Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer 2015 Update: 2nd Battle of the Sexes

Hello Readers!

Whew, it's been awhile!  But there's been a lot of action on the home front, particularly in the mixed bondage wrestling arena.

First off, for those who haven't heard, our local light-weight male wrestler Howl has shaved his beard, and his resulting look now falling into the classic "leading man" or "male ingenue" category.  Check this out:

Next, we are pleased to introduce newcomer Tae, who is even smaller and lighter than Howl.  And, in fact, Tae is even lighter-weight than VeVe.  Tae is a friend of Howl's, and he's got Howl to thank for all the recent bondage he's been experiencing!  Pictured below: Tae and Howl.

Like Howl, Tae is also pretty flexible (though Howl still takes the prize for greatest flexibility).  That's quite a desirable characteristic when rope-artists are looking to test out just how tightly they can pull a tie!

Just a few weeks ago, VeVe gave Tae a chance to try out his first bondage video experience, alongside Howl, in a scenario video called "What Goes Around Comes Around," which featured our gentlemen as gangsters who get their comeuppance.

Tae not only got a figurative taste of a tidy hogtie in this one, but he also got a literal taste of a ball gag as well.  What a trooper.  Then, of course, VeVe tied hogtied Howl and Tae together for extra discomfort.  And that was just the start of summertime bondage antics for Tae and freshly de-bearded Howl...

2nd Battle of the Sexes for 2015!

VeVe seems to be making a habit of joining forces with her female arch-rivals in order to fight a common foe.  In cold and wintry February, we saw VeVe team up with Keri Spectrum for our first even bondage wrestling battle of the sexes.  Forever at each other's throats in the bondage wrestling arena, VeVe and Keri put their differences aside to take down the New Jersey Bad-boys Danger Dude and Frankie.

Now, as we welcomed in Summer 2015, we also welcomed the return of another of VeVe's long-time female rivals: the wily Orlandoe!  Orlandoe has been away at school for the past year, and we hadn't seen her since last summer.  But her return to New York City coincided quite excellently with Tae's entry onto the scene.  VeVe was eager to get more ropes around Tae, and Howl had a score to settle with Orlandoe from their first bondage wrestling meeting, and so, we immediately scheduled our 2nd Bondage Wrestling Battle of the Sexes!

VeVe and Orlandoe. June 2015

NYC Bondage Wrestling Battle

Our first battle of the sexes took place in New Jersey, with 3 out of 4 participants being Jersey-folk.  Our 2nd battle, however, took place at our home studio in New York City, with all participants being Brooklyn residents.  And so, our 2-on-1 match with VeVe, Orlandoe, Howl, and Tae was dubbed the "NYC Bondage Wrestling Battle of the Sexes."

Unlike our first mixed 2-on-2 team bout, this second event featured competitors who were all very close in terms of size; February's bout saw a 50 lb weight range, whereas June's saw only a 20 lb range.  We had Tae at 118 lbs, VeVe at 120 lbs, Orlandoe at 130 lbs, and Howl at 140 lbs.  A really close, fun size mix.  

Skill level was pretty divided across the board as well.  We had VeVe as the definite bondage wrestling expert of the bunch, but her teammate Orlandoe was considerably less experienced in the art.  Howl, however, has been increasing his rope skills considerably, and was certainly more apt at quick-tie attacks than Orlandoe.  And although novice Tae was at the bottom of the rope-tie pecking order, he is remarkably fast, athletic, and squirmy.

At the end of the day, with some many aspects being close or equal, the contest really came down to fitness and stamina.  The competitors fought and countered until fatigue really started to grab hold... until fatigue started to force mistakes...  It was a battle of wills, and if anyone's concentration lapsed for a moment, they'd pay for it...

If you haven't seen this match yet and you're curious about it, full details are here:

VeVe and Orlandoe vs Tae and Howl

We didn't have the air conditioner on for this one, so it was really a very sweaty time!  Welcome to the party, Tae!


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