Friday, April 17, 2015

Yeah! A Glimpse at Superheroine 4-Way Battle

The superheroine 4-way bondage wrestling battle went down yesterday!  Working on the footage now.  But in the mean time, enjoy these pre-match camera phone pictures!


  1. Anon. From far away.

    Very happy to see the new season's four way match!
    And I consider it a very nice idea to allow the first woman who won to go over to the other couple. She then has to choose the most threatening woman from there to put her out of the way to victory.
    On the other hand, an 'free for all' match would be interesting, too. I'd like to see the alliances and the betrayal ... ;)

    All ladies were very hot, as always. But I had to pause the video after the first seconds because of Jade! She's becoming more beautiful every time I see her! Wooooow!

    1. Thanks, Anon! ;)

      I'm very curious to see a large multi-way "free for all" in the future. Very curious... I think this must be arranged... :)

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