Monday, May 12, 2014

Sinn Sage Meets VeVe in the Bondage Arena

Oh my goodness, where have I been?  My last blog update was the the Duct Tape match between VeVe and Minxy Li, and we've already filmed four new bondage wrestling matches since then.  I'd better remedy this blogging lag!

Following the very fun adventures featuring duct tape battling ballerinas, we returned to rope bondage as VeVe Lane introduced visiting wrestler Sinn Sage to the art of bondage wrestling.

We met Sinn at Keri Spectrum's place for a long evening of filming with the ladies.  Following a fun facesitting match with Sinn and VeVe, VeVe brought out the ropes and offered Sinn a chance for a new challenge.  Sinn had never wrestled with rope-tying before, but she's an adventurous lady and a scrappy wrestler, so she was curious to give it a try.

As a newcomer-courtesy, VeVe moved in slowly on Sinn once the match began, but Sinn was excited and quite competitive, giving VeVe a rough ride to handle.  But in the end, experience won the day, and after a wild scramble, VeVe managed to wrangle the newcomer into a tidy hogtie.

And, oh, poor Sinn.  I don't quite think she liked being bound like that!  But she got caught while she was being very fiery, and you know what they say: the more fiery they are, the harder the rope will bite.  She learned that lesson pretty quickly!  And this phenomenon put her into a more physically compliant state once the double-elbow tie cinched in... but she was certainly not happy to be there.  Unfortunately for Sinn, all of her wincing, suffering, and cursing at VeVe only ended up with her getting ball gagged.

And as I write this, we are preparing for a filming tour to the West Coast, where we'll be filming with Sinn Sage yet again!  Will she do some tying of her own this time?  Will she get her bondage vengeance on VeVe some how?  We shall see!

That's coming up soon, but for now, here's the official write up for this competitive bondage wrestling match with VeVe and Sinn.  Enjoy!

VeVe Lane vs Sinn Sage
Female Bondage Wrestling
March 2014

VeVe is pleased to introduce visitor Sinn Sage to the lovely art of bondage wrestling! Sinn has experience with wrestling, but she's never tried it with rope involved before. She bravely accepts rope-veteran VeVe's challenge and sets out to give it a shot!

As the ladies hit the mats, VeVe works her ropes in slowly to start, sizing up newcomer Sinn. But when given an inch, Sinn takes a mile, proving to be a resistant opponent and determined escapist. The ladies grapple continuously, with VeVe attempting to work in immobilizing limb ties while Sinn races to untie the binding and knock VeVe off of her.

The ladies struggle for about 10 minutes until VeVe lands a shoulder-stretching lotus lock to start a good rope-binding on Sinn's wrists. It's all downhill for Sinn from there. Painfully tight wrist ties keep Sinn still as VeVe binds up Sinn's knees and ankles, working her into a hogtie as she winces from the rope bite. VeVe admires her work, but when Sinn starts cursing at her, VeVe decides to shut her up with a delightful ball gag (Sinn, however, is not delighted by it!). With Sinn hogtied, squirming, suffering, and gagged, VeVe celebrates her triumph with a victory pose.

Running time: 20 minutes

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