing to do with the recent 4-way, FvF bondage match I did with Shauna, Indra, and Kim, but it actually had everything to do with it.  In that match, Kim gave me a LOT of trouble getting her tied up.  I kept going for the super-tie that I know is an immediate, sure-fire match ender, the behind-the-back double elbow tie.  This tie is absolutely brilliant IF you can get it, but it requires that you trap both of the other person's arms at once and that the rope doesn't slip down to the wrists before it's tightened -- and the other person is usually more than happy to help it slip with a lot of pushing and wriggling.  Add in the other person being better-than-average flexible and/or the rope being a little bit short, and this very wonderful tie can be almost impossible to get.

It was only after the match that I remembered a technique I haven't used in forever -- the single-wrist-behind-the-back tie.  I have been kicking myself ever since for not trying that technique on Kim.  So going into this match with Conrad, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to try, and I went right for it.  I'll give Conrad props for not being a pushover wrestler generally speaking, but I had a mission in this match, and I had a game plan.  And it worked beautifully.  The single wrist tie isn't as secure as the double elbow, but it is wonderful for hobbling the other person just enough to let you set up the double elbow better and tighter than ever.

And we are talking ridiculously tight.  I'm amazed, actually, that Conrad was able to put up with that tie -- elbows together and once the hogtie was cinched in, some nasty wrist-ankle tension.  I'll also give him props for toughness.  He stood all the punishment slapping and smothering quite well too.

Now the next item on the bondage wrestling agenda is an escape-and-attack challenge between Indra and Orlandoe.  I may have to share a few of these tying insights with the ladies before they face off.  As far as I've been able to figure, there are 3-1/2 ties that REALLY work in a competitive bondage wrestling situation, and after you've gotten control with those you can embellish however you like...  But this is a topic for another time!

wonderful fanart!

I have a more full update coming today about the recent bondage wrestling goings-on, but first this completely deserves its own post.

Some very excellent fanart made by a viewer of my rope rematch with Hanz:

A very big thank you to the artist!