Tuesday, May 7, 2013

VeVe Checking In

And now a little change of pace from earlier posts in this blog.  This is VeVe Lane, and I'm pretty pleased to have gotten asked in here as a guest writer.

I wanted to introduce myself and say that I'll be back from time to time to talk about upcoming projects, brainstorm new ideas for matches, weigh in with comments on future bondage matches I'm part of, ask for feedback and suggestions, and answer any bondage wrestling-related question readers want to ask.  (So if you've got questions, send 'em in!)

Speaking of that, someone did recently ask me how I got started bondage wrestling -- that is, how I came to put rope-tying together with the wrestling and grappling I was already doing.  I figure that's a perfect topic for a first post.

Honestly, I wish I could take credit for such a good idea, but it was actually a fellow I saw for a session (we'll call him Joe) who turned me on to this.  He asked if I'd be willing to try this in a session, and being up for most any kind of competitive wrestling challenge, I gladly agreed.  And that was a very competitive bondage wrestling match!  I had almost no experience with rope at the time, but I was the better wrestler and so managed to tie the Joe up three separate times.  This was also the first time I got to play one of my favorite bondage games -- finish off the tie, then sit, watch, wait, and laugh while they see if they're able to escape.

Afterwards, I thought this was all so great that I added "bondage wrestling" to my list session styles I offer...but what I mostly got was people asking me what that meant.  There was definitely interest but also a lot of confusion.  I actually came up with the idea to make my first bondage wrestling video just so people could see what I was talking about.  I put that on my list of things to do and eventually got around to a first video match with Diablo...and then I was amazed at the landslide of interest in that video!

That was when I realized three things.  One:  No one may have known what bondage wrestling was called, but a lot of people DID know what it WAS and they'd been waiting for it.  Two:  I owed Joe a huge thank you.  And Three:  There would have to be many, many more bondage matches to come!

TBC  ;)


  1. I would love to see a bedroom bondage wrestling match. Two women wrestling in a bedroom setting, trying to tie each other to the bed posts in a spread eagle position. Then the loser would be in a very vulnerable position..............hope she isn't ticklish!

  2. That's a pretty great idea. Would this be a match in bikinis, pajamas, lingerie...?

  3. I was thinking in underwear, or sleepshirts and panties