Wednesday, April 15, 2015

4-Way Female Bout is on for April 2015! and Thoughts!

Yes, 4-Way Female Bondage Wrestling is back, finally, for 2015!  And not a moment too soon: spring has finally sprung!

Our first female 4-way match of 2015 had a little bit of a slow start due to weather, illness, and travel, but we were able to capture many 1-on-1 matches and the crazy 2-on-2 Battle of the Sexes in the meantime.  But now, finally, the moment has arrived to bring in the ladies for springtime mayhem..... tomorrow!

And the competitors?  Ashley Wildcat, Rachel DD, Jade Indica, and ringleader VeVe Lane!

The theme?  Superheroine bondage battle!

How will these super-ladies handle the impending peril that is multi-way bondage wrestling?!?!


How exciting!

VeVe and I were chatting today about the format for the multi-way on this go-around.  Previously, we have done these multi-way matches in a "Tournament" style, allowing for 2 simultaneous 1-on-1 matches to go on at the same time, on the same mats.  Once the two winners are determined (and the two losers end up hogtied), the remaining winners then face off against each other, leaving the bound losers to watch, jeer, and squiggle out of the way if need be.

This style is very good for keeping the mat space fairly open and clear, believe it or not.  As each pairing stays fairly contained, we can get a pretty good look at both groups working simultaneously, seeing almost everyone without too much obstruction.  It also makes for interesting video framing, such as having one group in the foreground and one in the background.

But we have considered the potential of a "free for all."  This would mean that anyone can attack anyone, and possibly 3 participants can attack 1... There's also the idea of 2-on-2. and once 2 people are tied, the remaining 2 will fight.  There are both upsides and downsides to these varied arrangements.

Free For All

It's neat in theory, but is it too chaotic?  More importantly, is it too chaotic for competitors who don't have previous experience in a multi-way bondage match?  For instance, tomorrow we will have both VeVe and Jade who have multi-way experience.  But Rachel and Ashley do not.  Would a free for all be too overwhelming for them?

Would it be too chaotic for the viewers?  Would it result in a pile-up that makes things hard to see?  I must admit, I am very curious to try shooting a free for all and see what I can see (the camera and I can usually work our way into seeing MANY things even in a chaotic setting).  But is it something to try for tomorrow?

Furthermore, would a Free For All result in an unexpected 3-on-1?  While that might be interesting in some cases, it again might result in too much chaos to try with first-timers.  Or would it?  Hmm... But, again, that is IF the Free For All actually organically goes that way.

Ok, and then there's the...

2-on-2 Teamwork

A fun concept which we saw earlier this year in the Battle of the Sexes bout, which pitted VeVe and Keri against Frankie and Danger Dude.  How great to have a teammate!  However, 2-on-2 does slow things down a good bit, as we've experienced.  Or does it?  Or, even, is that a good thing?  Or, actually, is it just the same thing as the regular 4-Way tourney style, but with the option for teamwork to come into play?

And going on...

I'm at the risk of making this entry suddenly much longer than it was intended to be.  And, for time's sake, I'm not being as articulate as I'd like to be.  But it really is fun to consider the different possible options, and I'd like you to think about the similarities and differences as well:

1. 4-Way Tournament style
2. Free For All style
3. 2-on-2 Teams

I should actually make a Venn diagram...

I'd love to eventually try all of these types of arrangements and see what they all yield, especially with all different sorts of participants involved, both veteran and newcomer.  But the real question that remains for now is this:

What style should we use for tomorrow's superheroine bondage battle?

I'm leaning toward usual 4-Way Tourney, largely because I don't know Ashley at all, and Rachel hasn't yet experienced the chaos of the multi-way (by the way, ladies and gentlemen, just wait until we get to the 8-way and 10-way versions, but I digress).

But I'd like to allow elements from the Free For All concept, such as allowing individuals to reach across from their pairing to interfere with another pairing, should they feel so inclined.  But, I mean, hey, even in the Tourney style, they might just do that anyway.  Furthermore, why would someone want to interfere with another group if there is no team concept, and if she is already fighting to save herself as it is...?  So, should there be a teamwork concept...?  And that spins us back to thinking about 2-on-2 style.

Ok, anyway, enough of that.  I'll chat more with VeVe about it!

But, as always, gentle readers, your opinions are welcome as well!  If you have thoughts on or preferences for any special arrangement of the 4 competitors, feel free to let us know in the comments section below or by e-mail (

(FYI, persuasive arguments are lovely and wholeheartedly welcome!)

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  1. that's a good idea that adorable Jade is the first one to be hogtied !