Saturday, February 23, 2013

Duct Tape Update, Indra is Back, and Sircee Tomorrow

As fate would have it, I have been having a difficult time finding a opponent for VeVe for the duct tape bondage wrestling match.

I sent a shout-out to 5 of our wrestlers, both men and women, and I got pretty much zero response.  That is to say, aside from the response from Orlandoe saying "Sounds painful!"  and then, after I responded, a later reply from her saying "keep trying to convince me!"

Granted, I was just testing the waters to see who might potentially be up for it.  But I'm not getting the feeling that these kids are in the groove to fend off getting bound up with sticky tape in a rough and unpredictable manner.  Just a guess.

Someone did mention that I should just go in and be the opponent, and it may well come down to that.  I do have a lot of leg hair, so I anticipate this would be unpleasant.  However, I would also warn VeVe that she may have to deal with a little unpleasantness on her own end as well; I'm pretty quick with my hands and don't think I'd do too poorly are tape-wrapping in a jiffy.

Someone also mentioned bondage wrestling with things other than tape, or even rope, for that matter.  Specifically, the binding would be done with pantyhose.  I think the commenter intended this to be for a female vs female match, but I can see it working for a mixed match as well.  In any case, we are indeed entertaining the idea of pantyhose bondage for a female match.  Stay tuned for more on that.

Also, we need more bondage wrestling with participants wearing pantyhose, surely.  I'm thinking rope is better than tape there, but duct tape over pantyhose might work too..... and it might convince more ladies to come out and try a match.

Indra Has Returned to NYC

And by the way, speaking of ladies bondage wrestling in form-fitting attire, the infamous Indra is now back in town with us!  And she will be here for the rest of the year, at least.  Indra looked great getting caught by VeVe in "Ballet Shoe Bondage" back in Sept 2012, and fans definitely agreed.

We look forward to filming more with Indra and ropes in 2013.  And I'm sure she looks forward to getting some ropes around an unfortunate male victims!

Bondage Wrestling with Sircee Tomorrow?

Thanks to a fan's request to see Sircee (pictured on top of Athena, at right) attempt a Bondage Escape Challenge, we are also giving her a shot at competitive bondage wrestling with VeVe.

Sircee is a novice wrestler and has never bondage wrestled before, so...... I think she might need to attempt more than one bondage escape challenge tomorrow.
It's always great to introduce new ladies to the art and sport of bondage wrestling.  Even if it's their first time and they are up against a veteran, they do tend to have a lot of fun regardless.  Sure, there may be some rope burns here or there, and then some bruising the next day, but rope bondage wrestling is so mentally engaging you just don't think about those things while you're doing it.  

I think Sircee should handle all right.  I think she'll certainly get tired up, absolutely, but I think she'll have a good time with the match.  We shall see!


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