Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fast Hogtie Under Pressure: VeVe and Mahea

Whew, I'm finally back at the Bondage Wrestling Blog (wish I could say the same for VeVe, but I'll wrangle her back here soon enough).  Today's topic will be the lovely, down-to-business bondage wrestling match that took place between VeVe and Mahea in late October.

Mahea had come into town for a visit, and she and Hanz had set up to film a number of things together.  I was on board to film for Hanz.  We were going to be using a new venue for the first time.  VeVe wanted to get involved with filming at the new venue, so we looked to one thing that VeVe and Mahea had not filmed yet together: a bondage wrestling match.

Now, I talked about this a bit in the Adventures in Wrestling Media Production blog, so I'm risking some redundancy here.  Just so you know.

When VeVe first asked Mahea about the rope-tie match, Mahea said she didn't think she was very good with knots, but that she was curious to give it a try.  People are always curious about bondage wrestling.  It's like a real-life adventure movie scene, or maybe it's like a wild west experience.  People tend to like capture games.

Once Hanz had finished up his filming with Mahea, our space booking time was quickly coming to a close.  We had already extended the booking, and we didn't want to have to extent it again.  We were about to abandon the bondage wrestling idea for time's sake, but everyone was still pretty amp'ed to give it a go.  So we got the camera rolling and set off!

Remembering bondage wrestling matches against Hanz and Kim, which went on for a long time before a tie was achieved, VeVe decided she didn't want to take any chances.  She also suspected that Mahea would be a determined escapee, and she remembered her rope match with escapist Bettie a year ago, where no ties at all were achieved within the time limit.  So, now, facing a time limit and an experienced wrestler, VeVe definitely decided to play hardball.  She knew what tie she wanted, and she wanted it as fast as possible.

Right from the start, VeVe flew at Mahea and got right to work with the rope.  She put all of her developed quick-tie and rope-wrestling techniques to good use, shrugging off Mahea's own binding attempts and handling the rope like a seasoned veteran.

Before she knew what VeVe was up to, Mahea found herself hogtied.  And it was a neat and tidy hogtie - functional, but with some small added embellishment (VeVe can't stand leaving rope unused).  To get this tie, VeVe didn't go straight into it.  As I have been noticing, she will often gain a certain immobilizing tie, which she will keep temporarily as she binds other areas of the body.  Then she will remove or change the temporary tie for the finish.  I think of this as a "paper weight" tie.

So we do believe that this was VeVe's fast real-time hogtie in a bondage wrestling match.  I think being under the gun time-wise really spurred her on - it was late, and we just couldn't stay too much longer.  A great, fast hogtie under pressure!  Now, with no further ado, here's the official write-up:

VeVe Lane vs Mahea
Female Bondage Wrestling

VeVe invites visiting wrestler and MMA fighter Mahea to join her for a competitive bondage wrestling match. Mahea has never tried this rope-tie style before, but she was curious to give it a go.

Rope expert VeVe brought her A-game to this engagement. Suspecting that Mahea might be quick at escaping, VeVe didn't take any chances - she rushes Mahea right from the start and puts her speed-tying skills to good use.

Mahea holds on as best she can, trying to bind VeVe as well, but VeVe's rope-work wrestling is incredible and efficient!

VeVe catches Mahea in an impressive lotus lock to double-elbow tie, putting Mahea into a very vulnerable spot. And though Mahea keeps struggling to escape, VeVe works her into a full, tight, and complete hogtie. The hogtie is neat and tidy, and Mahea is completely baffled by how this happened! One of VeVe's fastest competitive hogties to date! And she proudly displays her work.

Total video running time: 12:27

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