Saturday, February 14, 2015

VeVe and Keri Spectrum Join Forces Against the Men

Two items of news from today.

1. We had a great competitive mixed bondage wrestling match this evening of VeVe Lane vs Howl!  More on that later...

2. We rescheduled our "couples" bondage wrestling match for Wednesday.  But we also rearranged the format a bit:

Now, instead of mixed couples, we will be having a bondage wrestling Battle of the Sexes!

Indeed, VeVe Lane and Keri Spectrum will join forces at last to take on Danger Dude and Frankie in a competitive mixed bondage wrestling Battle Royale. F/F vs M/M teams will go head-to-head, and both sides are quite eager to win!

In fact, Keri and VeVe have been texting each other this evening, making their plans and discussing how best to defeat the arrogant Danger Dude and his (actually fairly innocent) cohort Frankie.

VeVe and Keri are skilled and experienced bondage wrestlers, but Danger Dude is a remarkably experienced grappler, and he thinks he's got what it takes to rocket the men's team to the victory circle on this one.  But does he?  Does he actually have the rope-work skills to nullify the ladies?  Does he have the leadership ability to direct the less-experienced Frankie?

Well, the ladies are certainly motivated for this one.  "Battle of the Sexes" style has indeed motivated them even more so than "mixed couples" style.  Well, great!  Looking forward to Wednesday.... and remember, anything can happen!




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  1. Ok ... clicking again on that 0 comments link.

    ... perhaps Anon from France will return soon ...

    Où êtes-vous?

    ... back to business: I like the idea of the battle of the sexes! That's a very nice idea and I will be dreaming of the ladies exspecially.

    But now guess who I want to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune?

    Which, of course, would (somehow) be nobler in the mind!

    And who I want to take arms against a sea of troubles? And by opposing end them??

    To die, to sleep, to be bound? No more!

    So, shuffle off this mortal coil.

    Ok ... You're right!

    I'm going to dream now.