Thursday, April 10, 2014

VeVe Interview: Knots, Duct Tape, Comments

I stopped in at the coffee shop this morning with VeVe to record some of her bondage wrestling thoughts.  She's been too swamped lately to be able to write a blog entry for us, but she was certainly happy to give a verbal interview.

And so, here is a transcript from a brief general interview with VeVe, discussing bondage wrestling vs "regular" wrestling, duct tape wrestling, knot tying, and more.......

What do you think of the difference between bondage wrestling and "regular" wrestling?

VeVe: Well, the biggest difference between them is that in bondage wrestling it actually gives an unskilled person more of a chance to draw out the match.  Because even if you don't know how to tie the other person up offensively, it's not too hard for somebody to cause a lot of trouble by trying to untie knots or just run away.  So, it can be a really good way to have a good competitive match between two people with a big skill difference.  That's just one basic fun use of bondage wrestling.

But the flip side of that:  bondage wrestling is kind of harder than regular wrestling to get someone to submit.  It also means it's really extra rewarding when you do get somebody fully tied up and immobilized.

So, a big difference is that bondage wrestling will lead up to just one or a couple of ties out of a long bondage wrestling session.  So each one really means a lot.  Whereas in regular wrestling [when you have a big skill difference], you might get a lot of submissions in the same amount of time, and each one is just a little bit of pay-off.

How is it tying the knots and working the rope in such an active situation?

VeVe: Tying the knot can be maybe the hardest part of all.  Getting the rope looped around somebody is all well and good, but actually securing it with a tied off knot is pretty tough when they're wriggling around.  Especially when everything is happening live, you might start out with a piece of rope that you think is perfect, and by the time they've thrashed around and you've wrapped it around, and you get to the end and find out it's actually too short... or maybe too long, because they're hanging on to the end.  The actual finish, with the tying of the knot, can be a huge challenge.

You tried the duct tape wrestling recently.  What did you think of duct tape wrestling?

VeVe: I was really excited to finally get to try that and find out how that did work after I'd been imaging how it would be.  The hardest thing there is making sure the duct tape doesn't twist and stick to itself while you're trying to control the other person and wrap them up.  [Other challenges are] that the tape doesn't tear too soon, that you can get it peeled off the roll and get it started unwrapping, and keep it coming out smooth from the roll without it sticking to itself.

But even if it twists, can't you still use that?

VeVe: You can, but you can't get that to secure.  If you can't stick the tape to itself at the end, it will just unwind.

What do you think about duct tape compared with rope?

VeVe: The good thing about the duct tape is that, unlike the rope where people can wriggle and tighten it up on themselves or where you have to cinch it really tight to keep them from escaping, because the duct tape is sticky, it will secure them without necessarily having to be as tight [as rope].  So, I think it's actually a little bit more comfortable.

When we did the duct tape wrestling, we did it with long sleeved leotards and tights.  Because the sticking to the skin is painful in its own way, we didn't want to make it too nasty.  So, taking those precautions, I think it's more comfortable for the bound person than rope tied in a competitive, struggling environment.

Regarding tight ropes and struggling...

VeVe: In order to make bondage wrestling work live, the rope does have to be really tight.  Or it gets tight... Somebody might start out semi-comfortable, but as they struggle and thrash around, they could end up tightening the ropes on themselves.

And there are a lot of people that don't actually end up liking that sensation as much as they think they will.  Of course there are some people who are extremely hardcore and will just fight through regardless or don't want to be taken down no matter how tight the ropes get.

But I think duct tape can be a good option for binding people in a bit of a more "comfortable" way, provided they have appropriate coverage.

But speaking of coverage, did you want to do Zentai suit bondage wrestling?

VeVe: Oh, yes, I definitely do.  What I would like to do there is get some colored rope that would contrast with the suit.  I think that would be a very neat and artistic look there.  Definitely on the agenda.

Any other thoughts or comments?

VeVe: I think I want to get back to the drawing board to develop a few new sorts of ties to use on people.  I feel like I've almost perfected the hogtie approach using the lotus lock to get the arms.  That's definitely a brilliant trick, but since I like to keep it fresh, I want to look for another high percentage route to get a few creative new ties.  And hopefully that will keep everyone guessing going forward.  There can always be something new for the opponents and the audience!

Thanks very much for your time and comments, VeVe!  More interviews to come... especially since I've thought of even more specific questions now that this one is done!

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