Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New Material from our West Coast Tour ..And Pictures!

Well, it's been a while!  But I've been very busy, so I apologize for the delayed update.

One thing I'll talk about in more detail in my Adventures in Wrestling Media Production blog is our West Coast video tour, which took place over the past 2 weeks.  During this tour, we filmed around 20 new videos with a variety of ladies who reside in the American West, and among those videos were some bondage & bondage wrestling videos!

While most of the bondage wrestling videos from the tour have yet to be released, I do have some random screen stills to share, plus some little proto descriptions.  I'll also list off the bondage wrestling videos we filmed, in chronological order!

1. Bondage Wrestling: VeVe vs Scarlett Devine
   - competitive, rope bondage, tough match!

2. Bondage Ambush!  VeVe and Scarlett
   - storyline fun, a response to VeVe and Keri's recent "Bound to Worship" video, Scarlett ambushes VeVe in her hotel room, ties her up, and claims some vengeance for "a certain lady from New Jersey."

3. Gladiatrix Match. VeVe and Sinn Sage
  - a tribute to "The Seven Magnificent Gladiators."  VeVe and Sinn have their fingers interlocked and wrists bound together as they battle in 1960's /70's / 80's female gladiator style.  Not exactly bondage wrestling as we know it in this blog, but wrestling while bound together.

4. Bondage Wrestling Avenger! Sinn Sage and Diablo
  - this one has been released as I write this entry.  Mixed bondage wrestling domination, rope bondage.  Sinn sets out to avenge the ladies I've been tying up and dominating lately.  Oh my!

5. Bondage Wrestling: VeVe vs Savannah Fox
  - competitive, rope bondage, yet another tough match!

6. A Bondage Caper with VeVe and Mistress Kara
  - storyline fun, yet to be officially named!  VeVe is a cop who attempts to bust Kara's ring of jewel thieves, results in various bondage situations.

7. Stockings Bondage Wrestling. VeVe and Andrea Rosu
  - light/sensual bondage wrestling with both ladies wearing thigh-high stockings and lingerie.

Whew, and I think that does it!  So, seven videos featuring bondage, 2 of which were competitive matches, and all of which involve rope!

I have a few more pictures kicking around from these videos, so I'll put them up as well as even more of a sneak peek:

Stay tuned!  Or hit us up if you'd like more information about any of these videos or if you'd like to get a hold of them ahead of release schedule!  You can reach me at orders@doommaidens.com

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  1. I look forward to buying some of these! especially the Sinn vs Veve match!