Sunday, October 26, 2014

Early Gagging, New Ideas, Looking Forward

Greetings gentle readers, it is I yet again!  As October draws to a close, I wanted to wrap up with a little post touching on thoughts I've had this month, suggestions and wish-list ideas fans have sent in, and intentions for going forward.

First off, a fan suggestion that I'm quite interested in realizing: early gagging.

Early Gagging?  I know, the term sounds kind of raunchy or something, but I've yet to come up with a tidier way to say: "Get the gag in / on as soon as possible in the bondage match."

More than one fan has suggested this, actually, and I completely support the idea.  However, granted, it is nearly impossible to pull off in a competitive match (which maybe makes me want to try that even more...), but it is certainly do-able in a fantasy or scenario-based match video.

Strategic Early Gagging

In a superheroine-themed pro-style match from this past summer, VeVe and Jade Indica got to try this out.  Since VeVe's superheroine character had a super sonic scream special ability, Jade's villainess character needed to gag her as soon as possible, lest she suffer any further from the sonic blasts (and she suffered from 2 already!).  So, Jade cleverly solves the problem "with a little red tape" by tape gagging VeVe mid-way through the match, forcing "VeVe Canary" to fight the last half while over-the-mouth tape gagged.  This created a nice effect of the poor superheroine suffering through pro-style holds while also gagged.

And once Jade had fully physically defeated her foe, she wrapped her up in more tape and finished with a red tape hogtie.  It was a brilliant and clever performance by both ladies, but, of course, it wasn't bondage wrestling as we understand it here.

So, as we see, tape is a good and quick option for early gagging.  But unless the tape goes all the way around the head, it may be likely to fall off due to sweatiness or to get removed, either intentionally or accidentally, in a competitive bondage match.  Of course, then again, maybe not.

Early gagging is great when your opponent is a superheroine with a dangerous sonic scream special attack, and I'd actually like to explore that idea further.  In fact, I'd like to bring back the Canary character, this time in the form of Rachel DD.  And I'd like to get that gag on her right from the start, after she's been tricked or taken by surprise, and then forced to fight for survival without her scream ability.

I may put Evil VeVe on the task of harassing Rachel Canary, but I also have some other plans for Rachel and bondage wrestling as well, looking forward.  But before I get into that, one more comment on the early gagging.

Ball Gag for Early Gagging?

I do believe there was a fan who suggested using a ball gag for early gagging.  Now, while I do think this is an intriguing and viable idea, I also think it might prove quite difficult for the competitors / participants.  I like the idea, I really do, and I like the potential for genuine stress and strain expressions on the faces of the ball gagged participants, but I do wonder if that ball would just cause too much breathing difficulty or general jaw discomfort to be worn in wrestling conditions.

Certainly, only the bravest and most stout-of-heart will agree to try this challenging activity.  Is it possible?  There's really only one way to find out for sure...

Looking forward...

More Bondage Wrestling with Rachel DD

Fans have also responded positively to suggestions about a competitive bondage wrestling match featuring me (Diablo) against the very physically expressive Rachel DD.

I had the pleasure of bondage wrestling Rachel's friend Lela Beryl back in March of this year, and I'd certainly enjoy a chance to rope-up the squiggly and wriggly Rachel as well.

Granted, I'm not sure I can compare with the lovely rope-doings of VeVe in her match against Rachel (indeed, the crotch rope insta-choice was inspired), but I would like to get my grips on Rachel in a superheroine / super villain type match situation.  Would I be the one to take down Rachel Canary, using the early gagging strategy?  What sort of nefarious tortures would await poor Rachel Canary once she's been bondage wrestled down and properly bound?  Heck, let's not get ahead of ourselves: what sort of lovely images would we make as the lovely-yet-gagged Rachel struggles under the pressures of the match itself?

And even more thoughts on Rachel and bondage wrestling: what about Rachel vs Crazy Azy?  Rachel vs Amazon Annie?

Other Bondage Wrestling Challenges

Other fans have also suggested more "Escape and Attack" type matches.  These matches mean that the participants start tied up in the same types of tie, and once they get the "Go!", both struggle to escape as fast as they can.  The first person out races over the the other person and then the match "begins," with the other person now needing to fight from whatever tied position he/she is still in.  Sometimes, as was the case in of VeVe's Escape & Attack against Orlandoe, the poor opponent is not able to slip any of the original bonds at all!  That always leads to a very unhappy and even more tightly bound situation for the loser...

So, we've had suggestions for Escape & Attacks with both opponents gagged from the start (more early gagging getting involved here).  I'm thinking ball gag, tape, cleave, any of those are perfectly good.  I've also considered start positions such as spread-eagle, using spreader bars or other furniture; duct taped bound starts; or opponents who are first bound individually and then also bound together in some way.  There's a lot of potential here.

Looking forward...

In any case, I'm overstaying my welcome here in this little cafe, and the crowd is really starting to build up around me.  So, I'm going to bring this entry to a close now.  I hope you all enjoy this post, and I certainly welcome comments, suggestions, and any dialogue about the ideas here.

And by all means, keep sending in your "Wish List" ideas.  We may not be able to realize everything, and we may not be able to get to everything right away, but many suggestions do stick in our minds as we move forward.  Challenging suggestions are intriguing!  Of course, more accessible suggestions are... more accessible.  But we do love a good challenge.  Looking forward... onward to more adventures in the wild world of bondage wrestling!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bondage Wrestling Newcomers All Around!

Tomorrow is newbie day in the bondage wrestling arena!

Oh my, what's that mean?  

It means that when the cat's away, the mice will play.  Rope-tie wrestling veteran VeVe is out of town this month, but her students and former opponents are gearing up for a rumble.

Tomorrow we're set to film two new competitive bondage wrestling matches featuring visiting wrestler Mahea, as well as local wrestlers Crazy Azy and Hanz Vanderkill.  The fight combos look like this: Mahea vs Crazy Azy and Mahea vs Hanz.

As far as I know, Mahea has only competitively bondage wrestled once, and it was against VeVe last year (Oct 2013).  

VeVe was on the war path for that one, and she made quick work of Mahea.  But now Mahea will get a chance to face off against two Not-VeVe opponents, one of whom we've yet to see competitively bondage wrestle...

That would be Crazy Azy.  As far as I know, Azy hasn't bondage wrestled solo, though she may have double teamed some hapless souls alongside Amazon Annie.  However, Azy did come over to the studio recently for a quick tutorial with VeVe.  It was only an hour-long lesson, but will it be enough to get the job done tomorrow?

Then there's Hanz, the perpetual Nemesis On The Mats.  Hanz has the most bondage wrestling experience of the 3 competitors who will be gathering tomorrow.  However, he has yet to win a match.  Granted, his last 2 competitive matches were against VeVe (May 2012 and May 2013).  In his first match, he held out for about 20 minutes.  In his second for 40 minutes.  But the question remains: can he finish a tie?  Like Azy, Hanz recently had a one-on-one tutorial with VeVe.  Will he be able to put the new knowledge to good use?

So hooray for the new competitors stepping up!  None of these fighters has yet to win a bondage wrestling challenge, so they'll be hungry for their chance to rack up a W.

What will happen?  How long will each match take?  What kind of ties will they discover?  We'll find out tomorrow, and I'll keep you posted!